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Joly Fan Fiction Part 4

First off, sorry for the image. PicMonkey won't work because I need to update. But this is part four, not three. This is the end. Hope you enjoy!

Part Four
The End Of The Young Medical Revolutionaries Life

Joly picked up his pace, as he walked to where Enjolras and the Friends of the ABC were waiting. People were gathered all on the sides of the streets to attend General Lamarque's funeral.
"Do you hear the people sing," Enjolras started, as all the barricade boys and people joined in. "singing the song of angry men, it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again." The National Guardsmen rode all around the coffin. Enjolras looked at him and the other boys and gave the signal. Joly rushed to the carriage where General Lamarque's coffin was held. He pulled himself up and pulled his gun out of his pocket. That was when the chaos started.
"Vive la France!" Joly hollered. Civilians joined in. The carriage halted as guards on horse back pulled out guns and swords.
"Charge!" the captain yelled. Joly and the barricade boys fired. A sword came close to Joly chest, but Jehan yanked him back in time. Marius rode on a black horse carrying the flag. Everyone knew what to do. The barricade was built, with things including coffins, a piano, carriage, mattresses, chairs and anything else that people could scrounge up. Joly, Jehan, Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac and Marius were at the top on the first patrol. Lesgles, Feuilly, Bahorel and Grantaire were on the grounds. That was when Enjolras called out, "We need someone to find out when they are planning to attack." Javert in disguise came forward and called, "I have been behind there lines. I will go." He left.

About four hours later, he returned.
"No attack tonight. They don't think you'll last a week. They are going to starve you out." Javert lied.
"Liar!" Gavroche called. The group pounced on Javert and knocked him out. Enjolras silenced everyone and they all turned their attentions once more to the street. Horses hooves clopped on the street. The National Guardsmen came with giant cannons, swords, bayonets, and guns.
"Who's there?" the captain yelled.
"French Revolution!" Enjolras yelled back.
"Fire!" the captain shouted. "Advance!" A guard not a foot away had his gun aimed at Marius, when Eponine, dressed all in mens clothes scrambled up.
"No!" she screamed. "No Ep, get away from there!" Joly abandoned his post and yanked Eponine back. He couldn't let her die. She had in a way, been like a little sister to him. He often offered her a place to sleep, and he even was teaching her how for read. She had been a little distant for a while, which he could not understand. At this moment, he did. She was trying to distance herself from him so it wouldn't hurt him so badly when she gave her life on the barricade. She accidentally gave him a sharp blow to the stomach with her elbow, as she climbed in front of Marius. Joly grabbed her coat and tried to pull her down. He was willing to sacrifice his life for Eponine, but he couldn't get up to where Eponine was fast enough. She shoved Marius off the barricade, as the guard shot. She had just enough strength to grab his gun and push him entirely off the barricade, before slowly climbing down, clutching her stomach. Joly yanked her off halfway and he gently laid her on a table. With no hesitation, he pulled her shirt up just enough for him to see how much the bullet pierced her. She pressed against her stomach a little, as the blood squirted like water out of a hose. She cried out in pain, but she whispered, "I don't feel any pain, Joly."
"Oh, Ep, why did you do it?" Joly whispered. He felt Jehan put a hand to his shoulder. Everyone gathered around. No one caught the silent tear that slipped down Enjolras' rough cheek. Gavroche stood to the side, tears running down his own cheeks. Since they were both street urchins, he knew her better than any of his other siblings.
"I love Marius. I came so we could die together. But I wanted to die first." Eponine admitted.
"Oh, Eponine." Joly cursed himself for not seeing how she felt sooner. He possibly could have been able to do something.
"Thank you for the reading lessons, Joly. Thank you for being the big brother I never had." Eponine sighed, as her voice faded. Tears ran down Joly's cheeks, as a boy carried her dead body away. His hands slipped out of her grasp. Jehan patted him on the back. But Joly was not exactly sad. He was furious. He marched over to where Marius was, and gave him a swift blow to the face. Jehan had to hold him back from giving him another.
"You bastard! She loved you and you were too blind to see it! She died because of you! She never would have joined the barricade if you wouldn't have broken her heart!" Joly screamed. He had never been so angry in his life. That, he knew was a fact, because he had never laid a hand on anyone. Not a woman, man, child or even animal. Jehan whispered some calming words in Joly's ear, as their attention snapped back to the barricade. The second attack happened. Joly and Jehan fought side-by-side. Joly kicked a man in the stomach after he almost stabbed Jehan with a bayonet. However, somewhere in the fight, Jehan and Joly got separated. When the attack was over, Joly searched anxiously around.
"Has anyone seen Jehan?" Joly called out. He was not in the wounded, he was not with them.
"Vive la France! Long live the Republic!" Jehan called. Joly climbed the barricade and saw Jehan at the end of the street surrounded by National Guardsman. This cannot be happening to me. Joly's heart pounded. He took his gun and fired, killing one of the guards. He wanted to distract them from killing Jehan. He took another shot, killing another. Enjolras grasped his shoulder and ordered, "Don't waste the ammunition! Joly, they're going to kill him." His voice softened up at the end.
"Vive la France! Long live the Republic! Joly! Tell Alix I love-," Jehan called. The guards fired and Joly watched as his friends body crumbled on the cold street floor.

