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Joly Fan Fiction Part 4

First off, sorry for the image. PicMonkey won't work because I need to update. But this is part four, not three. This is the end. Hope you enjoy!

Part Four
The End Of The Young Medical Revolutionaries Life

Joly picked up his pace, as he walked to where Enjolras and the Friends of the ABC were waiting. People were gathered all on the sides of the streets to attend General Lamarque's funeral.
"Do you hear the people sing," Enjolras started, as all the barricade boys and people joined in. "singing the song of angry men, it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again." The National Guardsmen rode all around the coffin. Enjolras looked at him and the other boys and gave the signal. Joly rushed to the carriage where General Lamarque's coffin was held. He pulled himself up and pulled his gun out of his pocket. That was when the chaos started.
"Vive la France!" Joly hollered. Civilians joined in. The carriage halted as guards on horse back pulled out guns and swords.
"Charge!" the captain yelled. Joly and the barricade boys fired. A sword came close to Joly chest, but Jehan yanked him back in time. Marius rode on a black horse carrying the flag. Everyone knew what to do. The barricade was built, with things including coffins, a piano, carriage, mattresses, chairs and anything else that people could scrounge up. Joly, Jehan, Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac and Marius were at the top on the first patrol. Lesgles, Feuilly, Bahorel and Grantaire were on the grounds. That was when Enjolras called out, "We need someone to find out when they are planning to attack." Javert in disguise came forward and called, "I have been behind there lines. I will go." He left.

About four hours later, he returned.
"No attack tonight. They don't think you'll last a week. They are going to starve you out." Javert lied.
"Liar!" Gavroche called. The group pounced on Javert and knocked him out. Enjolras silenced everyone and they all turned their attentions once more to the street. Horses hooves clopped on the street. The National Guardsmen came with giant cannons, swords, bayonets, and guns.
"Who's there?" the captain yelled.
"French Revolution!" Enjolras yelled back.
"Fire!" the captain shouted. "Advance!" A guard not a foot away had his gun aimed at Marius, when Eponine, dressed all in mens clothes scrambled up.
"No!" she screamed. "No Ep, get away from there!" Joly abandoned his post and yanked Eponine back. He couldn't let her die. She had in a way, been like a little sister to him. He often offered her a place to sleep, and he even was teaching her how for read. She had been a little distant for a while, which he could not understand. At this moment, he did. She was trying to distance herself from him so it wouldn't hurt him so badly when she gave her life on the barricade. She accidentally gave him a sharp blow to the stomach with her elbow, as she climbed in front of Marius. Joly grabbed her coat and tried to pull her down. He was willing to sacrifice his life for Eponine, but he couldn't get up to where Eponine was fast enough. She shoved Marius off the barricade, as the guard shot. She had just enough strength to grab his gun and push him entirely off the barricade, before slowly climbing down, clutching her stomach. Joly yanked her off halfway and he gently laid her on a table. With no hesitation, he pulled her shirt up just enough for him to see how much the bullet pierced her. She pressed against her stomach a little, as the blood squirted like water out of a hose. She cried out in pain, but she whispered, "I don't feel any pain, Joly."
"Oh, Ep, why did you do it?" Joly whispered. He felt Jehan put a hand to his shoulder. Everyone gathered around. No one caught the silent tear that slipped down Enjolras' rough cheek. Gavroche stood to the side, tears running down his own cheeks. Since they were both street urchins, he knew her better than any of his other siblings.
"I love Marius. I came so we could die together. But I wanted to die first." Eponine admitted.
"Oh, Eponine." Joly cursed himself for not seeing how she felt sooner. He possibly could have been able to do something.
"Thank you for the reading lessons, Joly. Thank you for being the big brother I never had." Eponine sighed, as her voice faded. Tears ran down Joly's cheeks, as a boy carried her dead body away. His hands slipped out of her grasp. Jehan patted him on the back. But Joly was not exactly sad. He was furious. He marched over to where Marius was, and gave him a swift blow to the face. Jehan had to hold him back from giving him another.
"You bastard! She loved you and you were too blind to see it! She died because of you! She never would have joined the barricade if you wouldn't have broken her heart!" Joly screamed. He had never been so angry in his life. That, he knew was a fact, because he had never laid a hand on anyone. Not a woman, man, child or even animal. Jehan whispered some calming words in Joly's ear, as their attention snapped back to the barricade. The second attack happened. Joly and Jehan fought side-by-side. Joly kicked a man in the stomach after he almost stabbed Jehan with a bayonet. However, somewhere in the fight, Jehan and Joly got separated. When the attack was over, Joly searched anxiously around.
"Has anyone seen Jehan?" Joly called out. He was not in the wounded, he was not with them.
"Vive la France! Long live the Republic!" Jehan called. Joly climbed the barricade and saw Jehan at the end of the street surrounded by National Guardsman. This cannot be happening to me. Joly's heart pounded. He took his gun and fired, killing one of the guards. He wanted to distract them from killing Jehan. He took another shot, killing another. Enjolras grasped his shoulder and ordered, "Don't waste the ammunition! Joly, they're going to kill him." His voice softened up at the end.
"Vive la France! Long live the Republic! Joly! Tell Alix I love-," Jehan called. The guards fired and Joly watched as his friends body crumbled on the cold street floor.

The next morning, the last attacks was held. Many people were killed. Joly, Combeferre, Enjolras and Courfeyrac were up in the cafe. They realized they were trapped. The guards came. They aimed at all of them. Joly managed to dodge most of them. Courfeyrac was the first killed, then Combeferre fell also. Enjolras looked at him, as the captain aimed. Joly stepped in front of Enjolras and the shots rang out. As his vision faded into darkness, Joly recalled the summer nights he spent with Musichetta, the days with his sister Anna, the day where he had met Jehan, when he joined the Friends of the ABC. But, as the darkness clouded in even more, he knew one thing:

He Regretted Nothing

The End

I'm Sorry This Took Forever To Finish, But Here Is The End. I Hope You Enjoyed My Fan Fiction!

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