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Cozying Up With Cocoa 11-27-13

Now, I've written quite a few Sippin' Sweet Tea's. But, I tell you what's going on in the present time of my life. So we'll start off with that. But I'm gonna introduce you to a little more of my backstory. Join me, will you? I mean, after we go over the present time, yes?

So, I recently joined YEA!, otherwise known as the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. It basically is a class teaching us all about business and marketing. We get to start a real business and we go to a real investor panel for money to fund us. Then,  the best businesses to go to Rochester, New York to compete for the best business. Only one of us in the entire class will get to go. I am doing make-up pouches. We go to three hour meetings every Wednesday and learn all about everything. What does this mean, you may ask? Well, this is a SERIOUS thing. We are actually starting businesses. This isn't just "another" after school activity. This is the real deal. So, what it means, is, I will be using every ounce of my free time to sew my make-up pouches. Therefore, for the next months to come, I won't be able to post as much. I'm already falling behind for November, and it just might get a little worse. So, hopefully I'll have a post out every three, four days. I hope. I can't make anyone any promises, so I'm terribly sorry!!!

I had my 14th birthday on November 15th. I got great presents, mostly money. (Woot woot!)

My little sister also had a birthday on November 20th. She's ten years my junior. She a sweet little girl who loves animals except "cwabs" (crabs) and "wions" (lions) and "nakes" (snakes). She adores dogs and horses the most. She's super sensitive and a bit moody. She's a younger version of me, not looks, but personality, so my parents tell me.

Oh, ATTENTION!!!! For the winter months, my life segments will be called "Cozying Up With Cocoa", instead of "Sippin' Sweet Tea". I wanted to give a winterish feel for the cold times, so yeah.

The Voice is coming to an end. I'm routing for either Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee or Will Champlain. I hope at least one will take it all. I used to be Team Blake or Adam, but after Blake sent Holly Henry home, and he gave Ray Boudreaux a not-so-fit song for him, which sent him home, I am DONE!!!! Done I tell you!! Ray was one of my top favorites from the start, along with Tessanne and Holly. So, now I'm for Team Adam or Christina, just because she has Jacquie Lee on her team. In my opinion, James Wolpert and Matthew Schuler should have gone home. I haven't been quite too fond of James' voice since his blind audition. Matthew, I'm just not too impressed by his voice. (Sorry to all the James' and Matthew fans!)

As a lot of you know, A Winter Wonderland Blog Party, hosted by Natalie and me is coming up very soon! I hope all that are participating will have a lot of fun.

Frozen the Disney movie is OUT today!! Yes, I'm still a Disney fan. Yes, I'm 14. I have two young sisters who watch Disney movies (with me) all the time. Get over it. Anyways, totally hyped!!! Now, I'm not going to the movie theatre. That's way too expensive. The last movie we saw in the theatre was Courageous in 2011. We haven't been to the theatre in two years. WOW!!! We're going to wait until it comes on DVD or until our library gets it. I don't know if I can wait that long!! Siiigggghhhh. My favorite character so far, is probably Olaf, the snowman. Goodness, he's sooo cute and hilarious!!! Then it would probably be Anna and then Elsa, then Hans. 

I love this cover of Taylor Swift songs by Anthem Lights. It's just amazing how they can make even a Taylor Swift song sound catchy! Here is the link.

Now, from now on, after each post, or until I run out, I will have one random fact about me. But here's a bit of my backstory and some randoms facts. These ten do not count!!!

1. I am adopted
I was adopted at 8 months from Guangdong, China.

2. I have four sisters (second oldest)

3. I am home schooled (K-3 in public school, then I was home schooled)

4. My birthday is November 15 (born in '99)

5. I know how to sew

6. I've played piano since I was five

7. I've been seriously writing since I was five

8. Why did I start a blog?
I was asked this by my sister, and so I will answer it. I guess it's because I can express myself, interests, and writing to everyone, pretty much all over the world. I get to ramble about Les Mis and Phantom, shamelessly bash POTO 2004, and just get to write and have fun at the same time. Thanks to all my lovely readers who put up with all my ramblings!!!

9. I am a bookworm and a proud introvert

10. I have serious allergies to mold, grass, horses, cats, ragweed, pollen and much too much to add. I used to be allergic to dogs, but I'm not!!! I'd rather be allergic to dogs than horse, though :( I get allergies shots, also.

And.... My Random fact about me:

I have an major addiction to Colby Jack cheese

So, to end this segment of Cozying Up With Cocoa, here are some pictures. Some are random Christmasy things, some are my make-up pouches and more. Enjoy and Au Revoir!

An old old OLD fashioned sewing machine

Just another telephone nothin' to see here

This thing actually worked! I got to touch it!
It's missing some keys, but yeah

Can I have it? Please?

Telephone!! Excuse the blurriness!

........ (Playing with thumbs)

Awesome old coke bottles!

More bottles!



Soup and ladle! GIMME!!!
Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

Coke stuff

Leaves with the sun shining through

More leaves

a make-up pouch made by me!

Just to show you the inside!

What beauty! It looked better seeing it in person!

A pouch that I made for my neighbor

the inside

The second pouch for my neighbor

The inside

New chevron cloth for more pouches. it's lighter blue
and prettier, seeing in it person

A sewer's best friend. The what I call "lifesaving"
device for sewings the un-stitcher!


  1. Hey Anna!
    Okay, I love your temporary winter name for Sippin' Sweet Tea. It's perfect!
    Wow, that's awesome about your business! I hope it goes well for you and that you can be "The One" to win as the best business! :) You totally deserve it; I love your pouches! How much are you selling them for?
    Aw, your little sister sounds cute! Wow, 4 sisters!! I always wanted a sister. I have a brother. But I wouldn't trade him for any number of sisters; I love him so much! :)
    Haha, same method here. We never go to theaters, we always wait for the library to get it or we buy it. I can't wait for Frozen though!! I love Disney too!
    That's awesome that you're adopted! I sew, write, and play piano too! :)
    Oh, those allergies don't sound fun. I never thought I was allergic to anything but sometimes there's something in the air that makes me sneeze a lot. Maybe pollen. Or dust. We live on a dusty dirt road.
    Anyways, great post!! Can't wait for our party! It's gonna be a blast!

  2. Aww, thanks, Natalie!!! I might be selling them for $12. sounds a little high to me, but it's the same price as Thirty-One, so yeah. :) I can't wait for our blog party either!!!

  3. Yep, it's're my new best friend. I didn't know you were adopted! And....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you and your sister! (Love the title, by the way. So cute!) I wrote some, not seriously though, when I was about five, but my serious writing began when I was ten. Five years later, I have two books going and another fixing to take off!

    1. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes!!! How am I you're new best friend? You're mine too!! :)

  4. Hey Anna,
    How are selling your pouches? I mean, do you have a website for them? Cause they're so adorable, I'd love to buy one from you!

    1. Natalie, I don't have a website yet, but I'm going to learn how to get one up and running soon. Actually, I think that the winner of the second week of our blog party will get a make-up pouch. What do you think?

  5. Awesome! I'll look forward to that!
    Yesyesyes, that is a super idea!


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