The next morning, the last attacks was held. Many people were killed. Joly, Combeferre, Enjolras and Courfeyrac were up in the cafe. They realized they were trapped. The guards came. They aimed at all of them. Joly managed to dodge most of them. Courfeyrac was the first killed, then Combeferre fell also. Enjolras looked at him, as the captain aimed. Joly stepped in front of Enjolras and the shots rang out. As his vision faded into darkness, Joly recalled the summer nights he spent with Musichetta, the days with his sister Anna, the day where he had met Jehan, when he joined the Friends of the ABC. But, as the darkness clouded in even more, he knew one thing:

He Regretted Nothing

The End

I'm Sorry This Took Forever To Finish, But Here Is The End. I Hope You Enjoyed My Fan Fiction!

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Let The Music Move You: Quadruple Feature

I apologize for the lack of posting. It's crunch time for planning my business and going before an investor panel. I've been going crazy finding my expenses and preparing my business plan, PowerPoint and speech cards. So forgive me, dear readers. This is a quadruple feature. It's nearly impossible to just be "into" one song at a time. So I have four.

The first song is called "Let It Go" from the new Disney movie called "Frozen". In which I can totally tell you that I OBESS over! It took some time, but I've finally mastered the lyrics, so now I can sing it in my private time. Idina Menzel's voice is spectacular! The song itself it beautiful, as well. I started listening to it, out of curiosity quite a while ago. I haven't had time to do one of these segments, so it's coming out now.

The second song is called "Holland Road' or "Home" by Mumford And Sons. This is the song that was playing during the fan-video for William and Daisy for "Downton Abbey". It's so sad and depressing! Hm. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

The third is called "Before The Performance" from Love Never Dies. Goodness. I can't say enough about this song. Just listen to it. From the time Ben Lewis *sigh starts to the sing, until the end, it's music to my ears. His voice, is so, ugh. Can't say enough, really. Do me a favor, even if you hate this, listen to the strings in the background when Ben starts at "In moments mere moments, drums will roll." They. Are. Beautiful. Listen for yourself! I love it. But then again, I just love musicals, so yeah. Oh yes, if you want the best part, start at 4:25 or 5:29. The best parts ever, in my opinion. I just love this. Every time I listen to this video, I skip the Raoul part. It is not worth listening to him beg her. He knows in his heart that he will never be able to compete with Erik. It took him a whole song and two kisses and it took Erik one song and putting a necklace around her neck to convince her. Score Raoul: 0 Erik: 1.

The fourth and final song is called "Back To December" by Taylor Swift. I like this song. Do I care if you like it or not? No. So talk to someone else if you don't. Anyways, I first heard this song by Anthem Lights (yay!) and I wanted to compare versions. I listen to it, and decided that I liked it as well was Anthem Lights' cover. Plain and simple. Get over it.

