Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cozying Up With Cocoa 11-27-13

Now, I've written quite a few Sippin' Sweet Tea's. But, I tell you what's going on in the present time of my life. So we'll start off with that. But I'm gonna introduce you to a little more of my backstory. Join me, will you? I mean, after we go over the present time, yes?

So, I recently joined YEA!, otherwise known as the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. It basically is a class teaching us all about business and marketing. We get to start a real business and we go to a real investor panel for money to fund us. Then,  the best businesses to go to Rochester, New York to compete for the best business. Only one of us in the entire class will get to go. I am doing make-up pouches. We go to three hour meetings every Wednesday and learn all about everything. What does this mean, you may ask? Well, this is a SERIOUS thing. We are actually starting businesses. This isn't just "another" after school activity. This is the real deal. So, what it means, is, I will be using every ounce of my free time to sew my make-up pouches. Therefore, for the next months to come, I won't be able to post as much. I'm already falling behind for November, and it just might get a little worse. So, hopefully I'll have a post out every three, four days. I hope. I can't make anyone any promises, so I'm terribly sorry!!!

I had my 14th birthday on November 15th. I got great presents, mostly money. (Woot woot!)

My little sister also had a birthday on November 20th. She's ten years my junior. She a sweet little girl who loves animals except "cwabs" (crabs) and "wions" (lions) and "nakes" (snakes). She adores dogs and horses the most. She's super sensitive and a bit moody. She's a younger version of me, not looks, but personality, so my parents tell me.

Oh, ATTENTION!!!! For the winter months, my life segments will be called "Cozying Up With Cocoa", instead of "Sippin' Sweet Tea". I wanted to give a winterish feel for the cold times, so yeah.

The Voice is coming to an end. I'm routing for either Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee or Will Champlain. I hope at least one will take it all. I used to be Team Blake or Adam, but after Blake sent Holly Henry home, and he gave Ray Boudreaux a not-so-fit song for him, which sent him home, I am DONE!!!! Done I tell you!! Ray was one of my top favorites from the start, along with Tessanne and Holly. So, now I'm for Team Adam or Christina, just because she has Jacquie Lee on her team. In my opinion, James Wolpert and Matthew Schuler should have gone home. I haven't been quite too fond of James' voice since his blind audition. Matthew, I'm just not too impressed by his voice. (Sorry to all the James' and Matthew fans!)

As a lot of you know, A Winter Wonderland Blog Party, hosted by Natalie and me is coming up very soon! I hope all that are participating will have a lot of fun.

Frozen the Disney movie is OUT today!! Yes, I'm still a Disney fan. Yes, I'm 14. I have two young sisters who watch Disney movies (with me) all the time. Get over it. Anyways, totally hyped!!! Now, I'm not going to the movie theatre. That's way too expensive. The last movie we saw in the theatre was Courageous in 2011. We haven't been to the theatre in two years. WOW!!! We're going to wait until it comes on DVD or until our library gets it. I don't know if I can wait that long!! Siiigggghhhh. My favorite character so far, is probably Olaf, the snowman. Goodness, he's sooo cute and hilarious!!! Then it would probably be Anna and then Elsa, then Hans. 

I love this cover of Taylor Swift songs by Anthem Lights. It's just amazing how they can make even a Taylor Swift song sound catchy! Here is the link.

Now, from now on, after each post, or until I run out, I will have one random fact about me. But here's a bit of my backstory and some randoms facts. These ten do not count!!!

1. I am adopted
I was adopted at 8 months from Guangdong, China.

2. I have four sisters (second oldest)

3. I am home schooled (K-3 in public school, then I was home schooled)

4. My birthday is November 15 (born in '99)

5. I know how to sew

6. I've played piano since I was five

7. I've been seriously writing since I was five

8. Why did I start a blog?
I was asked this by my sister, and so I will answer it. I guess it's because I can express myself, interests, and writing to everyone, pretty much all over the world. I get to ramble about Les Mis and Phantom, shamelessly bash POTO 2004, and just get to write and have fun at the same time. Thanks to all my lovely readers who put up with all my ramblings!!!

9. I am a bookworm and a proud introvert

10. I have serious allergies to mold, grass, horses, cats, ragweed, pollen and much too much to add. I used to be allergic to dogs, but I'm not!!! I'd rather be allergic to dogs than horse, though :( I get allergies shots, also.

And.... My Random fact about me:

I have an major addiction to Colby Jack cheese

So, to end this segment of Cozying Up With Cocoa, here are some pictures. Some are random Christmasy things, some are my make-up pouches and more. Enjoy and Au Revoir!

