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The Phantom Of The Opera Fan Fiction And Vlog (?)

So, I apologize for not posting lately. Oh, and I apologize for the mask covering my website. But I'm too lazy to fix it, so yeah. Anyways. I've really been thinking about my Phantom fan-fiction. So, I want to go completely off the script. I don't want to go by the book, or the stage or the movie. I want to make it completely my own. But I also want some awesome inspiration. So I went to In all truth, I was horrified. Especially by the ones shipping E/C. I was HORRIFIED I TELL YOU!!! They were, I don't know if I want to call them unbelievable. Because, anything could have happened. But still! I was just absolutely horrified. I mean, they were all too love-dovey romantic. And, might I mention that you're talking to a girl who is a sucker for romance. But these were terrible and horrific. Some were better than others, some much worse. Others were boring and blah, and others just had too much going on. But, but, but, but, there were three stories that made me fall in love. And here's the catch, the first two didn't (or so far) contain Christine or Raoul at all. It was actually kind of nice. It focused on Erik and another made up character. So, may I introduce to you: My Little Rose by xxlezah and Diamonds In Persia by Mia-Purdy and Persephone's Angel by Angel0624.

My Little Rose by xxlezah
Amélie-Rose was found abandoned on the Opera House steps one winter night. When Erik returns to the Opera House after many years in Persia, he remembers the little girl that he had once been a friend to so many years ago. The arrival of Christine threatens to throw their friendship into peril, and this time it is Erik who must make a choice. Lots of fluff in store, please R&R! *off of FanFiction.Net

^^This was the captivating summary that caught my interest. I just found it recently, because I just got onto I didn't even know that this page existed. I just looked up The Phantom Of The Opera Phanfiction. (yes, I typed in phanfiction, don't judge)

Anyways, this story. Oh my goodness, what can I say about this story? Let me try to do a good intro...

The story starts in 1880 in Paris, France. Young eighteen year old ballerina Antoinette Bellamy (soon to be Madame Giry) is hurrying up the steps of the Palais Garnier when she spots something on the steps. To her surprise and shock, it was a small baby girl. She takes her inside to feed the baby, when she runs into Erik. Erik, let me tell you, has his age changed. He is twelve in this story. I like it better this way, actually. He knows Antoinette, because she helped smuggle him into the Opera house. Before Antoinette is about to get caught, Erik leads her to his hidden hideaway. Anyways, after a run-in with some trouble concerning his mask, Erik deciders that he likes the baby. He ends up naming her Amelie-Rose. Now, I don't want to give too many spoilers away, but I have to tell a little more. Erik immediately bonds with Amelie Rose, who finds him one day, and they hide in a storage room while he tells her stories. She even takes off his mask and he learns to get used to it. After all, Amelie-Rose is only a child. She doesn't know any better, unlike other adults and society members. But when Erik leaves the Opera house to tour the world, he leaves the little girl heart-broken. I mean, she sits at the wall where the invisible door, crying, for hours, just waiting for him until Antoinette tells her to stop. He leaves her a beautiful music box, though, which is her only reminder of him, besides her faint memories. Now, fast forward to 1892. It's been twelve long years since Erik's departure. Just imagine Antoinette's surprise when he returns. That's all I can tell you. I fell in love with this story. It reminded me of a book I wrote called "Mozart And Me", in which I lost when our basement flood and the cords were on the floor and I lost all of my writing. It. Was. Devastating. But I won't go into detail with that flood or my book. YOU HAVE TO GO READ IT!!!! NOW!!!! I loved it because it didn't have childish Christine (yet :( ) and no spoil-sport named Raoul. Yes, I'm mean. No, I don't give a thought about what you have to say about my opinion. Moving on. This author always leaves a HUGE cliff hanger. She publishes, I believe, every Monday around * or 9 AM. Yes, I've gotten this down to a pint where I am antsy and deeply anticipating the next chapter. Which is not okay! This story always seems to brighten my Monday mornings. I mean, now I have to anticipate Mondays? I usually hate Mondays! I think this is the first story that caught my eye.