These are the four songs on my mind right now. I hope like them, I hope you give them a shot, then judge them. 

Oh yes, some updates on some things. 

For one, I think Words of Wisdom is going to be a monthly thing. I tried to do it once a week, especially for the reason that it would cover my lack of posts. But I don't want all of my readers to think I'm constantly trying to shove the Bible and scripture down their throat. That's one reason why people don't want to become Christians. They have religion constantly thrown at them. Unless my readers want me to continue to do them once a week, then I shall. But if not, I will make them a monthly occurrence. 

Now, for my Phantom Phan-fiction. I have been working like crazy on this. This is great for me, because I think at the moment, that I am out of writers block. Some warnings for my readers though:
This story won't be out until I have quite a bit finished. I don't want to make my fun handwork feel like a chore. I have about 24,000 words written at the moment. Sounds like a lot, but I'm not nearly even at the halfway mark. Next, this is not a E/C shipping story. *GASP I firmly decided this, which is surprising. But don't be surprised if I come out with a second Phan-fiction with E/C shipping. Now, there will be little tidbits of the musical and the book and from some of the Phan-ficiton I read, but this is mostly from my mind. So hopefully it should be out in March-ish. 

Hopefully You Like The Songs!

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Past The Point Of No Return: The Problem With Fandoms Part II

Okay..... Didn't know what to do my vlog post on, so I decided on something really random. Another fandom issue has come up. Well, it's probably an old problem, but it hasn't been on my mind until now. This should probably be my first and last vlog I'll ever do in my lifetime. Just because I'm super boring and my videos are super boring. So, whenever I post something I'm not comfortable with, I apologize first.

I apologize if you can't understand me, or if I'm wicked boring, or I'm just annoying! Selection three I get a lot! So beware! You've been warned! I hope I got this out in a timely manner, but here it is. If you have any other vlog ideas for me, comment them, and I might do them! P. S., I tried to talk in a higher rang of voice so you could maybe understand me a bit better. 

Thanks For Listening To My Vlog Post! If You Have Anymore Suggestions Leave Them In The Comments Box. 

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The Phantom Of The Opera Fan Fiction And Vlog (?)

So, I apologize for not posting lately. Oh, and I apologize for the mask covering my website. But I'm too lazy to fix it, so yeah. Anyways. I've really been thinking about my Phantom fan-fiction. So, I want to go completely off the script. I don't want to go by the book, or the stage or the movie. I want to make it completely my own. But I also want some awesome inspiration. So I went to In all truth, I was horrified. Especially by the ones shipping E/C. I was HORRIFIED I TELL YOU!!! They were, I don't know if I want to call them unbelievable. Because, anything could have happened. But still! I was just absolutely horrified. I mean, they were all too love-dovey romantic. And, might I mention that you're talking to a girl who is a sucker for romance. But these were terrible and horrific. Some were better than others, some much worse. Others were boring and blah, and others just had too much going on. But, but, but, but, there were three stories that made me fall in love. And here's the catch, the first two didn't (or so far) contain Christine or Raoul at all. It was actually kind of nice. It focused on Erik and another made up character. So, may I introduce to you: My Little Rose by xxlezah and Diamonds In Persia by Mia-Purdy and Persephone's Angel by Angel0624.

My Little Rose by xxlezah
Amélie-Rose was found abandoned on the Opera House steps one winter night. When Erik returns to the Opera House after many years in Persia, he remembers the little girl that he had once been a friend to so many years ago. The arrival of Christine threatens to throw their friendship into peril, and this time it is Erik who must make a choice. Lots of fluff in store, please R&R! *off of FanFiction.Net

^^This was the captivating summary that caught my interest. I just found it recently, because I just got onto I didn't even know that this page existed. I just looked up The Phantom Of The Opera Phanfiction. (yes, I typed in phanfiction, don't judge)

Anyways, this story. Oh my goodness, what can I say about this story? Let me try to do a good intro...

