Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cozying Up With Cocoa 2-27-14

Hey. Sorry that my last edition of this has been big bust. But I've got more to say now!

So, The Amazing Race it back on!!!! JET AND CORD ARE BACK IN THE SADDLE!!! WHOO HOO!! It's funny because last season, I told my mom "I'm about done. Every season and their teams are duds since Jet and Cord have been on." And then: BOOM! So glad their back on! I hope they whoop everyone's hide! They are hilarious. Like in the first episode in the bubbles they were like, "Look at the door, look at the door. Let's see how long it takes them to find it." 

The winter olympics had been on! I watched a lot of the ice dancing. Well, I watched a lot of the ice dancing with Meryl Davis and Charlie White. THEY WON GOLD!! WHOO HOO! They've danced to Phantom, have I mentioned that? I guess Phantom and Les Mis are popular tracks to ice dance to. 

So, my sister and I have been doing the 30 day challenges. We've done a plank challenge and now we're doing a wall sit challenge to February. Yeah... We're up to 4:30 minutes for the wall sir challenge. It is hard!!! I usually listen to "Let It Go" from Frozen (Idina Menzel's version always!) and since it's only 3:39 I start it over until I get to my goal. 

My business class is going great. We've all gotten mentors and I GOT THE BEST MENTOR IN THE WORLD! Like seriously, I did. She is awesome. Plain and simple. 

Life has been crazy. Everyone is kinda sick again. I am, my sister Samantha, my dad and the little girls are about over it. Our business is booming, with a lot of service issues. 

The Voice is back on. Shakira and Usher are back (yay). 

Hm. I don't know what else I am going to  say. I think that's about it. 

I am so close to being done with my math, I can taste it! Only a little under a month left and then rhetoric for another. 

The Polar Vortex strikes again! Duh duh duh. 

I Hope This Segment Wasn't Too Boring! Have A Great Week! 

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  1. Hi Anna!
    Glad to hear your business class is going well. :) I'm sorry that you're family is sick! I hope they get better soon!
    So, have you seen Frozen? I'm dyyyyinng to see it! :) I'm seriously considering buying it when it comes out instead of waiting for our library to get it.
    Good luck with math!!


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