Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Looking to the Future

Hey all! Sorry that I've been absent lately. I've had loads of things to do, with school, homework, and more. This will be a relatively short post. There's also been a lot of my mind lately. With the dreaded topic of:


Ugh, yes, college. It's not so far away. And it's never too early to think about where you want to go or what you want to do. And it's sort of stressing me out just because of the high expectations that I hold myself to. (It's an Asian thing, haha) I don't know where I want to go....... Like, obviously I'm in high school so as I said, it's really not that far away. And it makes me stressed thinking that in less than 4 years, I'll be enrolled in college, taking college classes, exams, and all that jazz. Like, adults, how can you expect us to know what we really want to do when we're eighteen? I mean, when people tell my parents or whatever that they've changed majors three times, I'm always like "What? That's crazy!" But now that I think about it, changing your major three times might just be what you need to figure out were you're going. 

I've juggled a lot of "dreams" before. Obviously, we've all had crazy, impossible sounding dreams when we were younger, right? Well I've held onto them too long. You know, artist, writer, fashion designer, wedding planner, bull rider, Broadway star (yes, all in order) all those impossible dreams. But now, I'm trying to get my head on straight and start looking towards a real career that I can make money and support myself in. Which is why I think I've come to a point that I know what I'm going to go for as a career: An ER doctor. 

You might say that's crazy, but trust me, it's realistic. I've always had a good stomach and whatever I do in my life as a career, I want to help people. Yes, truth is I don't like people..... But the fact is, you're around people everyday everywhere. Unless you live in a closed up house and live like a hermit, than that's a different story. You know, whatever floats your boat. 

Sure, this career takes a lot of schooling. I mean, I'll probably be 30 something when I finally get to be called an official ER doctor. There's pre-med and more med school and chemistry, psychology, biology and all that jazz for majors and minors. But in the end, I know it'll be worth it. My sister graduated at 16 and is going for scholarship after scholarship (and winning!) to help pay off any debt/tuition she might owe and it's been great on my parents. I've set my own goal of going for scholarships as well and I'm going to try to go for a full-ride or half of that to get into an Indiana college. Sounds crazy right? It sounds crazy in my own ears, but not impossible. Not trying to brag or anything, but I am a smart kid. My grades prove that. And I'm hoping that my academics eventually pay off one of these days.

I truly don't know where I'm going. I can see the fork in the road in the distance with a thousand different paths. Do I know which one I'll choose? No. But one thing I know for sure, all of them will lead me down a new path.

I haven't discovered mine yet.

Have you?

P. S. I might not be blogging as much as I have. I'm prepping for an AP exam, choir music competitions are coming up (participating and working) and such. My spring break is also coming up, but with singer auditions rolling around for the top choir, there's no time to dilly-dally. I have no set of posts ready to fire off like other times. I'll be playing it all by ear. Just a warning for everyone! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Around the World In Three Blog Posts: Announcement

Hey everyone! So, it looks as if there's not any participants in this party and surprisingly, that's okay! :) Like, usually I'd be disappointed beyond all reason. However, my life has suddenly gotten extremely busy and my blog post/party are the last thing on my mind. So, what I'm going to do instead, is turn this into a series for my blog. 

Maybe once a month, I will be doing a travel post on where I'm going, what I'm wearing, and so forth. And if anyone wants to do it as well is totally fine. I'll probably call it Anna's World, just cause...

I was and still am excited about these posts, but it just needs some time..... and space..... and a little more love and attention then I'm giving it. 

So hopefully you'll still come along on this happy journey around the world with moi. :)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Around the World in Three Blog Posts: Where Am I Going?

***DISCRETION: All photos used on this post strictly came off of Pinterest. I do not own or take any credit in any of the photos used in this post.***

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Around the World in Three Blog Posts! Yes, I know the party started two days ago, however, there's only three posts to shoot out, so given a whole entire week, there's no reason to rush it, really.