The story starts in 1880 in Paris, France. Young eighteen year old ballerina Antoinette Bellamy (soon to be Madame Giry) is hurrying up the steps of the Palais Garnier when she spots something on the steps. To her surprise and shock, it was a small baby girl. She takes her inside to feed the baby, when she runs into Erik. Erik, let me tell you, has his age changed. He is twelve in this story. I like it better this way, actually. He knows Antoinette, because she helped smuggle him into the Opera house. Before Antoinette is about to get caught, Erik leads her to his hidden hideaway. Anyways, after a run-in with some trouble concerning his mask, Erik deciders that he likes the baby. He ends up naming her Amelie-Rose. Now, I don't want to give too many spoilers away, but I have to tell a little more. Erik immediately bonds with Amelie Rose, who finds him one day, and they hide in a storage room while he tells her stories. She even takes off his mask and he learns to get used to it. After all, Amelie-Rose is only a child. She doesn't know any better, unlike other adults and society members. But when Erik leaves the Opera house to tour the world, he leaves the little girl heart-broken. I mean, she sits at the wall where the invisible door, crying, for hours, just waiting for him until Antoinette tells her to stop. He leaves her a beautiful music box, though, which is her only reminder of him, besides her faint memories. Now, fast forward to 1892. It's been twelve long years since Erik's departure. Just imagine Antoinette's surprise when he returns. That's all I can tell you. I fell in love with this story. It reminded me of a book I wrote called "Mozart And Me", in which I lost when our basement flood and the cords were on the floor and I lost all of my writing. It. Was. Devastating. But I won't go into detail with that flood or my book. YOU HAVE TO GO READ IT!!!! NOW!!!! I loved it because it didn't have childish Christine (yet :( ) and no spoil-sport named Raoul. Yes, I'm mean. No, I don't give a thought about what you have to say about my opinion. Moving on. This author always leaves a HUGE cliff hanger. She publishes, I believe, every Monday around * or 9 AM. Yes, I've gotten this down to a pint where I am antsy and deeply anticipating the next chapter. Which is not okay! This story always seems to brighten my Monday mornings. I mean, now I have to anticipate Mondays? I usually hate Mondays! I think this is the first story that caught my eye.

Diamonds In Persia by Mia-Purdy
What if Christine and Erik's paths had entwined before? What if he had saved her? What if she had witnessed him as the Angel of death? Would she be able to forgive him? What if the Shah of Persia had certain plans for Christine? In the dark setting of Persia, they both have a troubled past and both must face a very haunted future. Influences from ALW/Kopin/Leroux/Kay. E/C. *off of

This concerns Erik and Christine set in Persia, with some guy named Nadir Kahn. Anyways, it's a hard plot to explain. The ages are changed, and Erik is not as evil as in the book or musical. But he still has anger issues. I love, love love, this story! I read all the chapters in one day. I am antsy to read the next chapters!!! Just click the link and read, for goodness sake! I can't explain this one. I love it so much though, and that's all that matters, right? Like Les Misérables. Hard to explain, but I love it anyways. 

Persephone's Angel by Angel0624
Persephone loved her mother very much, that is, until she was murdered. When this tragedy struck she was placed with the only person who could support her, her uncle Firmin. Reluctantly, M. Firmin takes his niece to the Paris Opera House, and puts her to work as a servant. Not the most ideal job, that is, until she meets someone who turns her life around. (I suck at these, sorry) *Off of FanFiction.Net

So, these three stories are makin' me tremble in my boots. All of them are such good stories, and now I'm fretting over mine. I don't think it will ever be up to par with these great stories. I'm thinking of not even having Raoul or Christine in the story. I might, but not as "main" characters. So I'm in desperate need of advice and inspiration. Please help! I don't want to go by the musical or the book. Yes, I'll have scenes from the musical and references from the book, but I don't want it to be completely the same. So please help! P. S., I am a E/C shipper, but I don't think I'm going down that path for my fan fiction. *gasp

Here are some other stories. I'll post the link as the title and put their descriptions below. There are some stories with a pretty lovey-dovey chapter, but I didn't post any stories that is *too deep. The worst out of all the stories I posted is probably Diamonds in Persia. The Shah takes a liking to Christine, so that should explain a bit. Erik's usually there to rescue her, though. 

