Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chapter One: A Fresh Start

Hello to all my readers (if I have any left! :)), it has been such a long time since I have posted on here. In fact, my last post was on my birthday, which was in mid-November. Isn't that a shame? Five months of no posting. I have so many drafts that I never got to finish and many ideas that soon died in my head. But the thing is, readers, is that I simply ran out of inspiration.

How do I run out of inspiration, you ask? Well, if you have been on this nearly two-year adventure with me, I write about musicals, fandoms, book reviews, music, and once in a blue moon about films. I even decided to let you into the mind of a writer. But my well of inspiration simply dried up. That and I went back to public school. I got involved in choir and got into all the backstage madness of our school auditorium. If you're not sure how it works, if you've seen high school plays, concerts, orchestra, band, and choir performances with the flashing lights, risers, and special effects and set pieces that's what it is. My job in a nutshell, though lights and sound aren't my forte. One and a half hours after school, even pulling late nights of three hour rehearsals starting at five and ending at eight at night. That's where all my time goes now.

But as I looked back to reflect on my blog, I was thinking, "If I have no inspiration of any sort for musicals and fandoms anymore, but I have so much to say in general, how about starting fresh?" No, I didn't mean just changing my blog name and theme and whatnot, though they were all tiresome but needed changes. I meant what I write about, what I post, what I have to say and share with the world. We all have voices and opinions, and we always talk about wanting to be heard. Well here's anyone's chance.

The name "A Cowgirl and a Dream" was actually a temporary name in the start, because, you can't have a nameless blog. That would just be pointless. But as I was thinking of names and changes, I was thinking about how we refer to our lives as an "unwritten book" and as you go on in life and make the choices you're "filling in the pages". I mean, we even us the phrase "You're an open book". So that's where I got my name.

If you're worried, about the changes in my blogging, have no fear. I will still geek out in new fandoms that I am sure will come along, I'll still post book reviews and even some snippets of my writing. But that won't be my main course. They'll become side dishes. My main course will become something more personal, more than simply "just gushing like a fangirl". I want to be writing about more meaning things, things that I am more passionate about.

So won't you join me on this crazy adventure that we call life?


  1. Hello Anna!!!
    Welcome back to the blogging world!
    I wasn't sure if you'd ever "return", glad to see you did!
    Your new blog design is lovely. I'll look forward to your new direction with your blog!

    1. Hello Natalie. I'm glad to be back too! And thank you for the compliment. It took longer than I expected, but I am pleased with the outcome. Thank you for coming along on this new adventure with me. :)

  2. Hey! I'm a relatively new follower, but I've been reading your blog for a long time. What kind of things do you think you'll post about? Are you still into musicals?

    1. I'll be posting more personal things, addressing conflicts in my head and getting new perspectives. The thing is about posting musicals, is that how many things can you post on just musicals? I'll definitely not let them out of my sight, but nor will it be what my blog is all about. Thanks for keeping up with my blog and I hope that this answers your question!

  3. Great post, Anna! I am so glad to see you back and I look forward to following along. :) I have actually been going through a bit of an unintentional blogging break myself this spring since I have simply been spending so much time outside and on my other writing. Taking a break can feel rather strange sometimes, but I like how it can make you feel so much fresher when you return!


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