Friday, June 20, 2014

An Interview With Myself!

So, I guess, when I did Kenzie Simmons' interview, that some of your were interested in me, interviewing me. So, you're gonna get your wish. Don't be to excited, I'm a boring person. Hehe. 

1. What is your name and age?
Well, my name is Anna S. (not revealing real name for sake of security!) and I am 14 years old. Though I'm not even 5 feet yet, people think me older just by my facial features and low toned voice. 

2. Why and when did you start blogging?
I stated blogging in June of 2013. My two sisters and I had a group blog but only one sister actually wrote on it, so we decided to split. Now, two of use have our own blogs, including me. I started blogging because I had so much to say. Sort of.... And I guess, not many people to say it to. It seemed fun, blogging about things that I loved and things that interested me, and letting the whole world (I guess) hear my voice. I wasn't planning on getting any readers or anything, just because I don't have that many topics, but look where I am now! 7 followers and managing about 40 views a day. Seems small, I know, but for a person like me, it's awesome! 

3. What would be an ideal amount of followers on your blog?
Just getting 8 was an accomplishment. I'm thankful for all who follow and I blog mostly for all my lovely readers. 

4. What is your favorite Bible verse and why?
I guess I don't really have a favorite. I love them all, because they're all filled with truth and wisdom. 

5. What are a few of your talents, characteristics, quirks and favorite colors?
Ha! Um, my favorite colors are aquamarine blue, this blue that I am using, pretty a lot of blue, green (lime, mint, pale mint dark Christmas green), red, black and white. Talents? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ahem. I really don't know. I guess hardworking, good with kids..... That's about it. Quirks? Huh. I have a lot of quirks! I pick under my nails, I crack my neck, hip, ankle and finger bones constantly (I know it's bad, don't get me started). I always have to have my pins that are in my pin cushion all organized. Like, silver balls on one color, colored balls on another, flats heads with flatheads and so on. And yet my drawers still look like a tornado has passed through. Hm. I always wear my new ring on my middle finger on my right hand and a bright blue scrunchie around my right wrist, because you'll never know when you need to tie your hair back. It drives my family crazy. (I drive my family crazy, as you can already see)

6. Who are your favorite bands/artists?
ANTHEM LIGHTS! Ahem. Anthem Lights, Brandon Heath, Casting Crowns, All Sons And Daughters, tobyMac, Matt Redman and all those awesome artists and bands. 

7. What would be your ideal vacation in the winter? A cozy log cabin in the woods, but near town or a beach house and the ocean as your backyard?
Uhhh, probably a beach house. I know I hate the hot weather, but there's water, so I'm there! Haha. A cozy log cabin would be cool too. I'm kinda torn about my own question. *facepalm* 

8. What is your ideal footwear? Flip-flops/Sandals, boots, tennis shoes, high heels or no shoes at all?
Boots. Cowboy boots! I love me some cowboy boots. During the winter, I have a choice of Ugg boots and cowboy boots. My Uggs are in perfect condition... my boots not so much. They're scuffed on the toes and such. But WHO CARES? I wear them anywhere, and I drive my family nuts! They're super comfortable to move vending machines in, too! 

9. What do you want to do with your life when you grow up?
I don't know. Everyone asks me this. I have no clue what I really want to do for my life. I mean, I have a habit of switching dreams every 3-6 months (artist when I was like 5, bull rider when I was 12-13, and so on). But, I'm pretty satisfied with my Broadway dream, 'cause I've had it since December of 2012! World record for me. Well, actually, that's not true. I've wanted to be a writer for quite a while, but I can't find anything to write. I'm in the midst of like 7 books and none of them have budged an inch in eons. Which is personally making me mad. I burned myself out on my "Holding The Secrets" books and Watch Turn and Run, I'm losing ideas and The Last Dance, well, I did this terrible thing of writing the beginning and the beginning middle and the ending, therefore I have to fill in the middle. Not a happy job. Why do I always do that? I'll never know.  

10. If God could show you a glimpse of the past or future which would you want to see, what would you want to see in that time and why?
I have really no care to see my past, because I'd probably be saddened or disgusted with it, so I'd say the future. Possible the only thing I would want to see in my past would be maybe my family or if I have a twin. (Long story) I would rather see my future. Like, what I would do with a career and who I would marry, so I can stop fretting about it. I fret all the time, and it's terrible. I mean, it's truly terrible. I would want to see it, and I could just relax and say "It's alright, God has a WONDERFUL plan for me." Yep , that's it. 

BONUS QUESTION: If You Were A Character In The Wizard Of Oz,
Would You Be The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion Or The Tin Man? 

Ha! Is this even a question, Miss S.? I mean, really? Well, let me tell you then: 

Tin Man

I think the Maker of the Heavens and earth forgot to give me a heart. Well, maybe that's not true. Maybe He gave me a cold stone heart. Yep, that sounds better. 