An old old OLD fashioned sewing machine

Just another telephone nothin' to see here

This thing actually worked! I got to touch it!
It's missing some keys, but yeah

Can I have it? Please?

Telephone!! Excuse the blurriness!

........ (Playing with thumbs)

Awesome old coke bottles!

More bottles!



Soup and ladle! GIMME!!!
Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

Coke stuff

Leaves with the sun shining through

More leaves

a make-up pouch made by me!

Just to show you the inside!

What beauty! It looked better seeing it in person!

A pouch that I made for my neighbor

the inside

The second pouch for my neighbor

The inside

New chevron cloth for more pouches. it's lighter blue
and prettier, seeing in it person

A sewer's best friend. The what I call "lifesaving"
device for sewings the un-stitcher!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Let The Music Move You: Sextuplet Feature

So, this is a sextuplet feature of Let The Music Move You, because I couldn't just pick one song that I was totally loving at the moment!!

1. Dead Come To Life by Jonathan Thulin ft. Charmaine

This song is amazing!! It just started playing on my local radio station. Totally hooked!!

2. Light Up The Night by Fraser Campbell 
Just another amazing song!

3. Chasing You by Jenn Johnson
Great song!

4. Carrying The Banner Newsies
This song!! Pure epicness! This has to be my number one favorite song in Newsies. After that, it would be King Of New York and Seize The Day.

5. Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Now, HERE is an epic song! Coldplay has done it again! For some reason that I can't explain, it reminds me of the French Revolution. Anyone catch the resemblance? :)

6. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
What a great message!! I don't mean the boy-friend break-up I mean the actual message of "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

By, the way, I apologize for not posting as often as all of my constant readers have know me to. It's been really hectic in the last month or so. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things when the blog party comes around. But for now, Au Revoir! 

Have You Listened To Any of These Songs? Give Them A Rating Out Of Ten Stars In The Comments Section!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Which Barricade Boy Are You Most Like?

Now, I've told you all about how big of a fan I am at taking character quizzes. But, how accurate are they? In truth, not always. Because, well, they ask you questions and you answer them. But they don't really apply to you. So, I was wondering, what Barricade Boy Are You Most Like? It's okay if it's two or three, heck, I don't care if it's a mixture of all of them!! But share who you are!

For me, I guess I'm a bit of Jehan Prouvaire, Combeferre, Joly and Lesgles. Now for the things I have in common:

Jehan Prouvaire: Well, we all know how Victor Hugo describes him. Anyways, I feel that I'm a little like him. Now, I don't read or write poetry or anything. I don't play the flute, but hey! I play the piano!! I love to look at clouds and get lost in all sorts of things. I find beauty in little things and such. I'm pretty soft spoken, even for a gal who has a serious deep voice. It's so deep, that I can be identified by anyone I talk to on the telephone, because my voice is nearly the deepest in my family. My dad is the only one who beats me out. Well, actually I'm not even very sure of that....

I am studious. I love to read, but I'm not a school person. I abhor school. Anyways, moving along.

I am not a hypochondriac, but I do have a thing about keeping clean. Not the house, I'm not all too obsessed about that. But I do have to break out hand sanitizer after touching things at garage sales or really touching anything that I'm not comfortable with. I always have to wash my hands after touching money if there's a sink near by. Now, this is really weird, but sometimes, if I read a book that doesn't have a pleasant smell, (my nose is very very very sensitive) I have to go wash my hands after putting it away so that I don't smell it on my fingertips. Hm. And yet sometimes I still forget to wash my hands before emptying the dishwasher. So disturbing!!!

I have dreadful luck. Period. My family has dreadful luck. Whether it's going to the ER, house problems or anything, we have bad luck. Mostly my dad and I. For me, I tend to somehow 'break' a lot of things. Every time something breaks, I just happen to be the last one who touched it!!! Like for instance, we have one of those "hida-a-hose" sweepers and I just happened to be the last one who touched it and the cover snapped off!! Then the power mate stopped working right when I touched it. I later learned it wasn't my fault, but I was the one who was blamed. Our Scentsy thing just happened to spill and I was the last one near it. I gave my little sister a concussion after swinging her too high and she fell off (I was miserable that day) and yeah. Can't you see that I have terrible luck?? Oh, by the way, I am not bald! :) Buuuttttt, wait for it....... I do have gray hair. Yes, that's right. Gray hair! I have damaged hair follicles all over my head. And since I have jet black hair, it looks like you found a silver string in an oil spill. It's embarrassing. Ahem, let's move along! Don't dawdle!

