Sunday, April 3, 2016

And So, I'm in Photography

Hello stars! So, kind of a random post, but all of the posts that I'll have on here until at least May 6 is probably going to be written far ahead of time. I'm trying to get as many posts ready to shoot out the portal.

One of my classes that I'm taking this trimester is photography. It is not a fun class. At all. I had too many scheduling conflicts and I needed one more class. So being desperate, I decided on photography. Big. Mistake.

First off, I'm a creative writer, not a photographer. I took creative writing last tri, so obviously I couldn't take it again. I would have taken ceramics two, but for the hour I needed it wasn't open. I could've taken anatomy or econ, but I'm apparently stupid and decided to take a dumb knock-off course. As you can sense, I'm still not happy about this, even though I'm a month or so into it.

If you're totally into photography and think it's the best thing since sliced bread, sorry/not really sorry if I offended you. To each their own, you know? Photography just isn't my forte (which is why I desire for an avid and awesome photographer friend to take my photos of me and anything else I need) I like to look at photos more than take them.

So, I've decided to share some photos with you. Note that all are taken by me, and there are filters and such on some of them (required for a certain project for the class). I'm no photographer, so they're not that good.

These are all my photos, please do not use without asking permission!

Let me know if you want to see more of my future photographs as time progresses!

Enjoy scrolling through them!

Using the "Bird's Eye View" Composition (Edited)

Using the "Worm's Eye View" Composition

Choice Photo (Tomatoes and Apples) (Edited)

Choice Photo (Aloe Plant) (Edited)

Choice Photo (Piano) (Edited)

Choice Photo (Dining Room Light) (Edited)

Visual Centre of Interest Composition (Fake flowers in the school performing arts centre lobby)

Worm's Eye View Composition (School Dance Room)

Worm's Eye View Composition (Taken in the school choir room)

Bird's Eye View Composition (Our school performing arts centre from the catwalk)

Bird's Eye View Composition (The ropes/flys from the catwalk on Stage Left)

Trying to show distance (ended up not using this, but still a decent photo)

Really blurry because of bad lighting, but the 3rd(?) electric, 3rd/4th(?) legs, and curtain

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  1. My two favorites are the ones of the piano keys and the lockers! :) I'm sorry you have to take a class you don't enjoy. :/ That can't be fun.


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