Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Writings On The White Fence: Watch, Turn and Run

So, as you can see, I guess I've gotten myself into writing WOTWF's about once a month. Don't know how I got myself into that routine. Anyways, can I just mention that it is SNOWING over where I live? I mean it's coming down by the clumps!!! I'm not complaining. I love winter. Who doesn't? Either way, onto my book.

Tada!! Beautiful, yes? I started writing this novel in October. So far I've gotten about 10,000 words. As I've said in my last post, life has been hectic. And it will never slow down. So, finding time to write is not easily found. But here you go, Kenzie; I know you've been dying to see this:

Now, meet our two main characters. Austin Mason, 17, and Audrey Weston, 16. This picture is the most accurate description of my main characters. So, whenever you think of my characters, think of this picture. 
It is modern day and my guess would be that it is labeled under adventure and action. Austin and Audrey live carefree lives until one day. Now, I'm terrible with summaries, so forgive me, dear readers. Austin is kidnapped suddenly by unknown strangers and the same people who took Austin are on the hunt for Audrey now. She immediately goes on the run to protect herself and find her true love. This book is written like The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Audrey narrates one chapter, then Austin does the other. You'll probably hear more from Audrey than from Austin. 

Audrey is a carefree girl, modest, Christian and an only child. She's sweet and is determined to do anything to save Austin from dying. Even if it means risking her own freedom and life. Her aesthetic features are her green and hazel tinted eyes and her red hair.

This would be Audrey in disguise in a wig and in make-up. I love this picture so much and this was a possible choice for Audrey. I decided to make it a disguise, so that I could fit it in. 

This is one of Audrey's other disguises. 

Austin Mason, I couldn't find another picture for him. Because the one up top is the perfect one. He is calm, carefree and serious. He's a lot like Zeelyn from my books Holding The Secrets. I am debating on making him British. Should I? Leave your response in the comments box!

Now, another main character is Jersey Beckham. The antagonist of the story. You see, I haven't quite figured him out yet. He's a puzzling character. So, if someone could help me, I need some kind of reason for readers to almost pity him. 

And, some snippets: 

Audrey's Narrative:
The morning was as warm as the afternoon. It was a bright sunny Friday, and I was off of work, as was my boyfriend Austin Mason. Now I, Audrey Weston was his girlfriend and today he had invited me over for breakfast, because eating out was far too expensive for both of our tastes. When I arrived, he had made sausages, cheesy eggs, biscuits, pancakes, bacon, and glasses of apple juice. Not ten minutes later, Austin and I were sitting at the kitchen table laughing our heads off, when suddenly we hear a knock at the door. Austin told me to ignore it, as he reached over for another sausage. The doorbell rings next. So, with a sigh and a horse-like lip trill, he starts to shuffle over to the door.
"Open up!" a voice screamed. Austin grabbed me and thrust me slightly against the wall. "I must go." He told me, his voice shaky. 
"Where to? Will you comeback?" I quickly started to sob, not at the hurt of his hands on my arms, but at the pain of him leaving me.
"I cannot tell you. If I may never come back, know that you are the only woman that I have loved with my entire being." he told me. He gave me a quick passionate kiss on the lips, before yanking me into the living room and flipping up the rug. He then took a screw driver and put it into one of the cracks on the living room hardwood floor. He lifted up a huge plank of fake wood where a winding staircase leads into the unknown dark abyss. I shook with fear, and clutch Austin's arm. 
"Audrey you must go. You must go down there and be very quiet. Not a peep. Don't come out until it is silent again." Austin ordered me, his tone panic-stricken. He turned every two seconds to the front door where we both could hear people trying to break the door down. 
"No, please." I sobbed. 
"Do it! Your life depends on it. Do it for me." he whispered. He turned and reached for something in his back pocket. He pulled out a velvet blue box shoved it into my hands and whispered, "Go." With that, he gave me a gentle push as I ran down the stairs and he puts the plank over me, sending me into the dark. Over my head, I heard the door break down and shouts. I felt mens pounding footsteps directly above me. Hopefully they won't hear how hollow the floor is under their feet and over my head. Screams, glass breaking, that's all that I could hear. Then it turned silent. I waited for at least twenty minutes. All was silent.

Austin's Narrative
What had I gotten myself into? Now, reader, I must tell you my back-story of getting myself into this mess, for you to understand my life-threatening circumstances. Audrey's also. 
Now, I was about sixteen at the time. I worked at my father's tiny diner. Well, I was the wash boy, and like old times, I would throw out the dirty water we used (For our water bill that was getting awfully high to pay). Well, one day, like anyone other day, I went out and dumped all the water. I was on my way back inside, when I heard a raspy voice loudly whisper, "You idiot! We have one month to pull of our heist. One month! That's only 30 days to recruit men, get the weapons and form a decent plan." I looked around the corner of the building to see two dark-looking men talking. 
"Shut up. I'm tired of your petulance towards me! It's not my fault." the shorter one looked like he had been taken over by ennui. 
"Indolent fool. Jersey would be ashamed of you." the taller one hissed. While I was listening, I lost my concentration and dropped the metal wash bin in my hands. Both mens heads snapped around. The taller of the two grabbed me. 
"Nothing! I heard nothing!" I put my hands up in surrender. 
"You are lying! You heard everything! Now you must die for it. We can't have you sneaking off to Daddy and contacting the police on us." the taller one was working to intimidate me. It was working. 
"Wait. Let's be rational about this. We can't have him killed. That's what Jersey wouldn't want. Besides, he demanded a new recruit. We've got one. Blonde haired, green eyed. He looks as innocent as a child. All of us look dark and scary. He's the perfect cover." the shorter one eyed me. The tall man seemed to consider this, before telling me, "Alright, kid. You're off the hook- for now. If you tell anyone, anyone about what you heard or what you saw today, you'll be sorry. Even if you think I'm use bluffing, I'm not." He re-thrusted me against the wall. "Do I look like I'm bluffing?" 
"No-no, sir." I gulped.  
"Good. Now, we're watching you. Everywhere you go, our big boy Jersey will have someone constantly following you, watching your every move. If you turn your back on me or anyone of our team, it could cost you your life. You're lucky that I haven't decided to kill you. Yet. Now go." the tall man thrust me away form him. I went back inside and tried to regain my carefree composure. It worked, but inside my heart was still pounding out of my chest. 

Tell me what you think. I'm sorry this was so short, but normally I would have more inspiration. But I don't. So, this is all I got. I hope you enjoyed it!!! 


  1. That's sounds neat! I love your characters! The pictures you found for them are perfect. Hmm, making Austin British is a great idea. I say go for it! :)

  2. I'm thinking that also, Miss Natalie. :)


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