Monday, October 21, 2013

Tag You're it!

Hey, everyone!!! This is my first tag. All the questions are pretty random, but, I hope that will not stop you from having a bit of fun answering them!! There are 10 questions, and if they are a "Something or Something" the answer can be a tie. I shall put little stars like this: ✫ when answers can be tied. All you have to do, is post the tag on your blog and leave your URL in the comments section so I can check them out. I will have a post later and thank everyone who participated!!! Everyone is welcome to participate. Anyone who reads and does not have a blog or is unable to answer the tag in the comments box, can leave your answers on my Pinterest in the comments box of this pin. They will be on my boards A Cowgirl And A Dream and Hello My Name Is.......

1. ✫Coffee, Hot Tea Or Hot Chocolate?

2. ✫Books Or Movies ?

3. ✫Les Misérables Or The Phantom of the Opera?

4. ✫Reading Or Writing? 

5. ✫Writing Or Photography? 

6. ✫Spring/Summer Or Autumn/Winter

7. Two (Or More) Quirks Of Yours

8. Two (Or More) Random Facts About Yourself

9. What Word(s) Describe You Best: Smart, Elegant, Classy, Shy, Lively, Confident, Or Affable?

10. What Is Your Number 1 Cooking Catastrophe? 

Now, for the answer to my own questions.
1. Hot Chocolate. I find the taste of coffee unbearable. Hot tea, I only drink that when I'm sick.
2. Both
3. Both
4. Absolutely both! Maybe writing just a tad more!
5. Definitely Writing. My photography skill are a bit to be desired!
6. Autumn/Winter without a doubt! Long days, snow, snow shoveling, hot chocolate and staying inside snuggle dup with a good book!
7. Hm. I tend to like to crack my ankle bones and any bones that I can crack (fingers, neck, hip, so one) and I like to pick under my nails to make them very nice looking.
8. I don't ever paint my nails, I don't like to do my hair fancy. I cannot write without music on. I am not good at time management and I am a proud introvert!!!
9. Ooiiyyy. I have no idea. I would not consider myself "smart", for I feel like I am failing in school now! :) So, probably shy and I can be affable at times. Only when I feel like it! :)
10. Oh boy. Well, I was trying to make a yummy Texas sheet cake a while ago. Did not work. Ultimate fail!!! I put in sugar, flour, salt, two eggs and that was it. Yes, I know, that is not Texas sheet cake. Now, I didn't know that my mom had other ingredients on the back of the recipe card. So I threw the odd looking "cake batter" into the oven. Now, I mixed some more ingredients, which I later found out, should have been combined in with the other dry ingredients. But I had already thrown the cake it. So I dumped it all out into the sink. A family friend came over and I offered her a piece.When she tasted it, she was like, "Honey, I don't think you made this right." When my mom and dad came home and tasted a piece, we all had a great laugh over it. Although it was a bit embarrassing, it was a good funny memory of my ultimate fail at Texas sheet cake!!!

I hope you enjoy the tag, and my fun answers!!! The Tag ends on October 25th, and hopefully my thank-you post will come out on October 27th!!! Au revoir!!!

Remember To Leave Your URL In The Comments Section, So I can Read Your Answers, And So That I Can Include You In My Thank-You Post Coming Later!!! 


  1. Hey there!
    I'm Natalie from Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens. I heard of your tag from Petie's blog and wanted to join in! Here's my link:


  2. Natalie- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You're my first entry!! I'm sorry, I get overly excited about little things!!! I love your answers!! Your random facts and quirks were awesome!!!! Following your blog with my email now!!!
    ~ Anna S.

  3. Don't feel sorry at all, I get sooooo excited when I have just a comment awaiting moderation! :)
    I'm so glad you liked my answers-I loved the tag! Thanks so much for following my blog-I so love to know I have readers! :)
    BTW, I adore your blog name!

  4. Awwwww, thank you! I love yours too! I also love the song "A Few Of My Favorite Things!"
    ~ Anna S.

  5. Oh yes, thank you so much for following me!! I published my reply before seeing I had another follower!! :)
    ~ Anna S.


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