Thursday, March 10, 2016

Announcing, The Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party!

Hey everyone! So, you know how I had an idea on my last post about hosting a blog party? Well guess what? I'm actually going to go through with it! Announcing: Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party!

I got this idea thinking about my final trimester project that I had to do last year for world history and geography. We had to plan a travel itinerary to where we wanted to go for a vacation. It had to be at least seven days long (mine was nine, I think), so I was going to make this seven posts, but that seemed like an overload, even for me as a host. Excuse my excess-ness, I've always been for for going way over. So, I made it three posts.

There's pretty much only one requirement:
1. You must have THREE blog posts posted for this party, because I think it's a pretty fair number of posts for a blog party.
2. Your blog posts must be linked back here

1. Tag someone
2. You can do a bonus post just on your place of choice

Also, some friendly advice, maybe try not to all do the same place, just for the sake of the name Around the WORLD. Like, I know, I know, everyone pretty much wants to go to Europe and go to England and France and all. But there are so many more beautiful places on earth with equally vibrant and diverse history.

So the three posts can basically be what you'd do for three days there. You can make it fun; tell me what you're wearing (like outfits from Pinterest), where you're going, WHY you're going there. Tell me why you chose your country/place and maybe even include a little bit of history if you want. Also, a great thing to use (here's for all you guys who like figurative language and such things) is imagery, like a lot of it. Let me smell the salt from the sea and hear the vibrant street music.

Why did I pick this for a topic? Like, I tried to see when something like 'national travel day' was, and the week was in May. I wanted an excuse but I couldn't find one. But for me, it's like I want to travel the world; a lot of us do, but regardless whether we realise it or not, we're probably not going to be able to travel everywhere we want to. But we can have some fun and dream right? Right.

So, I've made two buttons, I know they're not as appealing as ones on my previous blog parties, but I did my best......... Sorta. Anyways, the link thingies for the buttons are right below. You can put them on your sidebar and all that grand stuff.

Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party Around the World in Three Blog Posts Party

So, I hope you guys will join in me this party, and I hope it'll be a lot of fun. And I'll already let you know, that I'm debating on doing either Rio de Janeiro or Greece. As of right now, I just can't decide, but I will eventually. So spread the word, start writing, and have a lot of fun!

Let me know in the comments if you're thinking/are going to participate in the party and if you are what country/place are you doing/thinking of doing!


  1. This sounds incredible! I think I'd do Denmark in Autumn! =D

  2. Oh wow, this is such a fun idea for a party! I'm not sure if I'll have time to join....I wish I did. We'll see. :/ I'll put the button up, though! :)


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