Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sippin' Sweet Tea

So, this is my first Sippin' Sweet Tea, and I'm really excited. As I said in my "What You'll Find Post", this is just a little peek inside my life and my mind.

Such A Cute Hedgehog!
*I Do Not Own Picture
Lately, I've been having a slight obsession with hedgehogs. Honestly, I was looking on Google Images showing my little sisters pictures of random animals, and I typed in hedgehog. I found the cutest picture of a tiny one, he or she looked like he was smiling. It is honestly so cute!

Hugh Skinner as Joly
Les Misérables 2012 Movie
*I Do Not Own Picture
Alistair Brammer as Jehan Prouvaire
Les Misérables 2012 Movie
*I Do Not Own Picture
My boys. No, not One Direction, my Barricade Boys. I love them so much. My favorites are Jean Prouvaire and Joly. Then Coufeyrac. I don't know, there's just something about Jehan (he's commonly know as that) that just makes me love
him. And Joly, well, he's just Joly.

I'm working on my novel, called "The Last Dance", I've got over 32,000 words written on my laptop, which adds up to over 120 pages. I know, that's probably not a lot, but, I'm not done yet! I'm thinking of posting some of my novel on here. Comment if you want some parts on here! But first, I should probably tell you the plot. It's about a 16 year old dancer named Amanda Robinson, who is struggling with her life. Her dad is a drunk, which gets arrested a little later, she is kicked out of a dance studio, and now lives with her best friend. Life for her doesn't sound too great, huh? Then she, and readers will meet 17 year old David Gearhart, a extremely talented dancer and choreographer, battling cancer. They meet and a beautiful story evolves from there. So, if you want to read some, post a comment, and/or I will post some parts on my "Writings on the White Fence".

Right now, I've been rereading The Colorado Runaway series, I'm done with all three books, once again. I love them so much. They're gripping with fear, danger, Wild West livin', and of course, the romance. I'm really into romance, not sure why, so don't ask me!

The Voice Season 4
*I Do Not Own Picture
Season 4 of "The Voice" wrapped up, and, sadly, my favorite did not win. Danielle Bradberry, 16 years old and the youngest contestant won this year. In a way, I was and was not surprised. I thought Michelle Chamuel was going to win. My favorite, whom I saw her blind audition, was Amber Carrington. I absolutely love her voice. Her versions of "Skyfall", by Adele, and "Crazy" by Patsy Cline were the best. After hearing Amber's version of "Skyfall", I listened to Adele's. Amber beats her by far. She has such a sophisticated voice. I love how Adam made her jump out of the box. She sang country and more. She took chances, and I loved her. But I think the mistake came when Adam picked "Firework", by Katy Perry. I don't listen to Katy Perry, but even Amber didn't do too well on this song. She was sent home when it came down to the top three. She was so close! Oh well, congratulations to Danielle, but I'll always love Amber a little more! Listen to her versions of "Skyfall" and "Crazy"!
Amber Carrington Performs
A Stunning Version of
Patsy Cline's "Crazy"
*I Do Not Own Picture

Summer has hit us! Being home schooled, my sisters and I got out earlier than public schools, so our summer started early. (Whoo-hoo!) My plans are swimming, reading, writing, listening to music, and picking A LOT of weeds! You would be surprised how many can sprout up in one day.

That's about it, and this is Sippin' Sweet Tea.

If You Want To Read Some Parts Of "The Last Dance", Comment And Hopefully I Will Have a Post Out Soon!

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