Hope You Enjoyed My Interview With Myself! Hopefully You All Aren't Too Shocked With My Answers!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life Update And Apologies

Hey everyone! First of all, I wanted to apologize for my posts. They've been really short and choppy and seldom. Ye,s I manage a post, but only once nearly every four or five days. I feel bad, truly I do, and I've missed two of my Sippin' Sweet Tea's. But then again, they would probably be really boring. Sooo, it was a really long time ago, but I missed April and May's SST, but my sister and I went before an investor panel for our Young Entrepreneurs Academy business, along with the rest of our class. We had six minutes to convince business owners why they should give our companies money.

They judged us on our business plan, powerpoint and our speeches, and whoever got the most money would be the winner and move on to "regionals". I tied for third place, and got $1000 for my business, Radiance Redefined. If you want to get technical, I placed 4th, because of the percent of money that I did not receive. Don't let my dad tell you any different! ;) Buuuutttt, my sister Samantha won and moved on! So go over to her blog and congratulate her for me! She moved on to regionals but sadly did not get to move on to the finals. But she did great anyways! So, I have my website set up. You can't buy off of it yet, but I'm still working on that. By June 15th, though, you will!

Our YEA! class graduated about a week or so ago, so we're officially done. But what a great experience that it was! I encourage anyone to join. It's hard work, but without hard work, where would anyone be?

Ahhhh. I cannot believe that our 4-H county fair is so close. I usually anticipate the fair MAJORLY (ask my family), but this year, I've just been far to busy to be all smiles about it. Because I've been putting all my time into my business, I'm scrambling to get things done for the two clubs I'm in. (Media and Rabbit). So, yeah. Not to mention that the Rabbit Club work is harder now that I'm in the "seniors" group and I haven't been to the last meeting. So, yeah.

I'm also starting to think about craft fairs to sell my products at with my sister. So we're on the look-out for those also. At least Mayis over with and we can kind of breathe in June. Except we have a lot of graduation open houses to go to.

So, for summer, I'm probably not going to have a lot of time to write out well-written long posts. Most of this summer's posts will probably be doing a lot of book reviews. So I'm sorry if you get slammed all summer with tiny book reviews or barely any posts at all. But that's what I'm going to have to do. I hope you all have a great summer!

Have A Great Summer!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bring In The Books: The Pursuit Of Lucy Banning by Olivia Newport

Hullo! This book was also on my summer reading list. This book, was sadly a step down from The Blue Enchantress. 

Lucy Banning is not your typical aristocrat's daughter. She is very interested in going to universities, helping orphanages and doing everything that her mother and father don't approve of. Will Edwards is a talented architect who is a friend of Lucy's brother, Leo. Yeah, that's about it. 

Now, after reading a book which kept me up until midnight, I have a hard time expecting the next to be the same way. Sadly, it wasn't. Unfortunately, I found the book extremely boring at parts. I seemed to always be waiting for drama to begin. Or something that would add something more to the book. But pretty much, it was about all of Lucy's secrets. That was about it. I loved Will. I loved Leo. But it was pretty much about Lucy's routine of going to the orphanage, the art museum, riding in streetcars (which is strictly forbidden by her mother) and helping a staff member. *SPOILER* Even when Will went missing I wasn't all too concerned. 

So, overall, it was a bit of a boring read. Not the worst by far, but still not the best by a longshot. 

RATING: 6 stars out of 10

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bring In The Books: The Blue Enchantress by M. L. Tyndall

Okay. This book. Where do I begin? I've been creating a summer reading list for a while. And now that I'm done, (I've been done since April) I am finally check marking the books off. Okay, this book, is the one I've been waiting to read for a while. It's the one that I've been looking forward to the most. Anyways, it didn't disappoint. In my impatience, I started reading the Google Preview chapters and it immediately held my undivided attention. Well, I finally got it from the library and picked up from where I was. 

Sadly, this was a series, and I didn't realise, so I'm adding the other two to my list. This was the second book, and it's about a young woman named Hope Wescott who just seems to run into trouble everywhere. Nathaniel Mason is a ship captain determined to stay on the right path of life, unlike his mother. When the pair cross paths, let's just say, it's not a happy reunion for Nathaniel. 

What did I like so much about this book? I loved the fact that I was up until after midnight because I refused to wait until the next day to find out what happened. But that's why I liked it. It was filled with gripping drama and little pieces of fluff here and there. 

Now, I have to say, for once, I liked the main characters a lot. Why? Because they weren't one sided and they were human. I loved Hope. Hope is a broken and troubled woman. She's made many bad choices in her life and trouble seems to follow her around. Most of the time, she brings it on herself, sometimes her past decides to make a guest appearance in her present. I liked her, I guess, because she reminded me of myself. I think that's why I like a lot of my favorite characters. For example: Erik from Phantom and Elsa from Frozen. But she's human. And she knows that she's doing wrong and tries to change. She "stumbles" and "falls" a lot in this journey to change, but don't we all? It's what makes us human. Nathaniel is a man who is so serious. He comes to Hope's aid, therefore turning all her bad luck onto himself. But I guess he deals with it well. I loved Abigail Sheldon. She is amazing. So encouraging and she walks proudly in her faith. 

Though this is a small review, it pretty much covers why I loved this book so much. 

RATING: 8 stars out of 10