Takes place in Susan Kay's plotline, though can be read without knowledge of her novel. The Shah of Persia is displeased when his favorite magician Erik turns down his latest, most generous gift-a wife. He decides that he will not be beaten by his masked servant.. and orders for a new, "special" girl that he knows Erik could not possibly refuse... for her sake. *Off of FanFiction.Net 
This story is beautiful. I won't tell you anymore, just because it might prevent you from reading it! 
Star Rating So Far (Out Of Ten) : ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Erik loves Christine, but after a devastating betrayal, can he find that there is another? And will a young orphaned violinist realize at last that she doesn't have to be alone? Erik/OC (Rated T just in case. I am new to fanfiction so feedback would be helpful. Thanks!). *Off of FanFiction.Net
Another beautiful story! Ahhh, this story! It's coming to a close soon *sob, but it is so beautiful, let me tell you! 
Star Rating So Far: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Christine's life, from that night beneath a moonless sky, how she does her best to live life for the next ten long years and the reunion with the man she was supposed to be with. *Off of FanFiction.Net
Another love of mine! It's completely done, and I love it! 
Star Rating: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

"When you're able to travel on your own, Christine, you are to visit the Paris Opera House." Those were the final words of Gustave Daae. When Christine turned 18, she did just that...With the help of the Opera's owner, Nadir Khan, Christine finds love in her new home. But nothing could prepare her for the day when she came face to face with the house's manager... E/C as always. *Off of FanFiction.Net
Pretty good so far!
Star Rating: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Comte Charles Mulheim didn't die at the time of the birth of his son, Erik Mulheim. Now growing as a respectable Vicomte, Erik soon accepts his difference and falls in love with a certain soprano. But with her fear ridden past, and his stubborn personality conflicting, what lengths will Erik take to win her heart? And what if Phillipe deChagney steps in the way? E/C Alternate LND *Off of FanFiction.Net
Another pretty good story. 
Star Rating So Far: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

(Winter) Set one year after the Opera Populaire burned down, the phantom returns to his lair, and sings Christine's first song. A young girl roaming the streets is drawn to the music and finds her way to the source. *off of
Pretty good, but doesn't update that much. (Not many chapters, I've yet to be impressed, but it still made it on my good list)
Star Rating So Far: ✯✯✯✯✯

So now, you know my favorite stories. I follow many more, but these have made it to the big leagues. They are pretty much in the order of how much I like them, some of them may have a bigger star rating, but it's the quality and some of them are finished, verses the ones that are still being written. Now, suggest anything. Don't be afraid! I love new ideas, and if yours doesn't make it into the story, I hope you still know that I appreciate all of your ideas and thoughts. 

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Now, I did want to bring something else up. I was thinking of doing a vlog post. No, I won't turn this blog into an actual vlog, just because it would take too much time. Don't get too excited, I WILL NOT be showing my face, for privacy reasons. It will be a blank back screen with me talking. Like a podcast, for example.  So you can actually be listening to my blog post, while scrolling through Pinterest, or doing homework or something. If you don't want one, I won't be offended in any way. I'm just offering. I don't know why I would offer this. Maybe just because when I write these posts I hear myself saying them inside my head. Like when I write sarcastic things, I sound sarcastic. When I write a joke I smirk in real life, when I write something ridiculous I roll my eyes, when I write something sad, well, I sound deep (voice wise) and look melancholy. :) If you want me to do a vlog post, comment yes or no, and tell me what you might want the vlog post to be about. Also, I would love some questions! So maybe it can be a Question and Answer post! If you do want this to be a question and answer post, type your questions on a separate comment and I'll write them down and answer them in the video. WARNING: Please no personal questions such as "Where do you live" and stuff. I won't answer those, so if you're wondering why your question wasn't answered, it's because it was too private. Things like "What do you like better coffee or tea?" or "Phantom or Les Mis?" is the ideal questions that I would answer, along with questions like "What are your biggest dreams?" and "Which literary characters do you relate to the most?". I'll warn you, I sometimes mumble or talk fast, and my voice is very deep. I mean, unnaturally deep, so I'll maybe try to speak in a higher pitch and slower so you can understand me! :) So when posting your comments it should be like this: 
1st comment: 
"Yes! Do a vlog post!"
2nd comment:

