Friday, November 1, 2013

Appreciating Autumn

I'm sorry this is such a small post. I apologize. The next ones comin' are goin' to be much longer, I can assure you! :) Either way..... Autumn is here!!! Now I know a lot of summer people are groaning at this. But I am not. I am more of a autumn/winter bird. Haha. Isn't that funny that I used autumn/winter and bird in the same sentence? Because birds fly south for the winter. (No on laughs) Ahem, anyways, moving on.

This post is specifically about autumn. I tend to look deeper, find new things and uncover hidden beauty- or just see beauty that is in plain sight that normal people choose to ignore. I think when some people think about autumn, they think:
1. no more warm temperatures
2. Thanksgiving
3. Chilly weather coming soon

When I think of autumn, this is what I think:
1. Cool temperatures are comin'!
2. Thanksgiving
3. Beautiful red, yellow, orange and brown leaves
4. Longer days are coming!!!
5. Pumpkins and fallish decorations

You see? I think people overlook things and think too much on the downside. That's coming from a girl  who is always looking on the pessimistic side of life. Yes, I know, it's quite a shame. Anyways, let us, everyone, look on the bright side of autumn and enjoy the view while it last. Remember, dear readers, it only comes around once a year.


  1. I adore autumn!!!
    I probably appreciate way more than most because, as said on my blog, I love in Florida and it's warm out right now. No fun. :(
    Some people may think it's nice but summer just DRAAAAGGS out down here! :(

  2. Hey, I was wondering, how do you get the live traffic feed on the sidebar of your blog? Thanks!


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