Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hey Guys! Phan-Fiction Announcement!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that my Phantom phan-fiction will be going out extremely soon. I believe I will post once a week, so not to rush the story completely. I will not be posting it on here, for then this blog would be filled with just phan-fiction. So go to and look for a story called "Broken Strings and Shattered Dreams", the author is Savannah White. It should be coming out every Tuesday. It will start not this Tuesday but hopefully next Tuesday. I hope that you all like it! I'll tell you a little bit about it. 

  • Erik does not kill anyone in my book. He almost does, but (chuckle) he doesn't. 
  • There *are* some parts that are from the musical and the book, but most of this is from me
  • This is not an E/C phan-fiction
Now, I know some of my readers might be interested in reading my work, but don't know a thing about Phantom or anything. So I'm posting some links to Wikipedia for you to read, so that you can grasp the story and follow along without having to read the book or see the musical. 

The Phantom of the Opera (book)
The Phantom of the Opera (Musical) (That is what version I am going by when I mention parts of the musical)
Erik (The character)
Christine Daaé (The character)
Raoul Vicomte de Chagny (the Character)
Persian (the Character)
Madame Giry (the character)
Meg Giry (the character)

Yep, that should pretty much cover all that you need to know. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it! 

WARNING: Our internet and TV will be out for a week, so farewell for a time! 

Au Revoir! Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Erik does not kill anyone? Hooray!
    I assure that I am so very much looking forward to reading this! I also just wished to let you know that I nominated you for The Sunflower Blogger award! You can view it here; The aqua ensemble is perfectly stunning! I agree that a party where everybody dressed up as characters from stories would be so very lovely and fun! I also just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Sunflower Blogger Award! You can see it here:

  2. It appears that I mixed up your's and Natalie's comments *face palms*... I am so sorry! Anyway.. I just wanted to let you know that I just read the first part of your story and that the cover is so intriguing!


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