Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surrender The Heart By MaryLu Tyndall

Hullo everyone! So, lately, I've been ignoring my summer reading list to read more of MaryLu (M.L.) Tyndall's books. I recently stumbled across her blog Cross and Cutlass and found out about her book Surrender The Night. Now, unfortunately again, this was the second book in a series of three, therefore I had to read the first book first. Which I am so glad that I did. Or else book two wouldn't have made too much sense at all.

Marianne Denton is a woman with a mission. She must marry a man to unlock her inheritance. Problem? How about the fact that her fiancĂ©, Noah Brenin, is the same man who, as a little boy taunted her. And even worse, he has no interest in her. He doesn't even like her to be honest. But when he abandons her at their own engagement party, Marianne has had enough. She follows him aboard his merchantman and accidentally stows away. But that's not the worst part. They end up getting impressed on a British Navy ship. Yay! NOT.

So Marianne is a good character. I still have to say that I like Hope from The Blue Enchantress better. Marianne has had her past and as usual, has turned her back on God. Noah, is a man who bears the shame of a tragic accident from long ago. He always is trying to please his father but to no avail. I liked Noah a lot. I really did.

Marianne Denton- protagonist
Noah Brenin- protagonist
Luke Heaton- Noah's first mate
Lieutenant James Garrick- protagonist (UGH)
Lieutenant Alexander Reed- Side character/good guy/bad guy (SQUEAL)
Captain Milford- British Captain/protagonist?/mad
Blackthorn- protagonist/also impressed
Daniel- protagonist (plays a big role in the book with his prophecies)

So this is pretty much the character list. I have to say, though I loved Marianne and Noah to pieces, I loved Blackthorn and Daniel better. Annnnndddddd I absolutely loved Alex (Lieutenant Reed). He was one of those characters, in which I'll describe like I describe my love of William from Donwton Abbey. He was just that character, that when I "met" him, I loved him despite him being the "enemy" (William's not an enemy, but hopefully you get the point). Seriously, I loved him. I stayed up until half an hour after midnight to finish it. SPOILER: He proved to be a good man after all. Can't share all the secrets, though. You'll have to read it and find out.

Rating: 8.5 stars out of 10

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