Keep your answer and questions in a different comment, because I won't be publishing the questions. I'll be answering them in the vlog. There is no limit in how many questions you can ask. Just make sure they're appropriate to answer and not too personal. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! So don't be wondering if your question doesn't make it on video. Now, there will probably be a lot of stuttering, mixing up words and weird geeky mistakes in my speech, just because I sometimes trip over my own words. And I also talk extremely fast and normally no one cares or knows what in the world I am talkin' about. So yeah. I think I've warned you about everything. Let's hope I can find a spare quiet moment in my life so I can make the video. Which I'll try to figure out when the time comes. The vlog post shouldn't be coming out soon. I've got some post making-up to do. I only got around 8 posts out in January. I feel terrible. So maybe this vlog post will make up for it. 

So I look forward to hearing the answers. Even if your comment is 'no', I'll still publish it, just if you were wondering. 

Sorry for boring all of you to death with my ridiculous post today. Maybe this is why I don't get a ton of viewers...... Oh well. So entirely grateful to the ones who are my constant readers! *cough Kenzie. *cough Natalie. *cough Tara.

Vlog Post Or No Vlog Post? Leave Your Answer And Questions In Two *Different Comments. Let Me Know About Some Of Your Suggestions For My Fan Fiction! Read Some Of The Stories And Come Back To Tell Me What You Think! 

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Inspirational Thursdays: Sierra Boggess

Hello, everyone! First "Inspirational Thursday". If you know me, you should know who my first quote has been said by. The lovely Sierra Boggess, of course! Duh! Anyways, I LOVE this quote. Now, I made like, five edits. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES! MADE CLEAR! Okay, I don't know why I put them as buttons, but I did. Maybe y'all need to put on one your sidebar or something to remember this, especially when you're feeling blue. I know I probably could use it! I also made a collage, which is not a button, but I'm going Sierra crazy right now! I should have a role model post out soon. I'm thinking of doing a ten or five-part series of Role Models. What do you think? Anyways, here is the quote: 

Inspirational Thursdays Inspirational Thursdays Inspirational Thursdays Inspirational Thursdays Inspirational Thursdays

Gah, she is pure awesomeness! So inspirational! I look up to her in so many ways. Oh yes, I don't know if this is going to be weekly, or monthly. I don't think that I will actually be consistent on these. I'll try, truly I will. P. S., if the HTML buttons don't work, let me know and I'll do my best to fix them. Sorry the post looks messy, but I don't know how to fix the buttons and I'm too lazy to try! 

Hope This Quote Inspires You Today, Tomorrow, Or Whenever You're Feeling Blue! Should I Do A Five Or Ten Part Role Model Series? 

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Words Of Wisdom: 1 John 4:18-19

1 John 4:18-19

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  We love because He first loved us.

What Is Your Favorite Bible Verse?

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Surprise TV Show: Dowton Abbey

Hey everyone! This was the post that came in second for my two polls, which means my Phantom post will probably come out Friday. We'll see how life treats me this week. 

Now, I called it a surprise, so I'm sorry if I disappoint everyone. But the surprise show is....

Downton Abbey!!!