So, I'm a basic mix of Lesgles, Jehan Prouvaire, Joly and Combeferre. But mostly Lesgles. So, ignoring all the "personality tests" on the Internet, which Barricade Boy are you most like? I would love to know! I am having a small little poll on the side of my blog. Vote on who you are, whether it's one, none, or all of them!!

Vote Today On My Poll And Tell Me Which Barricade Boy You Think You Are In The Comments Section!!! I'd Love To Hear About Your Choice And Why!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Underrated Love Never Dies Songs

I absolutely love the score for Love Never Dies, the sequel to "The Phantom of the Opera". The story, ehhhh, not so much. Anyways, when you think LND, you probably are most likely to think "Til I Hear You Sing" and "Love Never Dies" and perhaps even "The Beauty Underneath" and "Beneath A Moonless Sky". But, never mind that, I'm here to list the underrated songs of Love Never Dies. Now, when I list these songs, I'm specifically talking about the Australian cast, because:
A. That's the only one version I've fully seen
B. The cast is awesome
C. That's about it

1. The Coney Island Waltz 
This song!!! I get this melody stuck in my head and hum it all around the house. It's just brilliant!!! I love Gangle, Squelch and Fleck. Their voices join perfectly together. 

2. Look With Your Heart
Awww. This song. It's always sad when Gustave sings "Father never plays with me. Doesn't he love me?" And then Anna a.k.a. Christine breaks into "Look with your heart and not with your eyes. The heart understands that heart never lies." It's beautiful. I absolutely love this song!!!

3. Once Upon Another Time
Can I just seriously say I LOVE THIS SONG!! See, there goes the caps lock button again. Caps lock, behave yourself!!! Ahem. This song is beautiful. It's basically telling how times have changed, both Christine and Erik have started new chapters in their lives and they are longer the same two people anymore. But Ben's deep voice and Anna's angel-like voice, well you can't get any better than that!!! 

4. Ten Long Years Of Yearning
I love this song, or this part. Whichever you prefer to call it. I love when Ben shouts, "I am your angel of music! I am dying, Christine! Suffocating here in the dark! Give me breath, give me life! Sing for me! Or I will take from you everything you have ever loved!" He brings back the old crazy phantom. I love when Anna starts to hum "Love Never Dies". Just her look is like, "Really? Out of all the songs he has written, he wants me to sing this one?" I love it!!! 

5. Beautiful
Though it's only a bit of singing, the piano playing is beautiful. I love Erik's reaction to the truth about Gustave!! 

6. The Phantom Confronts Christine 
Gah. I feel so bad to Erik. Rejected by the world, rejected by his lover, and now by his own son. I have to skip Gustave's scream at the end of "The Beauty Underneath" because it breaks my heart. You can tell by the way that Erik begs "Forgive me." to Christine that he feels terrible for abandoning her with their son. I love the way that Christine, despite being told to leave immediately, keeps her end of the bargain and agrees that his music will "live again". 

7. Devil Take The Hindmost
Now, here's an awesome one! The scene where Erik and Raoul finally meet face to face alone. In my opinion, Erik wins. "Look at you deep in debt, stinking drunk; pitiful!" And then there is Raoul: "Look at you! Foul as sin! Hideous! Horrible!" That's all you can think of Raoul? Anyways, he ought to have known he was never going to win. I love the song lyrics, period. I love the aggression that Ben Lewis and Simon Gleeson bring to the song. 

8. Before The Performance
This part. I have been listening to this on repeat because I'm on a slight phase of LND. Now, I don't care too much for the Raoul/Christine parts. It's the Erik/Christine parts that are pure epicness!!!!! I mean, seriously. Sometimes, well, most of the time, I skip right to where Erik starts with "In moments, mere moments, drums will roll. There you'll stand, just like before. The crowd will hush, and then in one sweet rush, I will here you sing once more." I mean, that is beautiful. It's an addicting tune. I almost wish I could sing in a lower key, so I could sing Erik's part. Why? Because, Christine doesn't sing a single word from the time that Erik comes in, to the time where he disappears again. I mean, seriously. But either way, love, love, love this song!!!!

9. Ah, Christine!
Ahh, beautiful!! You can just see the connection spark once more, but even brighter than before. And I just have to say that Ben and Anna's kiss was EPIC. I was stunned and happy to hear "Little Lotte" happen again, but in different lyrics. I had watched the whole thing before, and I decided to watch some parts again. I was very pleased!!! 

