Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Glass Star in an Iron Galaxy

Hey everyone! I think I've finished modifying everything! The theme of my blog is definitely darker in the way of the colour. I will be going under Anna S. and my pen name is just remain different on everywhere else that I write (i.e. Savannah White on Fanfiction.net, another pen name on Wattpad, etc.)

My URL will stay as http://cowgirlandadream.blogspot.com/ just because it'll be a hassle for people to find me and a hassle for me to change all of my posts.

The name of my blog "A Glass Star in an Iron Galaxy" is metaphorical in ways. I think the best way that I can describe it is through one of my writing prompts that I did in my creative writing class. Obviously, I'll have to make some tweaks, because there were certain requirements that needed to be met as I wrote it. One on them was to contradict yourself, so you'll see a few of those in there. Though it may seem depressing (very depressing), the contradiction part will come into play, and hopefully you'll see my metaphoric view on my blog title. If not, I guess then that'll be the mystery to you, and the answer for me. I understand how it can be confusing; not everyone can understand what goes on inside my mind, but I have my ways and reasons for writing what I write.

The red part is what I wrote for my class revision. I ran out of time to finish it, so I left it in a place whre I knew I could add more to it. I guess I'll finish it up now on my blog. The green is the added part.

Poetry Revision

We are but glass stars in an iron galaxy. Some say that you are one fish in the ocean or “just a brick in the wall”, but it’s not true. We’re glass stars in the way that if anyone just barely blows a breath on us we shatter and break into a million little glass pieces. We’re glass stars in the way that if anyone dares to touch us, we will do what fish and bricks and humans fail to do without a grenade or a bomb; we will explode. We will cast a supernova over the galaxy. Though it will be bright like the sun, it will only ever touch a mere fraction of the night sky.

An iron galaxy is the world; So beautiful, so mysterious, and yet so cruel. It deceives us all with its beauty and we fall into its clutches. Its iron hands take the few, the proud, the emotional around the neck and try to suffocate what is left of our broken hearts. It wants our glass to break, to fall like a shooting star, to explode like a supernova.

But the moon rescues our dying light like an angel from heaven. She repairs our light the best she can so that her lovely beams may reflect on our glass. “Tu vas belle” (You are beautiful) she whispers to each of us. There is only so much that she can do. Though she repairs us, we’re still broken pieces glued back together. We still have our cracks, our scars, our battle wounds, like a crumpled piece of paper smoothed back out. Can’t you see that it’ll never be straight and pristine again?

We are not stars in an iron galaxy. We are but one fish in the ocean, “just another brick in the wall”, just one human out of the billions on our planet earth. The galaxy is not iron. It is a peaceful place if we choose to accept and embrace it. I choose not to; I believe otherwise.

How can we shine in a cruel world which beats us down until there is nothing left? It breaks your heart, kills your soul, beats your spirit until there’s nothing left. What more do we have to say, to do, to hear? Nothing. We are dead.

We are alive. Though we are glass stars, we have souls, we have hearts, we have spirit. God has given us light, He has made us so that even though we are shattered, we're broken, we're bruised, that we are made in His image. And that makes us beautiful, shining glass stars.

The world is an iron galaxy. But there is a quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald that states "The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want". The quote is also true for seeing the world as it is or as it could be. We can choose to be pessimistic realists or optimistic realists. Which will you choose to be?

No matter what, we are Glass Stars in an Iron Galaxy. But you can choose to make it a good thing or a bad thing. Which will you choose?

I hope that you like my new theme; it will stay this way for a long time, maybe actually forever. I don't want to be a blogger who changes themes every season, or every time she gets into a new fandom. I did that for a while and I don't really want to do it anymore. Because it's almost confusing, and extremely time consuming. And I'm going to try to stay consistent for my blog and keep writing. I'm hoping to let out a post every three or four days until I've regained my steady traffic income. At the latest, it should be a week in between. Since I've left for some months I feel as if I've had to start from square one all over again, but it's building back up slowly and surely. 

I hope you'll still come with me on this journey!


  1. Your writing is beautiful, and so is your new title! Great job! :)

  2. Thank you so much, Natalie! :)


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