So, as I told y'all, I was going to pick either Rio or Greece, but I decided on........

*drum roll* 

*breaths held*

*hands clasped*

*stage left pulls the curtains up*


*extra loud drum roll*


Ah, Greece. Yes, you are the winner.

Why did I choose this place? To be completely honest, I chose it because of Gianna and Matthias Greek heritage from my book. That and I've always had little drabbles of OBSESSION with Greek mythology and such. And honestly, before I deleted my travel board on Pinterest, it was filled with Bora Bora photos, Tahiti, France, and Greece mostly. I love the sight of Greece, with the blue water and the history behind it. But anyways, I'm going to spend seven lovely days there, and here's what I'm packing!

The Packing List (Dresses/outfits only)

Though I don't own many casual dresses, Pinterest has may of them! These are some of the outfits I might wear to tour the city. They're bright, lightweight, and a little more my style. Excuse the length of some of the dresses, imagine them longer. The two longer dresses would probably be for some nights to go to a nice restaurant. And the bathing suit, obviously for the beaches. It's so cute and actually very modest!

Day 1 and 2:

Athens is probably the most notable place in Greece aside from Olympia and Crete. I'll cover those two places as well in the next upcoming posts.

This is the Parthenon. It is dedicated to the goddess Athena and is located on the Athenian Acropolis 

This is a photo of the Plaka District in Athens. Like, look at those flowers and the street! Local colour at it's finest, people!

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus in a define MUST GO SEE in this beautiful city!

Ah, the Temple of Poseidon, history, culture, and architectural ruins all in one! 

What I'm eating

For breakfast, I'm starting out with these Tiganites, which I believe are like Greek pancakes.

For lunch, something simple: Greek chicken burgers.

For dinner as an entré this yummy looking Greek salad called Horiatiki. See, I really don't like salad (or anything healthy on that note), but I'd definitely be willing to try a Greek salad for a tourist sake.

For dinner's main course, a Greek chicken souvlaki in a pita.

And, an obvious choice for dessert: Baklava! I tried this maybe a couple or few years ago from my old piano teacher and I had a love/hate relationship with it. Like, I liked the pastry because it was so flaky, but not the filling. But then again, it's been years since I've had it, so maybe my taste-buds have changed.

So, this is just covering two days, and a small part of the places that I'm going. Though this may seem not as detailed as I wanted it (or you imagined it) the next posts to come will cover more places and a little more history with some *cough* *cough* a lot of Greek Mythology. 

I hope that you'll be able to participate in this blog party, and if you can't help spread the word. But if you just decide to follow me on this journey, then that's just fine as well! :)

Skippity-hoppity ho, to the country of Greece I go! Hope you'll continue on this journey with me! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Broken Strings and Shattered Dreams: Part 6

What on earth was Brigitte doing down in the cellars? Erik wondered. He stepped onto the shores where his home was. Brigitte was soaked to the skin, unconscious. It was nearly winter time and the water was frigid. He knew that it was important to get the wet clothes off of her, to make her warmer. Erik was used to the cold, but Brigitte was not. Despite her being unconscious, Erik embarrassedly worked to remove her dress, knowing she had layers of petticoats and a corset underneath. He then put her in the large swan bed and covered her with many blankets. He stoked the fire in his room and left her to warm up some soup.

