Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Looking to the Future

Hey all! Sorry that I've been absent lately. I've had loads of things to do, with school, homework, and more. This will be a relatively short post. There's also been a lot of my mind lately. With the dreaded topic of:


Ugh, yes, college. It's not so far away. And it's never too early to think about where you want to go or what you want to do. And it's sort of stressing me out just because of the high expectations that I hold myself to. (It's an Asian thing, haha) I don't know where I want to go....... Like, obviously I'm in high school so as I said, it's really not that far away. And it makes me stressed thinking that in less than 4 years, I'll be enrolled in college, taking college classes, exams, and all that jazz. Like, adults, how can you expect us to know what we really want to do when we're eighteen? I mean, when people tell my parents or whatever that they've changed majors three times, I'm always like "What? That's crazy!" But now that I think about it, changing your major three times might just be what you need to figure out were you're going. 

I've juggled a lot of "dreams" before. Obviously, we've all had crazy, impossible sounding dreams when we were younger, right? Well I've held onto them too long. You know, artist, writer, fashion designer, wedding planner, bull rider, Broadway star (yes, all in order) all those impossible dreams. But now, I'm trying to get my head on straight and start looking towards a real career that I can make money and support myself in. Which is why I think I've come to a point that I know what I'm going to go for as a career: An ER doctor. 

You might say that's crazy, but trust me, it's realistic. I've always had a good stomach and whatever I do in my life as a career, I want to help people. Yes, truth is I don't like people..... But the fact is, you're around people everyday everywhere. Unless you live in a closed up house and live like a hermit, than that's a different story. You know, whatever floats your boat. 

Sure, this career takes a lot of schooling. I mean, I'll probably be 30 something when I finally get to be called an official ER doctor. There's pre-med and more med school and chemistry, psychology, biology and all that jazz for majors and minors. But in the end, I know it'll be worth it. My sister graduated at 16 and is going for scholarship after scholarship (and winning!) to help pay off any debt/tuition she might owe and it's been great on my parents. I've set my own goal of going for scholarships as well and I'm going to try to go for a full-ride or half of that to get into an Indiana college. Sounds crazy right? It sounds crazy in my own ears, but not impossible. Not trying to brag or anything, but I am a smart kid. My grades prove that. And I'm hoping that my academics eventually pay off one of these days.

I truly don't know where I'm going. I can see the fork in the road in the distance with a thousand different paths. Do I know which one I'll choose? No. But one thing I know for sure, all of them will lead me down a new path.

I haven't discovered mine yet.

Have you?

P. S. I might not be blogging as much as I have. I'm prepping for an AP exam, choir music competitions are coming up (participating and working) and such. My spring break is also coming up, but with singer auditions rolling around for the top choir, there's no time to dilly-dally. I have no set of posts ready to fire off like other times. I'll be playing it all by ear. Just a warning for everyone! :)

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  1. I know how scary the future can be. I'm graduating this year (which is unbelievable in itself!!) and I feel like I'm on the brink of SO MUCH. I'm currently not planning on going to college (at least right away) but I have so many other dreams and plans....I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see where God leads. :) I'm know He'll do the same for you. One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 3:5-6: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." I've been able to apply it so much in my life! It's comforting to know that God has a plan for my life and that even when I am confused, He most certainly isn't. :)
    I hope everything goes smoothly for you-in the near future and distant future! An ER doctor sounds like a great job. :)


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