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Joly Fan Fiction Part Two

Part Two:
Even A Hypochondriac's Life Without Love Is Sorely Empty


Joly hurried to the medical school building. The sky was cold and dark looking, while rain slightly soaked Joly. On his way, he stopped to check his pulse, before heading on again. He was early as usual for his class, but Monsieur Dufarge never minded. He took off his coat and shook the water droplets off of his cane before walking into the room. He entered the room, but not before he left his cane propped on the door frame. 
"I know I'm early, Monsieur, but I was wondering-," Joly started as he rolled up the cuffs of his shirt sleeves and looked up. A pretty woman with green eyes and ginger curls with tints of red turned. She had a simple pretty dress of pink silk and her fair hair was tied back with a simple white ribbon. She looked like a young school girl, probably not even a day over fifteen. She looked very superb, with beautiful eyes of a fortune teller. White and dimpled, well dressed, with obvious little hands and feet, there was no wonder why Joly was attracted to her. Her eyes sparkled as he stood like a statue near the door. 
"I'm sorry, Monsieur Dufarge is not here, quite yet. My name is Musichetta André. I am a new student here." Musichetta blushed, as she bumped into one of the tables. With a soft smile, Joly took her hand and kissed it after saying, "Mademoiselle Musichetta André, I am Monsieur Joly Dubois." 
"Monsieur Joly Dubois." Musichetta repeated slowly. She liked the sound of that. Not soon after they became aquatinted, Monsieur Dufarge and the other medical students arrived. Never in his life had Joly been so distracted in class. He had always been a good student, who paid attention and drank in every word that Monsieur Dufarge spoke. But with Musichetta two rows to the right and two seats ahead of him, she was his perfect view. To Joly's luck, Monsieur Dufarge said nothing, he only sent the young man a smile. When the students were leaving, Joly caught up with Musichetta.
"Maemoiselle, may I help you with your cloak?" Joly spied a mint green cloak that Musichetta was reaching for. With a shy smile, the young girl replied, "You may." After put the cloak around her, Joly slipped on his own coat and grabbed his cane, before asking, "May I escort you home, Madame?" She complied, but it took them far longer than they both imagined to get to a house that was just three street corners away. They stopped for some bread and wine, then went to explore some new shops, before Joly eventually got Musichetta home. Monsieur André had been obviously waiting for his daughter's return. After all, they were indeed a great hour and a half late.
"Good bye, Monsieur, thank you for walking me home." Musichetta said, a look of sadness plagued her eyes, as she turned to slip inside her home. Monsieur André waited until he could hear his daughter no longer, before stepping outside to talk to Joly.
"Young lad, my daughter is only sixteen. I don't want you filling her mind with such ridiculous romantic ideas. Keep them to yourself, and stay away from my daughter." Monsieur André ordered before heading back inside, not even giving Joly a chance to speak. With a depressed sigh, Joly started his walk home. He was two street corners from Musichetta's house, when he heard a bright sweet voice call, "Monsieur!" Musichetta ran through the streets, dodging anyone who was in her way. She put her hands on Joly's face and gave him a long soft kiss, before running back home. Swaying a bit, Joly's felt his heart dancing, as he walked home. After that day, Joly and Musichetta spent many days together. They only had little pockets of time, but they spent it wisely. They had dinner every weekend at lovely restaurants and walked often in the park as long as it was sunny and bright, they even went to a few operas. Musichetta used little lies, by saying things like "I am visiting Adele" and "I am going on a walk". She made a routine of telling a new one every day. They were in love and both agreed to take their relationship very slowly for the first year. Musichetta liked Joly's company, Joly, the same. Musichetta learned that Joly was a hypochondriac and Joly learned that she was slightly sulky with cruel impatience. A literary girl was she, to Joly's delight. Though early in their relationship, they discussed hopeful plans of eloping in the summer of the next eight years or so.

It was the year of 1830, when Joly was walking the streets. He had a bundle of wildflowers of all different kinds. Even though he knew a few of them were actually weeds, they still looked like flowers. He was taking Musichetta out for a special dinner tomorrow night. A sweet tune shook all of Joly's thoughts. A sweet tune on the flute was coming from a field of wildflowers. Joly could see no one until he walked further into the field. A man, awkwardly dressed, lay in the field, a flute to his lips. He had a bundle of flowers beside him, obviously for his own love that night.
"Pardon me, Monsieur." Joly began. The man immediately stopped playing, a blush rose to his cheeks.
"I'm sorry, I am Monsieur Jean Prouvaire. Most people call me Jehan. What did you think of that tune? I am writing this for my love." Joly relaxed, and smiled. "I am Monsieur Joly Dubois. Would you play for my love and I tomorrow night?" Standing to his full height, Jehan smiled, and replied, "I would be honored. But, I must be gone by nine to spend time with my own." Nodding, Joly agreed. Within those days, Joly and Jehan got to know each other. Joly was surprised at how soft and kind Jehan was in one moment, and then extremely brave and manly at the other. Better yet, Jehan was an amazing poet. Whenever Joly needed a poem for Musichetta, he went to Jehan. Jehan had a softer side to him, and that's what Joly liked about him. Jehan enjoyed the company of Joly, and they became very good friends.

The next night, Joly waited patiently for Musichetta. Jehan was cleaning his flute, and the waiter was setting down a basket of bread, a wine bottle and glasses, along with their dinner. Musichetta appeared at the door. Dressed in a stylish gown of mint and pink, Musichetta looked like a dream, with her ginger hair left down in curls.
"Musichetta, this is my friend, Jehan Prouvaire." Joly did introductions before they ate.
"Bonsoir, Madame." Jehan bowed respectfully. As Joly and Musichetta ate, they discussed plans of the future while Jehan played his flute. Not long after they were done, Jehan had headed back to meet his own love, while Joly walked Musichetta home. He gave her a long sweet kiss, before she disappeared inside. What lied ahead for Joly and Musichetta? Marriage, a family, more? But, that was in 1830. Only God knew what was in store for Joly's life in the future.

What Do You Think About Part 2 Of My Joly Fan Fiction? I Hope You Enjoyed It!!! Part 3 Coming Soon!!! Comment Your Thoughts, I'd Love To Hear Them And Any Suggestions For Part 3!!!

So, I know how the fandom portrays Jehan, I just hope I did a good job. Yes, I know he sounds kinda "girly", but I hope my small description of him about being kind and then manly does him justice to the way he and Joly meets. Musichetta, you will hopefully know from the Brick. (she is Joly and Lesgles' mistress) Why did I decide to make Joly and Jehan friends? That's a simple question. If you read my first "Sippin' Sweet Tea", you'll know that they are my favorite barricade boys. So that's my fun little reason!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!


  1. Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in Heaven has in store! (Love how you ended with something like that!) This is very good - keep it up! I love how Joly and Jehan just happen to meet and become friends so quickly. :) - Jessica

  2. Thanks so much, Jessica! I'm glad you liked it!
    ~Hannah S.


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