When Brigitte woke up, she didn't know where she was. She was warm. Very warm. Slowly, everything came back to her. Yes, she had been looking for Alexandra's ball as she had slipped into frigid water. She then looked down to notice that her dress was gone and she was in her petticoats and corset. Her dress was drying near the fire. A tray of steaming soup and a cup of tea was beside her. She sat up immediately and started to eat, when Erik came in. Brigitte quickly gathered up the covers and sank down until the covers were over her shoulders. 
"Where am I?" Asked Brigitte.
"In my home, my dear Brigitte." Erik replied, walking onwards a chair. He pulled it up beside her and sat down. Brigitte studied him as he was moving the chair. He was a thin tall bony man. He had slick black hair and a white mask that covered half his face. It was just like her dream! He wore a tuxedo, and wore a gold ring on his finger. Surprisingly he, in her opinion, was rather handsome. She learned to accept people as they were. She had been what Marie would call an "ugly duckling" growing up. But as described by her dear friend Meg, she had turned from an "ugly duckling" to a "swan that decided to spread her wings". So Brigitte firmly decided not to judge on appearances.  
"Your home?" Brigitte looked at her surroundings. The room was actually rather drab. The walls were stone and unfriendly. The cold floor had no kind of rug to keep anyone's bare feet from freezing. The bed was large with a thick comforter. There were at least three wool blankets that she was swabbed in. 
"Yes. Do you not know where you are, mademoiselle?" Erik asked. His face under the mask scrunched up in confusion. 
"No, Monsieur." Brigit pushed her long brown curls out of her face. They didn't agree with what their master wanted and fell back in her face. Erik tried to stifle a smile and a chuckle. 
"Well, then I guess you must find out. You are under the Palais Garnier." Erik explained. The adorable gawk on her face was worth him telling her the truth. 
"What?" Brigitte wondered aloud in awe. Erik let out a laugh. The look that appeared on Brigitte's face scared him. It was a look of recognition. 
"You're him! You're the opera ghost! I recognize your laugh! Please don't hurt me!" Brigitte shielded herself in fear, in the process letting the covers fall to reveal her tightly laced corset. Erik gently pulled down Brigitte's arms and asked softly, "Would I hurt you if I just saved your life?" Biting her lip, Brigitte slowly replied, "No I guess not. How do you know my name?" Erik let out a soft chuckle, and replied, "My dear girl, I torment the opera house, I'm sure I have heard your name a thousand times. Now, you need to eat and go to sleep." Brigitte remembered the soup and quickly ate it all, due to the aching of her stomach. "I don't think I will be able to fall asleep, Monsieur." Erik rose and left the room, only to come back with his violin. While he did that, Brigitte realized the covers had slipped and she sank back down, letting only her head to be visible. 
"Well then let this lullaby put you to sleep." Erik lifted the bow to the strings and started play. Brigitte lifted her eyes in recognition. It was the tune that she had remembered from a long time ago. Everyone note was accurate. She started to say something, but was interrupted by a soft yawn. Brigitte soon found her eyes drooping it wasn't long before she fell into a deep sleep. Erik played a little longer to be sure that she was in a deep slumber, before exiting. He put the violin on the table and sat down to face the fire in the fireplace. The flames danced and messed with Erik's mind. The flames looked like Brigitte leaping and dancing on stage. The past came back and made Erik shudder. He surely couldn't get too close to Brigitte. She was already having dreams about him, and remember the music and the mask. She wouldn't need much more proof to prove that he had raised her. Erik stood and went into the room with a tray of hot soup and a cup of tea. He set it on the rickety old nightstand and added more wood to the fire. As he stoked it, he heard Brigitte mumbling in her sleep. 
"Play it again…. Please…. Don't leave………. Come back…. Don't leave me……….." Brigitte mumbled. She thrusted her arms a bit as if she was running. Erik took her arms and gently laid them flat on her stomach and pulled the covers back over her. As he closed the door, he knew Antoinette wouldn't be far behind to find Brigitte. 