10. Devil Take The Hindmost (Reprise)
I love the beginning where Gustave is singing. I love Raoul and Erik's part. Maria Mercedes a.k.a. Madame Giry ruins it. I'm not at all a fan of Maria Mercedes' voice. It doesn't sound, how do I say it politely? "Fit" for a musical. It sounds more modern day-ish, if you all get what I mean. Other than that beautiful!!!

11. Please Miss Giry I Want To Go Back! 
This song. The part where Meg is about to drown Gustave. When Erik and Christine finally learn what Meg had been through. What she did to get Erik to America. It's sad. I love Sharon Millerchip's emotion. She sings and acts like a broken woman, which Meg is. It's stunning acting and singing. 

12. Finale 
Wow. This performance brought me to tears when I saw it through a video on Pinterest. I mean, Christine dying? Not part of the plan!! And Gustave rejects Erik again. Sobbbb!!! Can anyone accept Erik, please? I love when Erik and Christine start singing a reprise of "Once Upon Another Time." My favorite part would probably have to be "Come closer, I beg you. Closer still. Remember, love never dies. Kiss me, once last time." I mean, there's where the tears just turn into a waterfall. I mean, honestly. Andrew Lloyd Weber, can you make a musical that doesn't make you sob?! This is beautiful. Ben's reaction to Christine's death. Priceless. It's sad and beautiful at the same time!!! 

What Are You're Favorite Love Never Dies Songs? Comment Below!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Winter Wonderland Blog Party: The Deeds

Hey to everyone! I was thinking about a while back about hosting a blog party. I asked another blogger to team up with me, who respectfully declined, due to a busy schedule. But, Natalie from Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens was available, so I asked and she accepted!! So, We are teaming put to do this blog party together. Now, our blog party is called The Winter Wonderland Blog Party. It is a two week special event for all bloggers from December 9-23 of 2013. Everyone is free to enter. New bees just like Natalie and myself, and veteran bloggers who have been blogging for quite some time. Before we get down to having fun, you'll all need to know some rules: 

1. Everyone is required to do the tag and at least two or more posts of choice. 
Here are some suggestions: 
✡ A favorite Christmas album and why you like it
✡ A family tradition
 Yes, I only put two. Because, we will be having a tag and more things for you to be able to participate in. And I know that all you lovely people can come up with some terrific ideas on your own. 

2. Select a blog button from below to put on the sidebar of your blog. You have three options from my blog and two from Natalie's. 

3. Have Fun!!!

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!!! 

This is a two week event. Week One is dedicated entirely to fun things all about winter and Christmas. Week Two, otherwise known as The Ultimate Winter Writing Challenge, is dedicated to writing your heart out. By the way, the characters that I want you to incorporate into your tale can be good or bad, as long as you put them in. 
Here are some easy rules to follow when you write your story:

1. You must incorporate a villain (sorcerer, wizard, or perhaps just a mean character)

2. You must incorporate an ice/snow princess. 

3. You must incorporate a prince

4. You must incorporate a snow fairy

5. It must be at least 2,500-5,000 or more words long (Yes, I just might actually count your words to make sure you passed the mark! :))

6. No plagiarizing other stories or other bloggers stories. I mean you can take an idea from a movie, but don't make your story just like it.

Now, you're probably wondering why I separated all the character requirements instead of putting them together. The reason is because, I want to make sure that you incorporate everything that Natalie and I have requested. Any story that does not meet the requirements will be disqualified from the competition. And to make clear, there is no actual prize. Sad, I know, but this writing challenge is just for fun, and for writers to pull themselves out of writers block. Let loose, do your best, follow the rules, but most importantly: HAVE FUN!!!! Natalie and I will judge your stories at the end of the second week of The Winter Wonderland Blog Party. That is why I am giving you a month in advance to write your story. I am doing a story also. Mine will not be in the running! It will just be for fun and for a possible example. Natalie cannot participate in The Ultimate Winter Writing Challenge, due to her schedule. Now, you are not required to do The Ultimate Winter Writing Challenge, but come on, everyone!!! It will be loads of fun!!! There will be a third, second, and first place winner. The first place winner will receive free advertising on my blog's sidebar, where I will post a button that will lead to your blog. So, this would be a good opportunity for all you new bloggers out there, to get your blog on its feet!! We would like as many entries as possible, and just for that reason is another reason that I decided to host my party after NaNoWriMo. Leave your URLfor all of your posts in the comments section of my blog and Natalie's. 

