Monday, June 2, 2014

Bring In The Books: The Blue Enchantress by M. L. Tyndall

Okay. This book. Where do I begin? I've been creating a summer reading list for a while. And now that I'm done, (I've been done since April) I am finally check marking the books off. Okay, this book, is the one I've been waiting to read for a while. It's the one that I've been looking forward to the most. Anyways, it didn't disappoint. In my impatience, I started reading the Google Preview chapters and it immediately held my undivided attention. Well, I finally got it from the library and picked up from where I was. 

Sadly, this was a series, and I didn't realise, so I'm adding the other two to my list. This was the second book, and it's about a young woman named Hope Wescott who just seems to run into trouble everywhere. Nathaniel Mason is a ship captain determined to stay on the right path of life, unlike his mother. When the pair cross paths, let's just say, it's not a happy reunion for Nathaniel. 

What did I like so much about this book? I loved the fact that I was up until after midnight because I refused to wait until the next day to find out what happened. But that's why I liked it. It was filled with gripping drama and little pieces of fluff here and there. 

Now, I have to say, for once, I liked the main characters a lot. Why? Because they weren't one sided and they were human. I loved Hope. Hope is a broken and troubled woman. She's made many bad choices in her life and trouble seems to follow her around. Most of the time, she brings it on herself, sometimes her past decides to make a guest appearance in her present. I liked her, I guess, because she reminded me of myself. I think that's why I like a lot of my favorite characters. For example: Erik from Phantom and Elsa from Frozen. But she's human. And she knows that she's doing wrong and tries to change. She "stumbles" and "falls" a lot in this journey to change, but don't we all? It's what makes us human. Nathaniel is a man who is so serious. He comes to Hope's aid, therefore turning all her bad luck onto himself. But I guess he deals with it well. I loved Abigail Sheldon. She is amazing. So encouraging and she walks proudly in her faith. 

Though this is a small review, it pretty much covers why I loved this book so much. 

RATING: 8 stars out of 10

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