Sunday, March 20, 2016

Around the World In Three Blog Posts: Announcement

Hey everyone! So, it looks as if there's not any participants in this party and surprisingly, that's okay! :) Like, usually I'd be disappointed beyond all reason. However, my life has suddenly gotten extremely busy and my blog post/party are the last thing on my mind. So, what I'm going to do instead, is turn this into a series for my blog. 

Maybe once a month, I will be doing a travel post on where I'm going, what I'm wearing, and so forth. And if anyone wants to do it as well is totally fine. I'll probably call it Anna's World, just cause...

I was and still am excited about these posts, but it just needs some time..... and space..... and a little more love and attention then I'm giving it. 

So hopefully you'll still come along on this happy journey around the world with moi. :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how exciting! I'll definitely join in now that there'll be more time for me to participate! :D


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