Here are the buttons to select from: 

Buttons Buttons Buttons Buttons Buttons Buttons

Please let me know if any of the button HMTL's don't work. It took me forever to get them right, so hopefully all my hard work paid off. A big thanks to Miss Jane Bennet for helping out!!! Ready, set, go!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Writings On The White Fence: Watch, Turn and Run

So, as you can see, I guess I've gotten myself into writing WOTWF's about once a month. Don't know how I got myself into that routine. Anyways, can I just mention that it is SNOWING over where I live? I mean it's coming down by the clumps!!! I'm not complaining. I love winter. Who doesn't? Either way, onto my book.

Tada!! Beautiful, yes? I started writing this novel in October. So far I've gotten about 10,000 words. As I've said in my last post, life has been hectic. And it will never slow down. So, finding time to write is not easily found. But here you go, Kenzie; I know you've been dying to see this:

Now, meet our two main characters. Austin Mason, 17, and Audrey Weston, 16. This picture is the most accurate description of my main characters. So, whenever you think of my characters, think of this picture. 
It is modern day and my guess would be that it is labeled under adventure and action. Austin and Audrey live carefree lives until one day. Now, I'm terrible with summaries, so forgive me, dear readers. Austin is kidnapped suddenly by unknown strangers and the same people who took Austin are on the hunt for Audrey now. She immediately goes on the run to protect herself and find her true love. This book is written like The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Audrey narrates one chapter, then Austin does the other. You'll probably hear more from Audrey than from Austin. 

Audrey is a carefree girl, modest, Christian and an only child. She's sweet and is determined to do anything to save Austin from dying. Even if it means risking her own freedom and life. Her aesthetic features are her green and hazel tinted eyes and her red hair.

This would be Audrey in disguise in a wig and in make-up. I love this picture so much and this was a possible choice for Audrey. I decided to make it a disguise, so that I could fit it in. 

This is one of Audrey's other disguises. 

Austin Mason, I couldn't find another picture for him. Because the one up top is the perfect one. He is calm, carefree and serious. He's a lot like Zeelyn from my books Holding The Secrets. I am debating on making him British. Should I? Leave your response in the comments box!

Now, another main character is Jersey Beckham. The antagonist of the story. You see, I haven't quite figured him out yet. He's a puzzling character. So, if someone could help me, I need some kind of reason for readers to almost pity him. 

And, some snippets: 

Audrey's Narrative:
The morning was as warm as the afternoon. It was a bright sunny Friday, and I was off of work, as was my boyfriend Austin Mason. Now I, Audrey Weston was his girlfriend and today he had invited me over for breakfast, because eating out was far too expensive for both of our tastes. When I arrived, he had made sausages, cheesy eggs, biscuits, pancakes, bacon, and glasses of apple juice. Not ten minutes later, Austin and I were sitting at the kitchen table laughing our heads off, when suddenly we hear a knock at the door. Austin told me to ignore it, as he reached over for another sausage. The doorbell rings next. So, with a sigh and a horse-like lip trill, he starts to shuffle over to the door.
"Open up!" a voice screamed. Austin grabbed me and thrust me slightly against the wall. "I must go." He told me, his voice shaky. 
"Where to? Will you comeback?" I quickly started to sob, not at the hurt of his hands on my arms, but at the pain of him leaving me.
"I cannot tell you. If I may never come back, know that you are the only woman that I have loved with my entire being." he told me. He gave me a quick passionate kiss on the lips, before yanking me into the living room and flipping up the rug. He then took a screw driver and put it into one of the cracks on the living room hardwood floor. He lifted up a huge plank of fake wood where a winding staircase leads into the unknown dark abyss. I shook with fear, and clutch Austin's arm. 
"Audrey you must go. You must go down there and be very quiet. Not a peep. Don't come out until it is silent again." Austin ordered me, his tone panic-stricken. He turned every two seconds to the front door where we both could hear people trying to break the door down. 
"No, please." I sobbed. 
"Do it! Your life depends on it. Do it for me." he whispered. He turned and reached for something in his back pocket. He pulled out a velvet blue box shoved it into my hands and whispered, "Go." With that, he gave me a gentle push as I ran down the stairs and he puts the plank over me, sending me into the dark. Over my head, I heard the door break down and shouts. I felt mens pounding footsteps directly above me. Hopefully they won't hear how hollow the floor is under their feet and over my head. Screams, glass breaking, that's all that I could hear. Then it turned silent. I waited for at least twenty minutes. All was silent.

