Friday, November 22, 2013

Which Barricade Boy Are You Most Like?

Now, I've told you all about how big of a fan I am at taking character quizzes. But, how accurate are they? In truth, not always. Because, well, they ask you questions and you answer them. But they don't really apply to you. So, I was wondering, what Barricade Boy Are You Most Like? It's okay if it's two or three, heck, I don't care if it's a mixture of all of them!! But share who you are!

For me, I guess I'm a bit of Jehan Prouvaire, Combeferre, Joly and Lesgles. Now for the things I have in common:

Jehan Prouvaire: Well, we all know how Victor Hugo describes him. Anyways, I feel that I'm a little like him. Now, I don't read or write poetry or anything. I don't play the flute, but hey! I play the piano!! I love to look at clouds and get lost in all sorts of things. I find beauty in little things and such. I'm pretty soft spoken, even for a gal who has a serious deep voice. It's so deep, that I can be identified by anyone I talk to on the telephone, because my voice is nearly the deepest in my family. My dad is the only one who beats me out. Well, actually I'm not even very sure of that....

I am studious. I love to read, but I'm not a school person. I abhor school. Anyways, moving along.

I am not a hypochondriac, but I do have a thing about keeping clean. Not the house, I'm not all too obsessed about that. But I do have to break out hand sanitizer after touching things at garage sales or really touching anything that I'm not comfortable with. I always have to wash my hands after touching money if there's a sink near by. Now, this is really weird, but sometimes, if I read a book that doesn't have a pleasant smell, (my nose is very very very sensitive) I have to go wash my hands after putting it away so that I don't smell it on my fingertips. Hm. And yet sometimes I still forget to wash my hands before emptying the dishwasher. So disturbing!!!

I have dreadful luck. Period. My family has dreadful luck. Whether it's going to the ER, house problems or anything, we have bad luck. Mostly my dad and I. For me, I tend to somehow 'break' a lot of things. Every time something breaks, I just happen to be the last one who touched it!!! Like for instance, we have one of those "hida-a-hose" sweepers and I just happened to be the last one who touched it and the cover snapped off!! Then the power mate stopped working right when I touched it. I later learned it wasn't my fault, but I was the one who was blamed. Our Scentsy thing just happened to spill and I was the last one near it. I gave my little sister a concussion after swinging her too high and she fell off (I was miserable that day) and yeah. Can't you see that I have terrible luck?? Oh, by the way, I am not bald! :) Buuuttttt, wait for it....... I do have gray hair. Yes, that's right. Gray hair! I have damaged hair follicles all over my head. And since I have jet black hair, it looks like you found a silver string in an oil spill. It's embarrassing. Ahem, let's move along! Don't dawdle!

So, I'm a basic mix of Lesgles, Jehan Prouvaire, Joly and Combeferre. But mostly Lesgles. So, ignoring all the "personality tests" on the Internet, which Barricade Boy are you most like? I would love to know! I am having a small little poll on the side of my blog. Vote on who you are, whether it's one, none, or all of them!!

Vote Today On My Poll And Tell Me Which Barricade Boy You Think You Are In The Comments Section!!! I'd Love To Hear About Your Choice And Why!!!


  1. I'm definitely most like Jehan: dreamy, a poet, &c. I'm also, sadly, a lot like Marius. I don't really have Joly's personality, but I am a tiny bit of a hypochondriac (being scared out of my wits by hospitals and diseases), and I'm mostly a studious Combeferre type as well. So that's me! =) Great post! (And I'm a bit obsessed with personality quizzes as well. ;))

  2. Oh, thanks! I love personality quizzes but I agree with myself how they aren't always too accurate. That's awesome that you're Jehan, my favorite barricade boy!!! I am mostly a Lesgles. A gal who never has luck on her side. ;)

  3. I have no clue who they are, but I'm like all of them, except Lesgles, I am nothing like him.

  4. Oh, I too am obsessed with taking quizzes. is a good quiz site!

  5. I am too!! We're so much alike!!! Not that's it's a bad thing! :)

  6. Hmm, I've never seen/read Les Mis, so I don't know the characters you are talking about. But, from your descriptions I sound the most like Jehan, with a little of the others thrown in too. :)
    Haha, I wash my hands after handling money too!
    By the way, what do you think of my latest post, Anna? Have you ever seen the movie I reviewed?

    1. Awesome!!! I loved your post!! And we've seen Soul Surfer!! We own it. It was a great post!!!

  7. I am most like Bahorel. Though not entirely proud of this, I share the same personality overall, even flaws. Talkative, and I don't really give "the intellectual impression" due to brahsness, but I love philosophy. My parents are not quite of the American bourgeois, and I have a hard time keeping money in my hand. I might not go for the expensive, but you lose me in trinkets and books.


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