Monday, July 28, 2014

When You Wish Upon A Star Disney Blog Party Tag

Hey everyone! Welcome to the start of the When You Wish Upon A Star Disney blog party! So, opening up the party is the tag!

1. Why do you love Disney?
2. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
3. Who is your favorite Disney female character?
4. Who is your favorite Disney prince?
5. Who is your favorite Disney male character?
6. Who is your favorite Disney Villain?
7. What is/are your favorite Disney Song(s)?
8. What is your favorite Disney Movie?
9. What was the first Disney movie that you saw (or remember for that matter!)?
10. Do you prefer the older Disney movies or the newer ones? 
11. Tangled or Frozen? (Mwaaahhhaaahhaaa! ;))
12. Favorite Disney Pixar Movie? 

So, I know that a lot of these will be hard for you to answer (Specifically looking at 3, 7, 8, 9 and 11) but I'm curious and I would love to know! I know this is a small post, but bigger ones are coming!

Now, there are three tournament games coming up. The first on begins in two days! All the rules and such will be on each post. *Note* For the games when you comment your answers, they WILL NOT be published, so don't worry if you comment doesn't appear. I will write down your answers and total up your points. The reason why I won't show your comment, is to keep the games fair. Anyone is welcome to participate, even if you don't particularly write a post. I'll still write down your name on the names of the contestants. Another thing, don't fret if you don't have a blog. Anonymous users can play and participate as long as you put some sort of name that I can recognize you by. 

 Tata, au revior, all those fancy goodbyes! 

I Can't Wait To See Your Answers! 


  1. Yay!!! This is going to be such a great party! Unfortunately, life is really busy for me right now (we're moving to another state) but I will try to participate the best I can! I'll definitely be doing he tag. :)

  2. I'm also really busy but will try and get the tag done! this is such fun!! :D

  3. here you go :D

  4. Hi! I found you through Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens ( Natelie). Can I do a post on my blog like she did and link it up to yours?
    A self proclaimed Disney loving Fanatic,

  5. Ok. I know I am WAYYYYYYYYYYY late for the party, BUUUTTTT I answered them on my blog anyway. Please stop by and have a look. : )


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