Austin's Narrative
What had I gotten myself into? Now, reader, I must tell you my back-story of getting myself into this mess, for you to understand my life-threatening circumstances. Audrey's also. 
Now, I was about sixteen at the time. I worked at my father's tiny diner. Well, I was the wash boy, and like old times, I would throw out the dirty water we used (For our water bill that was getting awfully high to pay). Well, one day, like anyone other day, I went out and dumped all the water. I was on my way back inside, when I heard a raspy voice loudly whisper, "You idiot! We have one month to pull of our heist. One month! That's only 30 days to recruit men, get the weapons and form a decent plan." I looked around the corner of the building to see two dark-looking men talking. 
"Shut up. I'm tired of your petulance towards me! It's not my fault." the shorter one looked like he had been taken over by ennui. 
"Indolent fool. Jersey would be ashamed of you." the taller one hissed. While I was listening, I lost my concentration and dropped the metal wash bin in my hands. Both mens heads snapped around. The taller of the two grabbed me. 
"Nothing! I heard nothing!" I put my hands up in surrender. 
"You are lying! You heard everything! Now you must die for it. We can't have you sneaking off to Daddy and contacting the police on us." the taller one was working to intimidate me. It was working. 
"Wait. Let's be rational about this. We can't have him killed. That's what Jersey wouldn't want. Besides, he demanded a new recruit. We've got one. Blonde haired, green eyed. He looks as innocent as a child. All of us look dark and scary. He's the perfect cover." the shorter one eyed me. The tall man seemed to consider this, before telling me, "Alright, kid. You're off the hook- for now. If you tell anyone, anyone about what you heard or what you saw today, you'll be sorry. Even if you think I'm use bluffing, I'm not." He re-thrusted me against the wall. "Do I look like I'm bluffing?" 
"No-no, sir." I gulped.  
"Good. Now, we're watching you. Everywhere you go, our big boy Jersey will have someone constantly following you, watching your every move. If you turn your back on me or anyone of our team, it could cost you your life. You're lucky that I haven't decided to kill you. Yet. Now go." the tall man thrust me away form him. I went back inside and tried to regain my carefree composure. It worked, but inside my heart was still pounding out of my chest. 

Tell me what you think. I'm sorry this was so short, but normally I would have more inspiration. But I don't. So, this is all I got. I hope you enjoyed it!!! 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Hey, everyone. I'm terribly sorry I haven't posted. Life is not going my way this week. So, hopefully, I will have a post out soon. I'm terribly sorry to all of my constant readers.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

I read a lot of blogs. Me, and the things I love are like in this bubble. And it takes all my will power to step out and go adventure some more.  But I have. I read, (on a normal daily basis) ten blogs. I mean, I read more, but these are my favorites so far. FYI: These Aren't In Any Particular Order. Well Some Are, And Some I Just Put In A Random Order.

1. Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens
This blog, ssssssiiiiiiigggghhhhhhh!!! Natalie, who runs this blog, is a wonderful girl. She just started blogging in September of this year, but it's already proving to be a great blog!! She was also the first person to participate in my tag. Thanks so much Natalie!!!

2. All Things Bright And Beautiful |Celebrating The Beauty Of Life
Ahhh, what words can express how much I love this blog? Petie is a wonderful inspiring girl. Did I mention she is a great photographer? I mean, just hop over to her blog and check it out!!!

3. Ramblings Of A Janeite 
This was the very first blog that I ever started reading. I'm pretty sure. Anyways, the lovely girl who runs this blog is Eva Schon. I follow her blog and her on Pinterest. She is a lovely girl with great posts on Jane Austen, Les Misérables, writing and more. I always look forward to see a new post with anticipation. Have you even heard about the book she's finished and is editing now? Torn Hopes, is its name and as soon as it's published I am snatching it, hot off the press!!! Yes, that's right. GO AND CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!

I forgot to mention on my tag that I absolutely love the caps lock button. I might as well use it all the time.

4. I Dreamed A Dream
This is a beautiful blog completely dedicated to Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. This was also my second blog that I started to read. That should explain enough. It is ran by Sierra Bailey or otherwise known as Sierra Kay. She is currently working on a spectacular Enjonine (Enjolras/ Eponine) fan-fiction.

5. A Burst Of Many Colors
This is another blog run by Sierra Kay. She tells a little more about herself, her life and her writing.