Antoinette made her way down the cellar, telling Meg to go practice with the other ballerinas until she got back. She knew that if Brigitte had slipped into the lake by accident, Erik surely would have rescued her. She found Erik stoking the fire. 
"Erik, is she here?" Antoinette asked, worried.  
"Yes. She fell into the lake. I rescued her and she's sleeping in the extra room." Erik replied, standing to full height. He had expanded his home to add on three more rooms. One contained the swan bed where Brigitte was sleeping. 
"Have you told her?" Antoinette followed him to the table where he poured her a cup of tea. She took the cup gratefully and sipped it. She didn't know how Erik survived winter in the cold damp cave. She knew she couldn't. 
"No she figured it out." Erik walked to where he had put his extra wood. He inspected many of the logs and decided on three good-sized ones, before tossing them into the fireplace. 
"You told her that you rescued her from dying on the streets and that you raised her?" Antoinette asked, quizzically. She couldn't believe it. No, she wouldn't believe it. Erik was much too private to let her know. And she was right, when she heard Erik's reply. 
"No! I mean, well, she's knows that I'm the opera ghost. She'll never know that it was me who raised her for six small months of her life." Erik shook his head. 

Brigitte woke up to hearing Erik and a woman talking. She recognized Antoinette's voice. Madame Giry? How did she find her way down? Did she fall in the lake too? Did the Opera Ghost save her? She gathered one of the red wool blankets around her petite figure and headed toward the door. She was just in time to hear Erik say "She'll never know that it was me who raised her for six small months." 
"What do you mean?" Brigitte stepped out. Both Erik and Antoinette turned to her in great shock. 
"I won't lie to her." Erik whispered to Antoinette, hoarsely. "I can't. I can't do that to her. She doesn't deserve it. She deserves to know the truth." Antoinette nodded, trying to be calm, "Erik, are you sure?" He nodded, slowly, though he certainly didn't look ready. He was pale and his movements were stiff. Erik was really going to tell her the truth. After sixteen years. He walked over to Brigitte and took her hand. He led both of them to a large sofa where they both sat down. Antoinette stood behind Brigitte. Erik took a breath, before starting his story.
"It was a rainy day sixteen years ago. I was walking back from the market with a basket of parcels. I was going to slip back into my home when I heard a baby's cry. Under many broken crates was a baby. I took the baby to my home and raised her as my own. No one came for her. There was no note or anything. I raised her for six months before I couldn't any longer. I named that baby girl Brigitte." Erik whispered. Brigitte turned to look at Antoinette and asked, "What? Is he saying that he saved my life and raised me for six months and named me? Then he gave me to you?" 
"Yes. I promised not to tell a soul, not even you." Antoinette braced herself and waited for Brigitte to start yelling or to start crying, but neither came. She turned to Erik, who was crying softly. He couldn't look either of them in the eye. 
"Why wouldn't you tell me?" Brigitte put a soft hand to Erik's cheek that wasn't covered by his mask. 
"You deserve better. Better than this." Erik touched his mask. All of a sudden he felt it being lifted. He quickly winced, gasped and put a hand over his deformed face to cover it. He felt Brigitte's fingers gently pry away his hand. He heard her gasp, but he didn't feel her hands draw back in any way. Erik squeezed his eyes shut. He didn't want to watch Brigitte die when she saw his face. He wouldn't be able to bear the rejection. But instead, he felt her thumb gently rub the twisted deformed skin. 
"Oh, Erik." Brigitte whispered. Tears glistened in both of their eyes. Erik tried to swat his away, but Brigitte didn't do a thing to stop hers. After sixteen years of her life, Brigitte thought that she had simply been found on the streets and Antoinette had raised her. At least, that was the story that she had been told countless times. But that was a lie. A man, a masked deformed man had saved her from death and raised her for six months before he had to give her up to a kind woman to raise. Though her beginning was a lie, it didn't make Brigitte angry. In fact, it made her even more thankful than she had been in years. She had always felt a sense of abandonment and emptiness in her heart and the pit of her stomach. Antoinette had always reassured her that it was her missing her parents. In truth, that sense of abandonment and emptiness had come from Erik. Yes, she didn't feel that feeling now. She felt….. complete.
