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Bring In The Books: Last Dance By Lurlene McDaniel

Last Dance by Lurlene McDaniel's
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Okay, so this is my first official Bring In The Books. The Colorado Runaway Series, I guess you could call it my "starter". So, I'll maybe call this my "Other Starter". The book I am going to introduce you to is called Last Dance. (Yes, I know it's a lot like my book, I see). I was looking up books that have a little relation to mine, and Last Dance by Lurlene McDaniel came up. The main character is Rachel Deering, a beautiful 14 year old who is becoming one of the best dancers in the country. But something disturbing comes up. After she unexpectedly collapses at dance class, Rachel is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It seems to Rachel that her life is over. I can't tell you to rest, because you'll just have to read the book yourself!

Lurlene McDaniel
Author of Last Dance
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I'll start off my review with the main character Rachel Deering. She is very whiny and ungrateful. She's very rude to her younger sister and mother. I can understand that, having both a mother and two very younger sisters. Maybe I just don't understand how hard diabetes can be to maintain because I don't have them. But just because we have a disease or any kind of a disability does not mean we should mope around, whine or act like our entire world is ending. I know it can feel that way, but Rachel is just too whiny for my taste. Look at Bethany Hamilton and Nick Vujicic. Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack and Nick Vujicic was born with no arms or legs, only feet with two toes on one of them. Even though they struggled at the beginning, look where they are now! They didn't let either of their losses over-power them, so why should Rachel be an exception?
Nick Vujicic
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Bethany Hamilton
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The book is beautifully written, but very short. I'm a person who likes longer books. The one I read was large print too, so that didn't help the shortness of the book, either. It took me probably less than an hour to read. I think if Rachel was different, my review would be better. We can't help every bad thing that happens to us, but we shouldn't let that stop us from truly living. One last issue I have for the book is the title. "Last Dance". I shouldn't give away the ending, but I have to if I want to share my opinion. At the end of the book, Rachel goes on to receive a scholarship. So why did McDaniel call this book "Last Dance", if it wasn't? Rachel will go on to dance even more now. This is what I call "False Title Advertising".

To be clear and for the record, I didn't even know this book existed until I was over 50 pages into my book The Last Dance. "Then why is you book called The Last Dance an exception to the rules?", you may ask. Because that's really what it is about. I cannot tell you the ending of my book, but in all reality, the title and my summary given on my first Writings On The White Fence should tell a lot. In the long run, Last Dance by Lurlene McDaniel gets a 2 1/2 stars out of five for me.

What Did You Think About My Review On This Book? If You Have Read This Book, Tell Me Your Review And Your Rating. For People Who Choose To Read This Book, Share Your Review In The Comments Box!

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