6. Ramblings Of A Les Misérables Fanatic
Ahh, this was either my second or third blog I started. Sydney Summers is the lady in charge! A wonderful writer and a dedicated Les Mis and Phantom Phan. Did I mention she writes THE BEST FAN-FICTION EVER?????? You see? I love the caps lock button!!!! So far, she has done a "sequel" where Marius and Cosette's story continues after the barricades. Then she has Grantaire, Jehan Prouvaire and Combeferre fan-fiction. Just lately, I finished up her Combeferre fan-fiction for her. Another big thanks to you, Sydney!!!

7. Yet Another Period Drama Blog
Brava! Brava! Bravissima!! This is another one of my favorite blogs. Miss Dashwood recently hosted Celebrate Musicals Week in September, which I had a tremendous amount of fun participating in. I enjoy her posts on books and musicals of the sorts.

8. Classic Ramblings
Ahhh!!! Love this blog!! Jane Bennet's blog. She posts about anything from Pride and Prejudice to Les Mis or Phantom. For the entire month of October, she dedicated herself to only posting things in relation to Jane Austen!! I don't know if I could ever keep up a goal like that! :)

9. A Pinch Of Classy
Now, this blog has to be one of my absolute favorites. Nine girls write on this blog. Sierra Kay, Leah Kathryn, Katelyn, Bethany, Hannah Grace, Caitria, Joanna, Abri and Alyson. They talk all about being a modest young woman, crafts and more. I mean, have you even seen Sierra Kay's posts about Praying For Your Future Husband? This Is Part One and This Is Part Two. Now, go along little reader and click the link. These girls are amazing and so inspiring.

10. Le Chaim On The Right
Welllllll, I guess I was forced to add this one. I really wanted an even ten blogs, but I only had nine, excluding my sister Samantha's blog. Even more than that, (kicks stone with my cowboy boot here) she is my sister, so I'm also being nice at the same time. My lovely sister blogs all about faith, homeschool, frugality, books and movies, politics, history, history....... and more history. But don't expect much more than World War II. She has had an excellent series called Ten World War II Heroes. It is beautifully written, telling of amazing people, most of them who have sacrificed their lives for their beliefs against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's. Truly inspiring people on this series.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Controversial: Should Christians Listen To Only Religious Music?

Now, I've had this question in the back of my head for a while. We Christians try to keep our eyes, heart and head pure. But what about our ears? I mean, yes, you may hear a curse word once in a while. But I'm talking music. Which brings me to a question: Should Christians Listen To Only Religious Music?

My point of view is, no. Now, you're probably thinking WHAT????? I am a Christian, I listen to good clean Christian music. But....but, but, but, I also listen to Les Mis, Phantom, Newsies and country. Les Mis is a good musical, many songs having good use of the Lord's name, some in a bad way (Master Of The House), but I wouldn't consider it 'Christian Music'. Les Mis, Phantom and Newsies are more like show tunes. Plain and simple. I love country music. The sound, the message. I know there are some extremely dirty country songs. Songs about the artist acting worldly and wild, songs where the artist is flaunting the way they're not ashamed to show a little skin or when they mention drinking beer and whiskey. Now, what if you've been questioning this question for a while? What if you're wondering "All my friends listen to country. I've heard country and I really like the beat of it. But I don't want the songs filled with vulgar lyrics. I want the songs that are clean and good to listen to!" For me, there are three categories of music. No, I'm not talking pop, rock, and hip-hop or whatever. Here's what I'm talking about:
1. Religious music with a good message
2. Songs that have good messages, though not religious
3. Non religious, no good message

Now, I love listening to Christian music. I absolutely adore Tenth Avenue North, Anthem Lights, tobyMac and more. But I also get a good ol' craving for good country music. Now, how do you satisfy that hunger for country music, while still keeping your morals? Well, where I live, there is a radio station and it only plays good clean country music with good lyrics. Since I'm normally the first or second person up in the morning, I listen to it. I haven't in quite a while, for I'm trying to be more focused on school than moving my head to the beat. Ahem. Most of the songs that I listen to now I had heard on the radio. A few of them, I haven't but yeah. Anyways, we can't really 'avoid' worldly music. You hear it in stores, at the checkout line, when you go the a garage sale or the fair. You can hear it anywhere. Unless you were to stay inside your house all day and you were deaf, there's no way to avoid it. Period. But, you can choose not to listen to it in your spare time. I'm a person in a box. I like to stay with Christian, country and show tunes. Pretty much that's it. Hey, people, I don't get out much!! But I ain't complaining about it either. So, let us all choose wisely what we feed to our ears. But, dear readers, don't think that I am perfect. There was a year, about two or three years back, where I have listened to some worldly music before. I shied a bit from my Christian music before. There would be a week that had gone by where I hadn't listened to much Christian music. I've worked to stop that habit and I'm doing pretty well. It's fine if you like OneRepublic or Coldplay, but select your songs carefully. I still listen to "The Scientist" and "Viva la Viva" by Coldplay, and I still listen to "Secrets", "Marchin' On", "Lullaby" by OneRepublic.

