Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Colorado Runaway Series

I love reading. I'm basically a bookworm, but right now, I'm on a little stand-still of reading. But I do love Christian romance. I'm a person who usually stays in a little box of one author, but I've been working to branch out a bit. So, I'm going to introduce you to a remarkable author, Janelle Mowery. I love her books, filled with gripping plots, set in the Wild West, and of course, the romance. She has written some books and series, so I will give a summary of one series, called the The Colorado Runaway series.

The first book in this series of three, is called "When All My Dreams Come True".
Set in 1872, in the Colorado Territory, Jace Kincaid is a rancher, who runs his father's ranch, the Double K. Struggling with anonymous thieves stealing his and many other ranchers cattle, he stumbles upon another problem. Bobbie McIntyre, a young woman has been sent to work for Jace at the Double K, after the death of her father. She is not the kind of woman anyone would expect. Not even a cold-hearted rancer like Jace Kincaid. She wears trousers, something not many women wear in that time period. In a struggle with her lost faith and getting over the death of her father, Bobbie has a lot on her mind, but not more than finding a job at Jace's ranch. This is a problem for Jace. He was expecting a man, not a girl who was barely even 19! What would he do now? He hires her, not at all with a good feeling of this. But Bobbie has a way of getting under his rough skin, and his feelings grow for her. Jace is soon needed to protect Bobbie, when she is pinned for a string of robberies going around in the town, not to mention the trouble she attracts everywhere she goes. As they both struggle with their faith and their growing feelings for each other, they learn to see things in a new light.


The next book in this three book series is called "When Love Gets in the Way".
Set in 1873, Cade Ramsey a man who is set on traveling his way back to his hometown in Rockdale to see his mother who has broken her hip, when he finds a stowaway in the back of his wagon, Grace Bradley. Having just come from her mother's funeral, Grace is trying to escape from Frank Easton, a rich cruel man, who Grace's father has chosen to marry her. Even in his anger, Cade agrees to give Grace a ride. The only problem is that Grace attracts every kind of trouble, whether it be a pack of wolves, or a man who will not stop until he has found her. Cade then decides to take Grace to Jace and Bobbie Kincaid's ranch, the Double K to work as a housekeeper and cook. Grace feels at home with them, but she fears what will happen if Frank finds her. While Cade struggles to get over the woman who his heart was set on marrying, he now struggles with his feelings for Grace. Even with all that she fears, Grace also has feelings for Cade, but cannot reveal them to him. But how long can Grace run before Frank tracks her down? And what will Cade do, to keep Grace from marrying the man who could tears both of them apart?

The last book in this series is called "When Two Hearts Meet". Set in 1874, Luke Mason is a cold-hearted deputy set on tracking down the man who murdered his father. His heart has turned to stone with a force around it. Not understanding the reason that God could allow someone to kill his beloved father, he deliberately turns his back on God. Just having moved into town, Rachel Garret is a fine nurse with her passionate faith, but is somehow always put into continuous peril. When she has to rely on the town's cold deputy, Luke Mason, she feels she is out of luck. For Luke, it is pure torture. Rachel is always reminding him of his lost faith, and somehow his cold feelings for Rachel turn to feelings of love. But as he senses the true peril Rachel is in, he is at a loss. He does not want to lose another loved one, but he know she cannot be saved just by him. In his heart, Luke knows he will have to depend on God, but will he chose to run from each instead?

As much as I love these books, Janelle Mowery does use quite a bit of the words "she" and "he" in these books. I chose to ignored these, and overall I give them a great review; 4 1/2 stars out of five for each book. If you like Western Christian romance, I advise these books for you to add to your reading list. I hope if you choose to read these, you will enjoy them, like I have!

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