Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What You'll Find

On this blog, when I have nothing to post about at the current moment, I'll have little posts, just small ones. Sometimes, like right now, I have an empty brain and can't think of anything to post about that is interesting enough. These will be their names with the definition of the post:

Pass The Popcorn: A post on a movie for teenagers, and some children's movies for you to bring along with you if you babysit. It will contain a summary, my rating, and some links where you can find out more about the movies and other ratings.

Sippin' Sweet Tea: A post about what's been going on in my life, my head, my crazy new obsessions and so on. A little bit of ramblings about my life.

Writings On The White Fence: I might start doing this, I'm thinking about posting little parts of my story on here and seeing what y'all think. Asking for ideas for titles and character names and so on. A lot of times I need some inspiration and I'm willing to hear new ideas.

Bring In The Books: This will be a book review on a series, a novel, trilogy and so on. It will have a summary and my review. I'll be anxious to hear what you think of it if you decide to read it!

Let The Music Move You: A small post on an album or song that's been stuck in my head like crazy and why I love it so much.

Words Of Wisdom: I'll try to post a Bible verse once a week, let's hope I can remember all this! Hopefully you'll find one that just encourages you with whatever you're going through. Maybe it'll be one that totally relates to you, how you feel at the moment, and yeah.

So, I might even create some more of these, but for now, this is it. Happy Readings!

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