Yes, I know this show came out a long time ago. Do I care? No. Moving on, my grandma was bugging my family. She was all like "Y'all gotta watch this show! I know you'll love it!" (She's from Arkansas so she and my grandpa have accents, cool right?!) And we were all like "Okay, okay, we'll give it a try." That 'try' turned into an obsession. We watch it in every minute of our free time. We checked out the full season of Dowton and we could only have it for one week. So we watched whole seasons in one week! We just completed season 3, so onto season 4 and then we'll be all caught up! Well we haven't finished season 3, yet, we have like half of it to go. But we're planning on watching it tonight. This is a period drama set in the early 1900's. It's a drama, and I mean DRAMA with some romance and peril. So, you can see why I love it. 

WARNING: Spoilers will be posted so if you've not seen any or anything season past 1 or 2, abandon this post now! If you had no desire to watch this show, then, you can read on. 

So first things first. I want to talk about the theme song of Dowton Abbey. It's so beautiful! I mean, that's the best way to describe it!

Now, over the characters! 

I'll try to get everything straight: 

Robert Crawley (known as Lord Grantham): owner of Dowton Abbey
Cora Crawley (Lady Grantham): Wife of Robert
Mary Crawley: Eldest daughter of Robert and Cora
Edith Crawley: Second Eldest daughter of Robert and Cora
Sybil Crawley: Youngest daughter of Robert and Cora 
Matthew Crawley: Heir to Dowton Abbey
Isobel Crawley: Matthew's mother
Violet Crawley (Dowager Countess of Grantham): Robert's mother
Tom Branson: Husband of Sybil Crawley/ previously a chauffeur 
Mr. Carson: Butler
Mrs. Hughes: Top house-keeper in charge of all the female staff
Miss O'Brien: Cora's ladies-maid
Mr. John Bates: Roebrt's valet
Anna Smith (now Bates): Head housemaid/ now Mary's ladies-maid
William Mason: Second Footman
Thomas Barrow: Previously first footmen, then valet, then under valet
Mrs. Patmore: Cook
Daisy: Head kitchen maid

This is pretty much the main characters of Dowton Abbey. Dowton Abbey starts in April 1912 when the sinking of the Titanic played out. And it goes on, throughout the years. Now, PBS had previously had a "House" show, where you can go back in time to live in other periods of history. See my sister's article. There was one called "Manor House" and I'm so glad I watched it before I watched Dowton. Everything made perfect sense. The ranking, the way that the upper class lived, everything. It revolves around Downton and anything else that the show runs into. Such as World War I. 

Now, my favorite time to name out the characters that I do and don't like. Yay! I won't spend too much time telling why I love them! 


Carson: I love Mr. Carson. He takes control of situations, makes sure everything is in order, and he is especially close to Mary and the family. 

Mrs. Hughes: She always keep the ladies under control, or at least she tries! I don't think I could do her or Carson's jobs. It would be too hard. She's sweet and not too judgmental. 

Mr. Bates: Awww, I love Mr. Bates. He so sweet and kind! 

Anna: She's your usual sweet face who cares for everyone, who doesn't get into trouble and yeah. 

Matthew: Matthew, Matthew, Matthew! Who couldn't love Matthew! He's sweet and kind, especially to Mary. They start off on bad terms, though, let me tell you! But they end up getting married! So sweet! But I always have this thought in my head: WHY DID YOU KILL HIM OFF!!! Well, it's more like WHY DID YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE SHOW, DAN STEVENS? We were all heartbroken. 

Mary: I love Mary. Sure, she has a lot of crying scenes and questioning her and Matthew's relationship scenes, but I love her anyways. 

Violet: She is hilarious! She always has the best comebacks! She is a person of class and sass. 

Branson: I know he's called Tom now, but to me he looks like a Branson. He is Irish and was married to the late Sybil Crawley. They had a little girl, in which he named Sybil, after her mother. He is a bit of  a rebel when it comes to politics. Therefore Robert is not in any way, fond of him. But that doesn't mean that I'm not fond of him!

