Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Phantom Phan-fiction Announcement

Hey everyone! Today, I am in need of some advice for something. But I need to tell you the "back story" of it first. Just a while ago, I got back onto my account on what is now my sister's laptop. I pretty much took my school hard drive and put it all on the stick before transferring it all to what is now me and my sister's laptop. I've been reading over my old stories and all my files. I threw out my entire series just because I hate it now (like, I wrote it two/three years ago) and I decided to reread my Phantom Phan-fiction. And, to be honest, I was disappointed that I stopped writing it. I have been writing it on fanfiction.net but it hasn't been updated in forever. And I don't feel like going through all the trouble of doing blah, blah, blah for it and all that (besides I can't upload it (my story) on my phone either). So I was wondering how many people would continue to read it on here.

I would probably start from the beginning on here and I would update it once every one/two/maybe even three weeks on here. I would just want to know how many people would read it, or if you guys would even be interested remotely.

Here is a synopsis and the cover:

*Discretion: This photo was found on Pinterest, I added the words to it*

Sixteen Brigitte always knew about her past. Abandoned on the street, she was taken in by a ballerina named Antoinette. Or so she thought. Her real saviour was Erik, a man with a cruel past and no future. When they meet and piece the pieces back together, can there be a future for them? Or will there be more Broken Strings and Shattered Dreams? (This was the summary that I used for fanfiction.net)

Let me know if/how many of you all would be interested in reading this!

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  1. I would be interested! I started reading it on ff.net and was disappointed when it stopped.


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