Friday, March 18, 2016

Around the World in Three Blog Posts: Where Am I Going?

***DISCRETION: All photos used on this post strictly came off of Pinterest. I do not own or take any credit in any of the photos used in this post.***

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Around the World in Three Blog Posts! Yes, I know the party started two days ago, however, there's only three posts to shoot out, so given a whole entire week, there's no reason to rush it, really.

So, as I told y'all, I was going to pick either Rio or Greece, but I decided on........

*drum roll* 

*breaths held*

*hands clasped*

*stage left pulls the curtains up*


*extra loud drum roll*


Ah, Greece. Yes, you are the winner.

Why did I choose this place? To be completely honest, I chose it because of Gianna and Matthias Greek heritage from my book. That and I've always had little drabbles of OBSESSION with Greek mythology and such. And honestly, before I deleted my travel board on Pinterest, it was filled with Bora Bora photos, Tahiti, France, and Greece mostly. I love the sight of Greece, with the blue water and the history behind it. But anyways, I'm going to spend seven lovely days there, and here's what I'm packing!

The Packing List (Dresses/outfits only)

Though I don't own many casual dresses, Pinterest has may of them! These are some of the outfits I might wear to tour the city. They're bright, lightweight, and a little more my style. Excuse the length of some of the dresses, imagine them longer. The two longer dresses would probably be for some nights to go to a nice restaurant. And the bathing suit, obviously for the beaches. It's so cute and actually very modest!

Day 1 and 2:

Athens is probably the most notable place in Greece aside from Olympia and Crete. I'll cover those two places as well in the next upcoming posts.

This is the Parthenon. It is dedicated to the goddess Athena and is located on the Athenian Acropolis 

This is a photo of the Plaka District in Athens. Like, look at those flowers and the street! Local colour at it's finest, people!

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus in a define MUST GO SEE in this beautiful city!

Ah, the Temple of Poseidon, history, culture, and architectural ruins all in one! 

What I'm eating

For breakfast, I'm starting out with these Tiganites, which I believe are like Greek pancakes.

For lunch, something simple: Greek chicken burgers.

For dinner as an entré this yummy looking Greek salad called Horiatiki. See, I really don't like salad (or anything healthy on that note), but I'd definitely be willing to try a Greek salad for a tourist sake.

For dinner's main course, a Greek chicken souvlaki in a pita.

And, an obvious choice for dessert: Baklava! I tried this maybe a couple or few years ago from my old piano teacher and I had a love/hate relationship with it. Like, I liked the pastry because it was so flaky, but not the filling. But then again, it's been years since I've had it, so maybe my taste-buds have changed.

So, this is just covering two days, and a small part of the places that I'm going. Though this may seem not as detailed as I wanted it (or you imagined it) the next posts to come will cover more places and a little more history with some *cough* *cough* a lot of Greek Mythology. 

I hope that you'll be able to participate in this blog party, and if you can't help spread the word. But if you just decide to follow me on this journey, then that's just fine as well! :)

Skippity-hoppity ho, to the country of Greece I go! Hope you'll continue on this journey with me! :)

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  1. I love your choice! And ohh, all the photos you included are gorgeous! I adore the summer dresses, the locations...and the food! It may be because I haven't had my dinner yet, but the photos are making me very hungry, indeed. ;)


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