"He was only thirteen when he found you. He was a child raising a child." Antoinette put a hand to Brigitte's shoulder. 
"How old would that make you?" Brigitte asked Erik. She didn't mean to pry, but she was curious.
"Twenty-nine." Erik mumbled. Yes, he was getting older. Yes, he was getting to be an old man. 
"And your music! It teases at my ears! I remember that lullaby. I was going to play it for my debut. I played it when the managers Andre and Firmin gave me a chance. 
"Yes. And I heard you. I cried, Brigitte, I cried. You remembered! Every note, every chord! I spoke to you in the dressing room, too." Erik replied. 
"Yes, I remember. And you must have been that unknown friend!" Brigitte started to piece everything together. Yes, everything from the violin music, the dreams, the outfit, the voice and the new shoes that she found on her bed that afternoon. They had all been from her own guardian angel who was always watching over her. Before Erik could reply, Brigitte brought her arms around him in a tight embrace. He tensed up, completely. Brigitte felt it, but didn't let go of her grip. Erik didn't know how his arms came to be around Brigitte, but, they were. Though his embrace was awkward, he still half-hugged her. His eyes turned to look at Antoinette, who was trying not to cry. 
"I hope you won't think of me as your daughter. Think of me, as, as, more of a friend. You're not old enough to be my Papa anyways." Brigitte pulled back and laughed, happily. 
"That is true." Erik replied, slowly. "Okay. As a friend. And as a friend, you may visit me when you wish. I can't, however, promise that I will always be home. During performances, I'll be in Box 5 and when things don't happen my way, I shall be in the rafters. But, the first thing I need to teach you is how to come down the tunnel without falling into the lake. Then I'll teach you how to steer the gondola." He tried to think of what Brigitte could do to come visit him, to make her trip easier. Secretly, he would lie to have Brigitte visit him more often. He knew all the traps he had set up and would have to show Brigitte where each one was hidden. He didn't even know how Brigitte managed to evade all of his traps. Brigitte was a little surprised to see how Erik's emotions and attitude could change so quickly. He led Brigitte to the lake where the gondola was. He helped her in and he sat down on the seat. 
"Alright, take the oar and try to row it." Erik commanded. To his surprise, she did it with little hassle. He looked at her, obviously impressed. 
"I guess some of the work I did in the opera house improved my strength." Brigitte smiled, embarrassedly. Antoinette smiled as she watched on. They were quite a pair. Who ever thought that a man of the devil and an innocent angel from Heaven could be such a pair together? 
"Alright, do it again." Erik instructed. 
"Like this?" Brigitte asked. She saw Erik nod in approval. They rowed back and forth a few times, Brigitte doing it at easily as Erik did. 
"Now that you have the hang of it, I'll row back." Erik and Brigitte tried to switch roles, but it was not easy. 
"Okay, how do we-," Brigitte mumbled. 
"Here, try this way-," Erik took her arms to propel her around him. 
"I don't think that's going to work-," Brigitte told him.
"It will, it-," Erik didn't get a chance to finish. The gondola tilted and Brigitte let out a cry as she and Erik fell into the lake. Somehow, Brigitte managed to jump into Erik's arms before she fell in and therefore she was lifted from the water. They took one look at each other and burst out in laughter. 
"Just after we both got dry." Erik told her, dryly. When Erik got to the shallow part of the lake, he set Brigitte on her feet.
"You lost your mask." Brigitte pointed out." 
"No, it's right here." Erik nodded to where it lay in the bottom of he gondola. Antoinette smiled to herself. No, indeed Erik was not like a papa to Brigitte. She smelled a rose of friendship budding. As Erik led Brigitte to where the fire was, he disappeared and brought out a tray with tea and cakes and biscuits. He then disappeared again. He reappeared about ten minutes later in dry clothing. Antoinette had gone up and brought down a dry dress for Brigitte. 
"We should go up. The ballet rats have been left alone too long. They're probably off flirting with the stage hands." Antoinette sighed. She took Brigitte's arm and brought her along. 

