Monday, August 19, 2013

Joly Fan Fiction Part One

Part One: 
The Race Home Ends At The Finish Line To Heaven's Gates

1816 France

Joly, Anneliese, and three boys ran through the snow covered streets. School had just finished up for the day and Joly and Anneliese were anxious to get home. As quick as he was, Anneliese was nearly just as fast as him. 
"I'm going to beat you home, Anna!" Joly yelled behind him. Anna hiked her heavy skirts up and picked up her pace, hollering, "No you won't!" Joly then noticed how some of the boys were cutting across the frozen lake and his sister was following. Joly had stayed on the riverbanks, not wanting to get wet. He was quite a ways away from Anna, near the bridge to cross when he noticed Anna on the frozen river. All of the boys ran past, as Anna was about ten feet behind them when the ice started to crack. 
"Anna!" Joly screamed as the ice broke from under his sister. He threw down his school bag and ran to help his sister. In his clumsiness of falling and slipping on the icy grounds, it took Joly longer to get to his sister. The hole in the middle of the river was small and he could see Anna's arms just above the surface of the ice. Anna was thrashing wildly, the weight of her heavy skirts was making trying to hold her head above the water a struggle. She knew how to swim, Joly made that his job for her to know how. But what good is that when you feel your arms and legs going numb in below degrees temperature water? The boys watched worriedly on the other side of the river. A small crowd was gathering on the other side of the river where the boys were. Women watched, as men were slow to make it down the slope to the riverbank on the way to help. Joly felt the ice cracking under him, but hardly noticed at the moment, as he reached down to grab his sister. Suddenly a loud crack sounded and Joly also fell into the water. The feel of the freezing water hit him like a fist in the face. He couldn't feel the bottom of the river, as he grabbed Anneliese' hand. Adding her petticoats, heavy winter dress, and her large wool coat, Anneliese was quite heavy. Inch by inch, Joly pushed on, trying to get the the side of the river. Anna's cold arms were around his neck, as he felt her trying her best to help him by kicking her legs. Must, keep, trying! Come on, Joly, move quicker! But it was a task, fighting the river's strong current, and the way Joly felt his legs going numb. It took about five more minutes for Joly to find the bottom of the river. He also didn't know how much timed passed. In his head it felt like an hour, but in all reality, it was about twenty minutes. Men pulled the young boy up the river bank and loaded both him and his sister into a waiting ambulance. When they got home, Joly's mother was horrified. Marianne Dubois shooed the men away from her daughter, before stripping off all of her daughter's soaked clothes, and quickly ran a hot bath. Anneliese was soaked to the bone. The doctor shook his head to Marianne, as Joly waited for news of his sister. He had taken off all of his clothes, replaced now by fresh new ones, and was waiting in the warm kitchen with a steaming cup of tea. He got up to go to his sister's room. He seemed fine, because he had not been in the water as long as Anna. Finally, after waiting an for about an hour, Joly would wait no longer. A maid would not let him in, but she eventually gave up as he pushed past her to where his sister was lying silently in her large bed. Along with having her long thick winter nightgown on, Anna was swabbed with comforters, three extra blankets and several extra pillows in bed. Joly felt her hand, and his heart sank when he felt how cold it was. 
"Anna?" Joly whispered. She moaned and turned to look at her brother. "How cold I feel!" she proclaimed taking Joly's hand in hers. Her eyes looked sad and merry at the same time. Her face was pale and her skin was cold. "I love you, Joly. You have always been smarter and quicker than me. But.......I do not feel quite as well as I usually do, but, mmm, I still, beat, you, Home." Anneliese blew her last breath in these words and moved no longer. Joly cried out, "No! Anneliese! Please, Anneliese! Come back!" He put his head into the covers and muffled his words through his tears, "Come back!" The funeral was the next Saturday. And that was the day when Joly firmly dedicated the next twelve years to work towards becoming a doctor. Along with that, he became a serious hypochondriac. He had to wash his hands often and spent time inspecting his tongue in his mirror. He was also likely to have panic attacks, and was quite uncomfortable and worried at times. He had habits of checking his pulse in thunderstorms, and sleeping in a very important position at night, the head of his bed facing south and the foot facing north. He never forgot the death of his beloved sister, and thought about her often. If only she was alive at this moment! How I miss you, sister! Joly thought silently. 

Hope You Enjoyed The First Part Of My Joly Fan-Fiction!!! Second Part To Come Soon!!! Comment Your Thoughts!!!

I know this is probably totally heart-breaking, but imagine listening to Calls Me Home by Sharon LaBrie along with writing it. Adds even more sadness. This song was from one Les Mis inspired fan-videos. Link here


  1. Very good start... I'd love to see where this goes.
    - Jessica

  2. Oooooooh! I can't wait to read more!

  3. Eva- Thanks so much for your wonderful comment and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!!
    Jessica- Thanks so much! I'm starting to wonder where this will go too!


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