Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Underrated Love Never Dies Songs

I absolutely love the score for Love Never Dies, the sequel to "The Phantom of the Opera". The story, ehhhh, not so much. Anyways, when you think LND, you probably are most likely to think "Til I Hear You Sing" and "Love Never Dies" and perhaps even "The Beauty Underneath" and "Beneath A Moonless Sky". But, never mind that, I'm here to list the underrated songs of Love Never Dies. Now, when I list these songs, I'm specifically talking about the Australian cast, because:
A. That's the only one version I've fully seen
B. The cast is awesome
C. That's about it

1. The Coney Island Waltz 
This song!!! I get this melody stuck in my head and hum it all around the house. It's just brilliant!!! I love Gangle, Squelch and Fleck. Their voices join perfectly together. 

2. Look With Your Heart
Awww. This song. It's always sad when Gustave sings "Father never plays with me. Doesn't he love me?" And then Anna a.k.a. Christine breaks into "Look with your heart and not with your eyes. The heart understands that heart never lies." It's beautiful. I absolutely love this song!!!

3. Once Upon Another Time
Can I just seriously say I LOVE THIS SONG!! See, there goes the caps lock button again. Caps lock, behave yourself!!! Ahem. This song is beautiful. It's basically telling how times have changed, both Christine and Erik have started new chapters in their lives and they are longer the same two people anymore. But Ben's deep voice and Anna's angel-like voice, well you can't get any better than that!!! 

4. Ten Long Years Of Yearning
I love this song, or this part. Whichever you prefer to call it. I love when Ben shouts, "I am your angel of music! I am dying, Christine! Suffocating here in the dark! Give me breath, give me life! Sing for me! Or I will take from you everything you have ever loved!" He brings back the old crazy phantom. I love when Anna starts to hum "Love Never Dies". Just her look is like, "Really? Out of all the songs he has written, he wants me to sing this one?" I love it!!! 

5. Beautiful
Though it's only a bit of singing, the piano playing is beautiful. I love Erik's reaction to the truth about Gustave!! 

6. The Phantom Confronts Christine 
Gah. I feel so bad to Erik. Rejected by the world, rejected by his lover, and now by his own son. I have to skip Gustave's scream at the end of "The Beauty Underneath" because it breaks my heart. You can tell by the way that Erik begs "Forgive me." to Christine that he feels terrible for abandoning her with their son. I love the way that Christine, despite being told to leave immediately, keeps her end of the bargain and agrees that his music will "live again". 

7. Devil Take The Hindmost
Now, here's an awesome one! The scene where Erik and Raoul finally meet face to face alone. In my opinion, Erik wins. "Look at you deep in debt, stinking drunk; pitiful!" And then there is Raoul: "Look at you! Foul as sin! Hideous! Horrible!" That's all you can think of Raoul? Anyways, he ought to have known he was never going to win. I love the song lyrics, period. I love the aggression that Ben Lewis and Simon Gleeson bring to the song. 

8. Before The Performance
This part. I have been listening to this on repeat because I'm on a slight phase of LND. Now, I don't care too much for the Raoul/Christine parts. It's the Erik/Christine parts that are pure epicness!!!!! I mean, seriously. Sometimes, well, most of the time, I skip right to where Erik starts with "In moments, mere moments, drums will roll. There you'll stand, just like before. The crowd will hush, and then in one sweet rush, I will here you sing once more." I mean, that is beautiful. It's an addicting tune. I almost wish I could sing in a lower key, so I could sing Erik's part. Why? Because, Christine doesn't sing a single word from the time that Erik comes in, to the time where he disappears again. I mean, seriously. But either way, love, love, love this song!!!!

9. Ah, Christine!
Ahh, beautiful!! You can just see the connection spark once more, but even brighter than before. And I just have to say that Ben and Anna's kiss was EPIC. I was stunned and happy to hear "Little Lotte" happen again, but in different lyrics. I had watched the whole thing before, and I decided to watch some parts again. I was very pleased!!! 

10. Devil Take The Hindmost (Reprise)
I love the beginning where Gustave is singing. I love Raoul and Erik's part. Maria Mercedes a.k.a. Madame Giry ruins it. I'm not at all a fan of Maria Mercedes' voice. It doesn't sound, how do I say it politely? "Fit" for a musical. It sounds more modern day-ish, if you all get what I mean. Other than that beautiful!!!

11. Please Miss Giry I Want To Go Back! 
This song. The part where Meg is about to drown Gustave. When Erik and Christine finally learn what Meg had been through. What she did to get Erik to America. It's sad. I love Sharon Millerchip's emotion. She sings and acts like a broken woman, which Meg is. It's stunning acting and singing. 

12. Finale 
Wow. This performance brought me to tears when I saw it through a video on Pinterest. I mean, Christine dying? Not part of the plan!! And Gustave rejects Erik again. Sobbbb!!! Can anyone accept Erik, please? I love when Erik and Christine start singing a reprise of "Once Upon Another Time." My favorite part would probably have to be "Come closer, I beg you. Closer still. Remember, love never dies. Kiss me, once last time." I mean, there's where the tears just turn into a waterfall. I mean, honestly. Andrew Lloyd Weber, can you make a musical that doesn't make you sob?! This is beautiful. Ben's reaction to Christine's death. Priceless. It's sad and beautiful at the same time!!! 

What Are You're Favorite Love Never Dies Songs? Comment Below!!!


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