But my all time favorite person has to be: 

Yes, it's William Mason!! I love William. No, I don't care if he was only in two seasons, so don't bother reminding me! William was the second footman who was madly in love with Daisy. He liked her for forever and she didn't like him back. In season two, he went off to war with Matthew and saved his life by stepping in front of Matthew when a bomb went off. He had damage to his lungs and couldn't recover. Therefore he sacrificed his life to save Matthew. He married Daisy only hours before he passed away in his sleep. You see, the very first scene that showed William, I knew there was something good about him. I was like 'That's my favorite character right there, as long as he doesn't do anything stupid later on.' And guess what; He doesn't. He is soft, sweet, caring, and often lets himself be pushed around by Thomas. He also *cough seriously handsome. So, he will forever be one of my favorite characters of Downton. Jimmy and Alfred the new footmen don't even compare. I wish he never would have fallen in love Daisy. He deserved so much better than her. For her not really loving William and kind of leading him on, I. Don't. Like. Her. I would snatch him up in a second. Why? Well everything I said about him above, and he plays piano (supposedly he asked the directors if he could play in the show and he did) and he is just awesome. Oh, I want to list some of my favorite quotes of William: 

"By 'eck it were worth it, if I get to hold your hand." - To Daisy as he is slowly dying. 

"You know I'm dying.
I'm dying, Daisy.
I'm not going to make it." To Daisy again as he is dying.

"We'd have married if I got through it, and spent our
 whole lives together." Still the same as the two above. 

"Pinch me. I am your dream come true." William when he comes donned in his uniform to Daisy.

"Are we engaged? Because if we are, I know I can tackle whatever may come!" When Daisy "accepts" his proposal. 

"It's the thought of you that keeps me going." To Daisy. (Aaawwwww)

"I am a real soldier thank you very much. Now come and give me a kiss." To Daisy.

"Won't you let a Tommie kiss his sweetheart, Mrs. Patmore, when he's off to fight the Hun?" To Mrs. Patmore. 

Now, for the characters who get on my nerves: 

Cora: I mean she acts so fake! Her voice drives me insane and she's always living on a happy fantasy cloud. Overall, I love her, but every time I hear her voice I cringe. 

Miss O'Brien: Arg! She made Cora lose her baby! I was so mad at her for that! She was always up to no good with Thomas until this accident. Since then, she's cooled down. 

Thomas: Oh, yuck. I. Do. Not. Like. Thomas. He's a jerk. Best way to put it. He's also got issues, that I won't mention on here. He's often planning a dirty evil scheme to play out on the staff and he's deceitful and yeah. I don't like him at all.

Daisy: She's dumber than a box of rocks. Sorry, but not really. She kinda broke my heart when she stated to everyone that she doesn't really love William, when he loves her so much.  

Edith: She's just kinda mean, man crazy and yeah. She dates older men and yeah. She's got issues. But her getting jilted at the altar of her wedding was really sad. No one deserves that. 

I love this time period. Where women dressed modestly, men went everywhere in suits and ties and were classy. Now we live in a world with, just, no class or modesty. I wish everyone could look how far we've fallen. Why can't we go back to the classy times in history? Really, people! Now, to cheer myself up, here are some pictures of Thomas Howes (William) and Sophie McShera (Daisy) 

Left To Right:
William, Thomas, Branson
P. S., PLEASE watch this fan video of William and Daisy: Downton Abbey William and Daisy. I ran into this on accident. I was looking for some awesome William clips, and I ran into this. "Holland Road" is the song by Mumford And Sons. It's the perfect song when you're in a depressed mood. Why? Because it's sad and depressing, so it goes along with your mood. I love this song now. The video itself was sad. When it states "As the moon hung proud and bright" is the saddest part. To inform everyone, when that line appears, Matthew is the one the camera zooms in on, William is lying on top of him. Just to clear that up. Oh, and when it says "And I was sorry for what I'd done", where Diasy watches as they carry William on a stretcher into a room. Please watch! Even if you haven't seen it or don't even care to, WATCH IT!!

Have You Seen Or Wanted To Watch Dowton Abbey? How Do You Feel About It And Who Are Your Favorite Characters?