Monday, July 15, 2013

Au Revoir! (For Now)

Hey, everybody! I just wanted this to be a small "going away" post.

So, our county fair is coming up, July 19-27. I will not be posting at all during that week, and perhaps the day after that. I'm in the 4-H Rabbit and Media Club (Sooooo exciting!) I'm going to be at the fair everyday, all day, and therefore will not be posting much at all. But I should be blogging back up very soon after fair week. I'm also in the Senior division of our talent show, and I will be playing "I Dreamed a Dream" and the last part of "Own My Own" from Les Misérables on the piano. I had to slim them down quite a bit, but they sound beautiful together. I can't tell you how nervous I am playing in front of soooo many people, but I hope I'm ready! You'd think after doing that, playing at recitals, and a couple competitions every year, I'd be used to it! (I'm Really Not!) Wish me good luck!!!!

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