Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pass the Popcorn: Mr. Peabody and Sherman

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Hey everyone! Today, I want to share with you one of my favourite movies: Mr. Peabody and Sherman! This movie came out in 2014 and I think we may have got in in 2015 (or maybe not) but my sister was telling me how cute and how good it looked. And after watching it, I couldn't agree more. Mr. Peabody is...... well, he's a dog. Literally. Well, he would probably prefer me calling a "Literate Dog" (haha, watch the movie and then you'll get it). He was once a puppy unlike all the others, but different as well. No, I'm not just talking about him wearing a red bow tie and wearing glasses. He saw no logic in barking or fetching, only in reading and improving his education. And as time progressed, he saw that no boy wanted him, therefore he turned his focus and attention to his education and became one of the smartest dogs in the world. But one day, he found a baby in a box on a rainy night and went to court to adopt the boy, in which he named Sherman. Now Sherman is nine years old and Mr. Peabody has invented the latest and greatest machine: the WABAC (pronounced Way-Back). It's a time traveling machine to visit any time in history. The two rules? Don't drive (goes for Sherman) and never go to a time where you already existed. Sherman gets to go everywhere, including the Palace of Versailles and even to see George Washington.

But in the present, there's a new adventure: Going to school. Mr. Peabody drops Sherman off and give him a dog whistle to call on him if he ever needs him. Sherman proves to be a very eager learner in his history class and declares George Washington as the first president of the United States. However, when another student named Penny is called on to answer the question "what tree did George Washington cut down" she answers the "correct" answer: a cherry tree. Sherman calls "apocryphal" to her answer and it's clear that there already is bad blood between them. During lunch that same day, Penny calls him a dog because Sherman's dad is a dog. She later taunts him and tries to choke him. Sherman defends himself (and his neck) by biting her on the arm. Peabody is called the office to discuss it with the Principal when the snobbish Ms. Grunion comes in and tells him that he is in a bad position. She later proclaims that she will be visiting their house to do an inspection later. Mr. Peabody, who doesn't want to lose Sherman, plans a dinner to hopefully clear up the mess with Penny and her parents. While Peabody gradually wins Penny's parents over, Sherman is having trouble being remotely nice to Penny. She calls him a liar about George Washington and he takes her in the WABAC to meet George Washington against Peabody's orders. However, Sherman returns without her and tells Mr. Peabody that they had to make a stop in ancient Egypt. Problem? Penny refuses to come home after meeting King Tut and it's a whirlwind adventure from there!

You'll stop by Florence, Italy in the Renaissance time period, and even Rome during the Trojan War.

I like the movie a lot. First, it's SO CUTE. Ahem.

Second, it's educational. Right now, I have two little sisters who are six and eight. And they like to watch movies and shows/movies on Netflix. Lately, we've had to put a password on all devices to keep them from watching it all day. However, I get tired of them watching non-educational things like "Barbie Life in the Dream House" and things such as that. My two sisters who are more around my age agree and we all try to make them watch educational things. This movie provides family fun, adventure, history, and humor in the entire package.

I love Peabody and his witty humor. Though he's not like other dads i.e. he's a dog, he's extremely smart, he doesn't say "I love you" but instead, "I have a deep regard for you as well", he is indeed a good dad to Sherman.

Sherman is also a great, fun character. From his close relationship with Peabody, to the struggles with Penny, and his never ending incomprehension to understand Peabody's jokes and/or puns.

So if you have family nights on Friday or the weekend, this would be a great family friendly movie for the entire family to watch!

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