Diamonds In Persia by Mia-Purdy
What if Christine and Erik's paths had entwined before? What if he had saved her? What if she had witnessed him as the Angel of death? Would she be able to forgive him? What if the Shah of Persia had certain plans for Christine? In the dark setting of Persia, they both have a troubled past and both must face a very haunted future. Influences from ALW/Kopin/Leroux/Kay. E/C. *off of

This concerns Erik and Christine set in Persia, with some guy named Nadir Kahn. Anyways, it's a hard plot to explain. The ages are changed, and Erik is not as evil as in the book or musical. But he still has anger issues. I love, love love, this story! I read all the chapters in one day. I am antsy to read the next chapters!!! Just click the link and read, for goodness sake! I can't explain this one. I love it so much though, and that's all that matters, right? Like Les Misérables. Hard to explain, but I love it anyways. 

Persephone's Angel by Angel0624
Persephone loved her mother very much, that is, until she was murdered. When this tragedy struck she was placed with the only person who could support her, her uncle Firmin. Reluctantly, M. Firmin takes his niece to the Paris Opera House, and puts her to work as a servant. Not the most ideal job, that is, until she meets someone who turns her life around. (I suck at these, sorry) *Off of FanFiction.Net

So, these three stories are makin' me tremble in my boots. All of them are such good stories, and now I'm fretting over mine. I don't think it will ever be up to par with these great stories. I'm thinking of not even having Raoul or Christine in the story. I might, but not as "main" characters. So I'm in desperate need of advice and inspiration. Please help! I don't want to go by the musical or the book. Yes, I'll have scenes from the musical and references from the book, but I don't want it to be completely the same. So please help! P. S., I am a E/C shipper, but I don't think I'm going down that path for my fan fiction. *gasp

Here are some other stories. I'll post the link as the title and put their descriptions below. There are some stories with a pretty lovey-dovey chapter, but I didn't post any stories that is *too deep. The worst out of all the stories I posted is probably Diamonds in Persia. The Shah takes a liking to Christine, so that should explain a bit. Erik's usually there to rescue her, though. 

Takes place in Susan Kay's plotline, though can be read without knowledge of her novel. The Shah of Persia is displeased when his favorite magician Erik turns down his latest, most generous gift-a wife. He decides that he will not be beaten by his masked servant.. and orders for a new, "special" girl that he knows Erik could not possibly refuse... for her sake. *Off of FanFiction.Net 
This story is beautiful. I won't tell you anymore, just because it might prevent you from reading it! 
Star Rating So Far (Out Of Ten) : ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Erik loves Christine, but after a devastating betrayal, can he find that there is another? And will a young orphaned violinist realize at last that she doesn't have to be alone? Erik/OC (Rated T just in case. I am new to fanfiction so feedback would be helpful. Thanks!). *Off of FanFiction.Net
Another beautiful story! Ahhh, this story! It's coming to a close soon *sob, but it is so beautiful, let me tell you! 
Star Rating So Far: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Christine's life, from that night beneath a moonless sky, how she does her best to live life for the next ten long years and the reunion with the man she was supposed to be with. *Off of FanFiction.Net
Another love of mine! It's completely done, and I love it! 
Star Rating: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

"When you're able to travel on your own, Christine, you are to visit the Paris Opera House." Those were the final words of Gustave Daae. When Christine turned 18, she did just that...With the help of the Opera's owner, Nadir Khan, Christine finds love in her new home. But nothing could prepare her for the day when she came face to face with the house's manager... E/C as always. *Off of FanFiction.Net
Pretty good so far!
Star Rating: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Comte Charles Mulheim didn't die at the time of the birth of his son, Erik Mulheim. Now growing as a respectable Vicomte, Erik soon accepts his difference and falls in love with a certain soprano. But with her fear ridden past, and his stubborn personality conflicting, what lengths will Erik take to win her heart? And what if Phillipe deChagney steps in the way? E/C Alternate LND *Off of FanFiction.Net
Another pretty good story. 
Star Rating So Far: ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

