Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fair Time is Here

So, as you all might know (if you've stuck with me for some time) my local county fair is coming up. Which means my absence as usual. However, I am determined to get a fair post out as soon as it's over. The fair starts this friday and ends next Saturday. I'll be sure to probably take photos of rides, food, practice my photography maybe, and all that jazz. Also, I will hopefully be reporting on the Christian band Building 429, so expect some photos from that concert as well. I might even throw in a photo of the rabbit that I'm taking to the fair for Rabbit Club. It's my last year for this club and I couldn't be happier. So it's au revoir just for now. But I shall be back. No telling when, but I shall come back.

Monday, July 18, 2016

What I Made

Hey everyone. I know I've been off of here for quite a while. But *sigh* there are other things in life
that really do take priority over this blog. However, I have slipped in some time for a quick post. 

I've been doing some sewing and I'm here to share with you some photos that I took of my latest creation. But story time first.

So my sisters found an app called Poshmark where people sell their unwanted clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, etc. I found an awesome black and white striped midi skirt. But the lady was asking too much and ended up selling it because I wasn't willing to buy it and she was only willing to go down two dollars. So I thought "That's ridiculous. I can make a midi skirt by myself and it'll cost less than this skirt plus the shipping!". And so I acted upon inpulse and made a trial skirt of two completely different pieces of fabric. But it turned out great and so I decided to make the real thing.

I was originally going to make a video/tutorial but that was too much effort and it was taking me too long and as you know, for me at least, time is of the essence. So above, the mint green fabric and the cream stretchy knit was for one skirt and the black and white (I had been looking for this forever) and the white cotton were for the other one. But I decided to make the green one first as a test two trial, and needless to say, it turned out great!

Now I'll shut up and let the photos do the talking for me. *My apologies for the terrible photos. Sometimes I wish I could duplicate myself to take photos of myself*

The front

Still the front

The back

I did my hair in a fantastic side bun. But it took ten million bobby pins to keep it up!
And my earrings are rad

Love this necklace that I got from a garage sale!

And then it turned into a really ridiculous photo shoot of moi........ o_o

Pleats equals puff

My awesome boots bought on Poshmark
So that's my sewing adventure. It took me two days to make this dress, but in all actuality it probably took seven hours including planning, cutting, measuring, pinning, and sewing. I'm slow at this, but it usually turns out decent. I'm truly extremely proud of how this skirt and outfit turned out and I hope y'all think it looks as good as I think it does. And if you don't, well, I still think it's fabulous and my ma likes it as well! :)

Skirt: Made
Blouse: Garage Sale/ Thrift
Tank top: Garage Sale/ Thrift
Boots: Poshmark
Earrings: Poshmark
Necklace: Garage Sale

And stay tuned to see how the black and white skirt turns out in the future!