Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let The Music Move You: Quadruple Feature

I apologize for the lack of posting. It's crunch time for planning my business and going before an investor panel. I've been going crazy finding my expenses and preparing my business plan, PowerPoint and speech cards. So forgive me, dear readers. This is a quadruple feature. It's nearly impossible to just be "into" one song at a time. So I have four.

The first song is called "Let It Go" from the new Disney movie called "Frozen". In which I can totally tell you that I OBESS over! It took some time, but I've finally mastered the lyrics, so now I can sing it in my private time. Idina Menzel's voice is spectacular! The song itself it beautiful, as well. I started listening to it, out of curiosity quite a while ago. I haven't had time to do one of these segments, so it's coming out now.

The second song is called "Holland Road' or "Home" by Mumford And Sons. This is the song that was playing during the fan-video for William and Daisy for "Downton Abbey". It's so sad and depressing! Hm. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

The third is called "Before The Performance" from Love Never Dies. Goodness. I can't say enough about this song. Just listen to it. From the time Ben Lewis *sigh starts to the sing, until the end, it's music to my ears. His voice, is so, ugh. Can't say enough, really. Do me a favor, even if you hate this, listen to the strings in the background when Ben starts at "In moments mere moments, drums will roll." They. Are. Beautiful. Listen for yourself! I love it. But then again, I just love musicals, so yeah. Oh yes, if you want the best part, start at 4:25 or 5:29. The best parts ever, in my opinion. I just love this. Every time I listen to this video, I skip the Raoul part. It is not worth listening to him beg her. He knows in his heart that he will never be able to compete with Erik. It took him a whole song and two kisses and it took Erik one song and putting a necklace around her neck to convince her. Score Raoul: 0 Erik: 1.

The fourth and final song is called "Back To December" by Taylor Swift. I like this song. Do I care if you like it or not? No. So talk to someone else if you don't. Anyways, I first heard this song by Anthem Lights (yay!) and I wanted to compare versions. I listen to it, and decided that I liked it as well was Anthem Lights' cover. Plain and simple. Get over it.

These are the four songs on my mind right now. I hope like them, I hope you give them a shot, then judge them. 

Oh yes, some updates on some things. 

For one, I think Words of Wisdom is going to be a monthly thing. I tried to do it once a week, especially for the reason that it would cover my lack of posts. But I don't want all of my readers to think I'm constantly trying to shove the Bible and scripture down their throat. That's one reason why people don't want to become Christians. They have religion constantly thrown at them. Unless my readers want me to continue to do them once a week, then I shall. But if not, I will make them a monthly occurrence. 

Now, for my Phantom Phan-fiction. I have been working like crazy on this. This is great for me, because I think at the moment, that I am out of writers block. Some warnings for my readers though:
This story won't be out until I have quite a bit finished. I don't want to make my fun handwork feel like a chore. I have about 24,000 words written at the moment. Sounds like a lot, but I'm not nearly even at the halfway mark. Next, this is not a E/C shipping story. *GASP I firmly decided this, which is surprising. But don't be surprised if I come out with a second Phan-fiction with E/C shipping. Now, there will be little tidbits of the musical and the book and from some of the Phan-ficiton I read, but this is mostly from my mind. So hopefully it should be out in March-ish. 

Hopefully You Like The Songs!

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