(Winter) Set one year after the Opera Populaire burned down, the phantom returns to his lair, and sings Christine's first song. A young girl roaming the streets is drawn to the music and finds her way to the source. *off of
Pretty good, but doesn't update that much. (Not many chapters, I've yet to be impressed, but it still made it on my good list)
Star Rating So Far: ✯✯✯✯✯

So now, you know my favorite stories. I follow many more, but these have made it to the big leagues. They are pretty much in the order of how much I like them, some of them may have a bigger star rating, but it's the quality and some of them are finished, verses the ones that are still being written. Now, suggest anything. Don't be afraid! I love new ideas, and if yours doesn't make it into the story, I hope you still know that I appreciate all of your ideas and thoughts. 

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Now, I did want to bring something else up. I was thinking of doing a vlog post. No, I won't turn this blog into an actual vlog, just because it would take too much time. Don't get too excited, I WILL NOT be showing my face, for privacy reasons. It will be a blank back screen with me talking. Like a podcast, for example.  So you can actually be listening to my blog post, while scrolling through Pinterest, or doing homework or something. If you don't want one, I won't be offended in any way. I'm just offering. I don't know why I would offer this. Maybe just because when I write these posts I hear myself saying them inside my head. Like when I write sarcastic things, I sound sarcastic. When I write a joke I smirk in real life, when I write something ridiculous I roll my eyes, when I write something sad, well, I sound deep (voice wise) and look melancholy. :) If you want me to do a vlog post, comment yes or no, and tell me what you might want the vlog post to be about. Also, I would love some questions! So maybe it can be a Question and Answer post! If you do want this to be a question and answer post, type your questions on a separate comment and I'll write them down and answer them in the video. WARNING: Please no personal questions such as "Where do you live" and stuff. I won't answer those, so if you're wondering why your question wasn't answered, it's because it was too private. Things like "What do you like better coffee or tea?" or "Phantom or Les Mis?" is the ideal questions that I would answer, along with questions like "What are your biggest dreams?" and "Which literary characters do you relate to the most?". I'll warn you, I sometimes mumble or talk fast, and my voice is very deep. I mean, unnaturally deep, so I'll maybe try to speak in a higher pitch and slower so you can understand me! :) So when posting your comments it should be like this: 
1st comment: 
"Yes! Do a vlog post!"
2nd comment:

Keep your answer and questions in a different comment, because I won't be publishing the questions. I'll be answering them in the vlog. There is no limit in how many questions you can ask. Just make sure they're appropriate to answer and not too personal. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! So don't be wondering if your question doesn't make it on video. Now, there will probably be a lot of stuttering, mixing up words and weird geeky mistakes in my speech, just because I sometimes trip over my own words. And I also talk extremely fast and normally no one cares or knows what in the world I am talkin' about. So yeah. I think I've warned you about everything. Let's hope I can find a spare quiet moment in my life so I can make the video. Which I'll try to figure out when the time comes. The vlog post shouldn't be coming out soon. I've got some post making-up to do. I only got around 8 posts out in January. I feel terrible. So maybe this vlog post will make up for it. 

So I look forward to hearing the answers. Even if your comment is 'no', I'll still publish it, just if you were wondering. 

Sorry for boring all of you to death with my ridiculous post today. Maybe this is why I don't get a ton of viewers...... Oh well. So entirely grateful to the ones who are my constant readers! *cough Kenzie. *cough Natalie. *cough Tara.

Vlog Post Or No Vlog Post? Leave Your Answer And Questions In Two *Different Comments. Let Me Know About Some Of Your Suggestions For My Fan Fiction! Read Some Of The Stories And Come Back To Tell Me What You Think! 

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