So, for all you guys and gals who want to listen to some good clean country music, I've made a y'all a list: By the way, all pictures are mine except the one with the purple flower for "Time Is Love" by Josh Turner. Yes, all of them.

1. Every Storm Runs Outta Rain by Gary Allan
This song is a beautiful song. It has such a good message. The official music video shows kind of the story of a woman waiting for her boyfriend/fiance/husband(?) to come home from war. At the end of the music video it shows them hugging.

2. Time Is Love by Josh Turner
Gah. This song is amazing. The music video.....not so much. I didn't get it. Anyways, about the song, Josh sings in first person, though it should go for everyone. He sings about telling all the guys he works with, and his job, that even though he needs to work, he isn't going to spend every minute of his time there. He's gonna head home to his wife and family awaiting him. What a good message!

3. If I Die Young by The Band Perry
This song is pretty much about appreciating your life on earth, for as ever long as it lasts. Even if it's only a day, or 100 years, appreciate with all your heart. I know you're probably thinking "How can you appreciate your life when you're only a day old?" YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN PEOPLE!! Appreciate your life while it lasts. As they say, you only live once.

4. Free And Easy by Dierks Bentley
I like this because it's clean, number one, and it just talks about living your life free and easy. Just like the title.

5. Change by Taylor Swift
Now we've all seen Miss Swift fall into pop and stuff. I enjoy her older songs by her. No, I'm not a screaming fangirl and Taylor Swift is not all that I listen to. Look down some more and you won't see much more of her. Anyways...... Taylor pretty much is telling us to keep our chin up. Because even in our bad days and bad moments, thing will change.

6. The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
Ohhhhhh. I love this song!! This is the only Miranda Lambert song I listen to, for I do not care much for Miss Lambert's voice or any more of her songs. This one, though has a nice personal message. She talks about revisiting her home and healing her "brokeness". (I'm putting that in quotations because that's the lyrics, but it's not really a word)

7. Voices by Chris Young
Now this song is brilliant. This has to be one of the greatest country songs with such an awesome message for men and women. He talks about how he hears his dad, mom, grandfather and grandmothers voices in his head telling him everything that they've taught him. And let me tell you, they're some pretty good words. Just a beautiful song, period.

8. Good Girl by Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood. Siiigggghhhh. She's beautiful, talent and is a Christian. "Good Girl" tells young girls and women to beware of "bad boys". That pretty much sums it up, but it's still a good message.

9. Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood
Ahh. Another "Good Girl"-like song. Enough said.

10. Blown Away by Carrie Underwood
This song is a bit questionable. It tells the story of a young girl who lives with an abusive father. Her mama is dead, by the way. Her father is abusive and is a drunkard. A tornado comes and she leaves him to die. Not the best message. Take Proverbs 25: 21-22: "If your enemies are starving, feed them some bread; if they are thirsty, give them water to drink. By doing this, you will heap burning coals on their heads, and the Lord will reward you." But I'll give credit to the music video, it shows Carrie trying to get her father to wake up. But she later then ends up leaving him. 

11. Done by The Band Perry
Talks about leaving an abusive(?) boyfriend. Pretty good. It tells how not to put up with anyone who is abusing you or is disrespectful to you.

12. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw
Oh my goodness. The song. I want this song at my wedding for you father/daughter dance!! It tells about how a dad is letting his little girl go.... It's so beautiful!!!

13. Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice
Gah! Another one of my favorites. Just a great song about what you do in life that will make you successful.

14. Remember When by Alan Jackson
Beautiful. I'll probably play this at my 50, 60 or 75th anniversary. Just talks about how couples grow together and endure the hard times in life and marriage. Just beautiful!!!

15. If I Didn't Have You by Thompson Square
Now, this song is a great song. It tells about how sometime we feel like we can't live without our wife/husband.

16. This by Darius Rucker
Another song that talks about how we appreciate life. Even though the road make be bumpy and there will be quite a few obstacles, we'll eventually end up right where we're supposed to be.

Now, this is a list for all those guys and girls who want to listen to clean country music. Most of them have extremely good messages. Blown Away is probably pushing it a little, but that's as far as I'm plannin' go. Either way, I hope you'll take my list in stride. Have fun listening!!!

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