"Good-bye Monsieur Erik. I hope to see you soon." Brigitte told him as Antoinette led her away. Indeed the ballet rats were not practicing. The girls were backstage, some of them sitting on some of the stagehands laps. Madame Giry banged down on her cane as the girls gasped. Marie jumped off the stagehands lap. Her eyes widened to see Brigitte was alive and well. Only her hair was damp and her dress was changed. That night, Brigitte heard the girls whispering about her in their beds, but she didn't care. She spent her night thinking about Erik and her past. She smiled at the thought of Erik. Tomorrow, she decided, she would go back down to read after ballet practice with a cup of tea. The lair was a quiet place for her, where no one would disturb her. So that was exactly what she did. No one questioned her, no one bothered to even talk to her the next day. Only Meg, who repeated her question of if she was okay all day. When Brigitte came to the shore of Erik's lair, in a way, she felt that she was intruding. But Erik wasn't there. Brigitte sat on the cold ground in front of the fire and opened her book. She didn't dare move anything out of its original place. Not even a pillow or a blanket for her to put on the cold dirty floor. After an hour Brigitte felt her eyes drooping. She shook herself awake, and did this several times, before they drooped even more. Before she knew it, she fell asleep. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Announcing, The Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party!

Hey everyone! So, you know how I had an idea on my last post about hosting a blog party? Well guess what? I'm actually going to go through with it! Announcing: Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party!

I got this idea thinking about my final trimester project that I had to do last year for world history and geography. We had to plan a travel itinerary to where we wanted to go for a vacation. It had to be at least seven days long (mine was nine, I think), so I was going to make this seven posts, but that seemed like an overload, even for me as a host. Excuse my excess-ness, I've always been for for going way over. So, I made it three posts.

There's pretty much only one requirement:
1. You must have THREE blog posts posted for this party, because I think it's a pretty fair number of posts for a blog party.
2. Your blog posts must be linked back here

1. Tag someone
2. You can do a bonus post just on your place of choice

Also, some friendly advice, maybe try not to all do the same place, just for the sake of the name Around the WORLD. Like, I know, I know, everyone pretty much wants to go to Europe and go to England and France and all. But there are so many more beautiful places on earth with equally vibrant and diverse history.

So the three posts can basically be what you'd do for three days there. You can make it fun; tell me what you're wearing (like outfits from Pinterest), where you're going, WHY you're going there. Tell me why you chose your country/place and maybe even include a little bit of history if you want. Also, a great thing to use (here's for all you guys who like figurative language and such things) is imagery, like a lot of it. Let me smell the salt from the sea and hear the vibrant street music.

Why did I pick this for a topic? Like, I tried to see when something like 'national travel day' was, and the week was in May. I wanted an excuse but I couldn't find one. But for me, it's like I want to travel the world; a lot of us do, but regardless whether we realise it or not, we're probably not going to be able to travel everywhere we want to. But we can have some fun and dream right? Right.

So, I've made two buttons, I know they're not as appealing as ones on my previous blog parties, but I did my best......... Sorta. Anyways, the link thingies for the buttons are right below. You can put them on your sidebar and all that grand stuff.

Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party

So, I hope you guys will join in me this party, and I hope it'll be a lot of fun. And I'll already let you know, that I'm debating on doing either Rio de Janeiro or Greece. As of right now, I just can't decide, but I will eventually. So spread the word, start writing, and have a lot of fun!

Let me know in the comments if you're thinking/are going to participate in the party and if you are what country/place are you doing/thinking of doing!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On My Mind Lately

Hey everyone! So, I know that I haven't been posting on here much. I've had few ideas of what to post about without making everyone bored, so I haven't posted anything at all. So this is somewhat of a......... *Digs around in a basket of ideas* random post, update on my life post, advertising post, and all that jazz.

