Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PBR Favorites: Bull Riders And Bull Fighters

So, I'm a big fan of the PBR and I'm going to tell you about my ultimate favorites, and about the amazing bull fighters who risk their lives every weekend for these athletes. But first, a little backstory about how I got into the sport.

Cord McCoy
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I've been watching bull riding for as long as I remember. As a little girl, my wonderful Dad and I would go down to our basement and I would sit on his lap and we would watch it together. My Dad is the one who basically introduced me to it, and I'm very thankful he did. I remember seeing the guys pull their ropes and the gate opening. It was absolutely thrilling. Now, in all honesty, I basically forgot about it. I started going to public school (K-3), and quite frankly I didn't have the time to watch it. Add two more surprise sisters, a new vending machine business, and housework to school and homework. If my life was and is like a glass of sweet tea, it would be filled to the brink. But every Sunday night we always found time to watch "The Amazing Race". Now, I guess I'll tell you about one of my favorites because it goes along with my backstory. Cord McCoy is the reason I got back into bull riding. He and his older brother Jet McCoy, competed on Season 16 of The Amazing Race. They placed second by mere minutes (I WAS SOOOOO ANGRY!!!!). One day, I was watching reruns about a year after the race was done, and I heard him say a few words about bull riding. So I was "Hm. I'll check it out." I did just that and fell in love again. The danger factor, the bull and rider's skill, and how the bull fighter's did their job so well, I was hooked. So I started recording it. Every single one that was on TV, I would record. Well that's a lie. I only recorded the BFT's. The season is on break right now, but the Built Ford Tough (BFT) Series will be back soon, in 45 days.

Luke Snyder
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So, my first bull rider is Luke Snyder. I first heard about him when he won Last Cowboy Standing in 2011. It was between him, Sean Willingham, Aaron Roy, and Pistol Robinson. I had just turned it on when the final four did their showdown. He is one of the older guys, so that'll probably mean he'll sadly be retiring soon. He has won many things, and is one of my favorites.

Aaron Roy is my second favorite. He is Canadian, and was in the running of winning Last Cowboy standing. As you read up top, Luke Snyder beat him out. I don't know how I pick my favorites. I don't pick them by how many times they win or lose, I kinda just choose and that's it.
Aaron Roy
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Pistol Robinson
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Pistol Robinson, what a great bull rider. He's one of my favorites. I haven't seen much of him because both of his legs were broke and crushed by the bull Carillo Cartel. That was terrible. Period. So, I haven't seen him compete much.

Silvano Alves
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Silvano Alves, two time world champion and just to mention, he's Brazilian. Now, I said I don't like people who win all the time, and that is true. I didn't like Silvano at first. I was like, "He wins, all the time! It's annoying, let someone else win!" (Yes, I did think that) But I warmed up to him, and now he's one of my favorites.

Skeeter Kingsolver is one more favorite of mine. He had been cut from the tour, so once again, I haven't seen much of him lately.
Skeeter Kingsolver
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Now, onto my bull fighters. Shorty Gorham, Frank Newsom, and Jesse Byrne. They make such a good team, and now with their "Inside PBR", it's so great to hear about how they do all that they do. Frank Newsom is as tough as they get. If there was a way to somehow describe when they get hit it would be like this: Shorty gets tapped, Frank takes the shots, and Jesse is always launched, and still manages to land on his feet. Remarkable, huh? They are great at what they do, and I'm sure the bull riders appreciate it.
Shorty Gorham, Frank Newsom, and Jesse Byrne
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And in September while the BFT's are in Grand Rapids, Michigan, my Dad and I are going to go and watch the action live!!!! I'm really excited!!! So, here are my favorites and my bull fighters, hope you enjoyed! 

Who Is Your Favorite Bull Rider And Fighter, And Why? Comment Below!

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