Wednesday, November 6, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

I read a lot of blogs. Me, and the things I love are like in this bubble. And it takes all my will power to step out and go adventure some more.  But I have. I read, (on a normal daily basis) ten blogs. I mean, I read more, but these are my favorites so far. FYI: These Aren't In Any Particular Order. Well Some Are, And Some I Just Put In A Random Order.

1. Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens
This blog, ssssssiiiiiiigggghhhhhhh!!! Natalie, who runs this blog, is a wonderful girl. She just started blogging in September of this year, but it's already proving to be a great blog!! She was also the first person to participate in my tag. Thanks so much Natalie!!!

2. All Things Bright And Beautiful |Celebrating The Beauty Of Life
Ahhh, what words can express how much I love this blog? Petie is a wonderful inspiring girl. Did I mention she is a great photographer? I mean, just hop over to her blog and check it out!!!

3. Ramblings Of A Janeite 
This was the very first blog that I ever started reading. I'm pretty sure. Anyways, the lovely girl who runs this blog is Eva Schon. I follow her blog and her on Pinterest. She is a lovely girl with great posts on Jane Austen, Les Misérables, writing and more. I always look forward to see a new post with anticipation. Have you even heard about the book she's finished and is editing now? Torn Hopes, is its name and as soon as it's published I am snatching it, hot off the press!!! Yes, that's right. GO AND CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!

I forgot to mention on my tag that I absolutely love the caps lock button. I might as well use it all the time.

4. I Dreamed A Dream
This is a beautiful blog completely dedicated to Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. This was also my second blog that I started to read. That should explain enough. It is ran by Sierra Bailey or otherwise known as Sierra Kay. She is currently working on a spectacular Enjonine (Enjolras/ Eponine) fan-fiction.

5. A Burst Of Many Colors
This is another blog run by Sierra Kay. She tells a little more about herself, her life and her writing.

6. Ramblings Of A Les Misérables Fanatic
Ahh, this was either my second or third blog I started. Sydney Summers is the lady in charge! A wonderful writer and a dedicated Les Mis and Phantom Phan. Did I mention she writes THE BEST FAN-FICTION EVER?????? You see? I love the caps lock button!!!! So far, she has done a "sequel" where Marius and Cosette's story continues after the barricades. Then she has Grantaire, Jehan Prouvaire and Combeferre fan-fiction. Just lately, I finished up her Combeferre fan-fiction for her. Another big thanks to you, Sydney!!!

7. Yet Another Period Drama Blog
Brava! Brava! Bravissima!! This is another one of my favorite blogs. Miss Dashwood recently hosted Celebrate Musicals Week in September, which I had a tremendous amount of fun participating in. I enjoy her posts on books and musicals of the sorts.

8. Classic Ramblings
Ahhh!!! Love this blog!! Jane Bennet's blog. She posts about anything from Pride and Prejudice to Les Mis or Phantom. For the entire month of October, she dedicated herself to only posting things in relation to Jane Austen!! I don't know if I could ever keep up a goal like that! :)

9. A Pinch Of Classy
Now, this blog has to be one of my absolute favorites. Nine girls write on this blog. Sierra Kay, Leah Kathryn, Katelyn, Bethany, Hannah Grace, Caitria, Joanna, Abri and Alyson. They talk all about being a modest young woman, crafts and more. I mean, have you even seen Sierra Kay's posts about Praying For Your Future Husband? This Is Part One and This Is Part Two. Now, go along little reader and click the link. These girls are amazing and so inspiring.

10. Le Chaim On The Right
Welllllll, I guess I was forced to add this one. I really wanted an even ten blogs, but I only had nine, excluding my sister Samantha's blog. Even more than that, (kicks stone with my cowboy boot here) she is my sister, so I'm also being nice at the same time. My lovely sister blogs all about faith, homeschool, frugality, books and movies, politics, history, history....... and more history. But don't expect much more than World War II. She has had an excellent series called Ten World War II Heroes. It is beautifully written, telling of amazing people, most of them who have sacrificed their lives for their beliefs against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's. Truly inspiring people on this series.

Have You Read Any Of The Blogs I Have Listed? If Not, Add Them To Your Blog Reading List!!! Comment Below What You Think About Any Of Them!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You don't know how that makes my day!! You are on my favorite blogs list too!! I think I'll have to steal your idea sometime and do a similar post!
    You are just so sweet!!!! :)

  2. You're welcome!!! You ARE one of my favorite blgos, no questions asked. :) You're welcome to steal an idea of mine anytime!!


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