So, first off, something amazing happened to me in my choir at my school: *drum roll* I got a solo! Yes, for our Valentine's Day Concert I auditioned for three solos, and I got one of them. You can probably imagine my reaction, it was like, *cue Minion voice* wuttttt? But anyways, it was for "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift. I got to sing in front of a crowd. It went well, though not as great as I hoped....... Then the next day I got sick and then about a week or so later, I screwed up my audition for next's year choir because of it. Oh well, there's always the elite singers auditions..... But I'm still so proud of myself because I ROCKED THAT SOLO AUDITION *ahem*.

Also, I was wondering what you guys would like to read/expect from this blog. I know when I came back on, I gave options of what I could do. But now, without many restrictions (Nothing absolutely personal please; That's my only restriction) I want to know what you want to read/hear/see. Like, book reviews, movie reviews, fan fiction, more fandom posts, controversial posts that cover the issues with today's society, television shows, vlogging, singing videos, it's all up to you, because you're my readers and you're most of the reason why I keep writing on this blog (aside from using the voice that the good Lord gave me.......). So let me know in the comments section what you want from this blog.

........ In fact, I just might be willing to do a major Q&A with y'all. Obviously no super personal questions, but anything that you want to ask me, go for it. Leave them down in the comments sectionnnnnn!

Also, I was thinking about having a blog party soon. Like, I got a semi-great idea, and I was just wondering how many people would be interested in participating in it. If not many will, then I won't do it..... But let me know, I'm actually a little excited if I end up doing this blog party, cause I think it's a good idea.

Anyways, comment away!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Broken Strings and Shattered Dreams: Part 5

December 1895

And indeed he did. He tormented the Opera House for years. He dropped sandbags and backdrops, tormented Firmin by making him pay large amounts of money for his salary, he put toads in the beds of the ballerinas, destroyed and ripped up costumes and always made a mess backstage for the stage hands to clean up. He never forgave them for ruining Brigitte's debut. Erik was walking through the walls when he heard a ballerina giggling. 
"Oh, Brigitte! Tell me about your dream again!" the ballerina begged. 
"Meg, I've told you before." Brigitte laughed. No, it can't be. Erik thought. That tall beautiful girl, with green eyes and brown curled hair could not be his dear Brigitte. He often saw her from above, but never well enough to study her fine features. She was beautiful. No stunning. No, there were no words to describe her. She had on a worn pale gray dress and black shoes that were far too tight even for her petite feet. The only bright color on her was the pink ribbon that held her hair back, out of her face. When she walked, she winced at the blisters that were forming from the pinch of the shoes. Erik's eyes darkened, and he decided he needed to be going off to the stores soon- for himself and Brigitte. He was, though, still present when Brigitte told her dream.
"I was only a baby in the story. I was in the arms of a man. A man with something covering his face. He played the violin. Such an oh-so sweet melody." Brigitte closed her eyes in remembrance. That sweet beautiful dream. "He was just turning toward me when I woke up. But as short as it was, it was such a lovely dream." Meg smiled and hugged her dear friend. They soon both stood off the bed and left. Erik leaned against the wall for support. Little Brigitte had been dreaming of him. Erik shook her head and disappeared to go off and find some shoes. That was when the other ballet rats came out. The other ballerinas gathered all around Marie's bed. 
"What are you thinking, Marie?" A ballerina asked. 
"Madame Giry never notices me! All she sees is Meg and that little brat Brigitte! What's so special about her? She's not even a star ballerina like me! I was suppose to be the lead for tomorrow's performance! It isn't fair and I'm going to get her back for it." Marie snapped. She yanked the pins out of her hair to release her golden hair out of its usual bun. She, in her mind, was one of the lead ballerinas. She was, to nearly everyone, the prettiest ballerina. She had golden blonde hair that fell gracefully to her shoulders, blue eyes that were colder than the ocean, her skin seemed unnaturally perfect and creamy white and she had the grace and skill of a prima ballerina. She considered herself higher than all the other ballerinas because she came from a wealthy family. Marie had just arrived about six or so months ago. When she walked through the door, everyone knew that she had a sense of arrogance to her confidence. They knew just by the way she head her head and the way she acted. Unlike the other ballerinas, who came from family who afforded just enough to get by, Marie came from an extremely wealthy family. While the other girls had two or three old dresses and one for nice occasions, Marie had at least eight gowns made of the finest silk in all of France. Her shoes and fur trimmed coats were the latest style. The tiny pearls on her gloves made all the girls envious. And though Marie could probably afford to buy the opera house and the stables out back, she couldn't afford a lick of manners or a little something called 'respect'. She treated everyone like she was higher than them. She made sure that they knew that, too. She bullied the younger ballet rats shamelessly and often made them cry behind Madame Giry's back. 
"Madame Giry?" Another ballerina asked. 
"No you imbecile! Brigitte! Even the 'opera ghost' favours her. I hear the manager read the notes that the Opera Ghost writes. He demands that she be front and centre in everything! Listen what I'm going to do." Marie and the other girls leaned in to listen. 

That night after a wonderful dinner of roasted chicken, peas, bread and a phenomenal dessert of chocolate cake had been served, Marie put her plan into action. Madame Giry was off to speak to the managers, so there was no one stopping Marie. But she spent more time trying to find Brigitte then she expected. Marie hoped that Madame Giry wouldn't be back for a while. She later found Brigitte on the grand staircase steps reading the playbill of the newest play that the opera house would put on. 
"Brigitte! Brigitte! Help me!" One of the ballerinas called. Brigitte stood, walked over and asked, "What is it Alexandra?" 
"I dropped my toy down in the cellars! I was playing with my special pink bouncy ball and it fell down, down, down!" Alexandra wailed. She threw her small round face into her small hands and cried. 
"Oh, don't worry. I'll get it for you." Brigitte replied. Meg, who had come down from her room, grabbed her arm and hastily whispered,  "No, Brigitte! No one goes down in the cellars!" 
"What's there to fear?" Brigitte asked. She grabbed her black shawl from a peg and wrapped it around herself. She then found a candle and lit it, before venturing to the cellars. Marie and the other ballerinas followed as Brigitte opened the door to the cellars. When the doors flew open, a large cloud of dust made all the girls sneeze and cough. It was dark and there was an eery sound. Brigitte had every right to be scared. Just from how much dust fell from the doors, it told how long the doors had never been touched. With a determined look, Brigitte hugged the shawl tighter around her petite figure. She took a deep breath and held the candle out. 
"Are you scared, Brigitte?" Marie purred. All the ballerinas behind her giggled. 
"Who wouldn't be?" Brigitte asked, as she went down, cautiously. She went down each step with careful caution and looked around for the ball. She knew how much Alexandra loved her ball. The other girls walked away but Meg stayed. Once they were far enough away (far away meant two floors up in the ballet rats dormitory) Marie turned to Alexandra. 
"Wonderful job, Alexandra. Here's the candy I promised you. Remember, not a word." Marie turned to the other ballerina rats, as Alexandra nodded and hurried away to play with her favorite pink bouncy ball that was safely tucked away in the blankets on her bed. "Brigitte will surely get nabbed by the opera ghost or fall and get injured for tomorrow's performance. I'll be right in for the position." Marie smiled and waltzed away. 
"Brigitte? Have you found the ball? Brigitte? Brigitte!" Meg yelled. No reply came back. Meg ran to find her mother. 
Deep down, Brigitte kept on walking, determined to find the ball. She suddenly started slip, uncontrollably. She let out a small cry as she suddenly plunged into icy water. Brigitte didn't know how to swim and felt herself sinking. She was starting to choke on the murky water, as she shivered. She was slowly losing consciousness and she felt her limbs go numb. After all, it was December and the water was made frigid by the weather. She didn't hear the splash or see the dive of a man, nor did she feel a pair of strong arms lift her out of the water. Her world went dark.