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Writings On The White Fence: The Last Dance

So, this is my first Writings On The White Fence. I should hopefully be getting a picture of a white fence soon, so it can become my title header, but I have not been able to accomplish that yet. But, for now, we'll start with the book. 

As I said in my Sippin' Sweet Tea segment, I'm writing my novel titled, The Last Dance. This title is official, surprisingly. Normally, I have what I call "Pro-titles", aka "looking for a better title because the one I have sucks". But not this one, because, first it fits my plot perfectly, and secondly, I just love it. I have made my own book cover for it, I'm still seeing about some changes, but thanks to a friend, Eva, from Ramblings of a Janeite, she told me about a free website of how to make these covers. (Thank you sooo much, Eva!) It was a lot of fun, and not as much work as I though it would be. 

Tada!!!!! This is my "Book Cover"
*I Do Not Own The Picture Of Brooke Hyland
From The Show "Dance Moms",
And The Roses Were Uncopyrighted
If you were wondering, Savannah White was going to be my pen name if I was ever published. But right now, I'm thinking that decision over a bit. So, I'm going to share a bit of my inspiration for this book. You can get it from anywhere. You don't even have to go outside your own house to find inspiration. 

First,  I always normally have character, place, song, book, and maybe even a show or movie inspiration. And it doesn't have to be the entire movie, you could just see a moment of the trailer and you get an idea. 

My Inspiration: 
Book: The Phantom Of The Opera
Now, I'm a huge Phan of The Phantom of the Opera, and right around the time I started getting into it and finished the book, I had started to write The Last Dance. I wanted to put a little bit of who I was in there, whether it be a good book I love, my favorite food, or just the way I am. So it was a good thing.

Character Inspiration: Brooke Hyland
So, Brooke Hyland was my inspiration for Amanda Robinson. In my opinion I think she looks like an Amanda. I got the name Amanda, from Amanda Seyfried, who stars in Les Misérables the 2012 movie. Robinson, I got that from one of my favorite bull riders, Pistol Robinson. If this would be turned into a movie, I would want Brooke to play Amanda. David Gearhart, I didn't have much inspiration for him. I just knew that he would have cancer, and be very sophisticated. I know, pretty sorry inspiration, huh? I got the name David, because I just love it so much, and Gearhart, is from the old retired show "The Unit". In that show, it's spelled differently, but that is where my inspiration came from. 

Movies: Warm Bodies and Beautiful Creatures

So, I've never seen either of these movies, and have absolutely no desire. I saw the trailer of Warm Bodies, and had inspiration for a couple (I usually like to work with brothers and sisters more than couples), and Beautiful Creatures basically just helped me out with more of the clean romance I wanted.

Place: Brooklyn, New York 
New York, I've never wanted to go there, (So sorry to all New Yorkers) I'm more of a small town country girl, not a big city girl. I'm not an outgoing person, but I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and do one set in Brooklyn, New York. I also send my character Amanda Robinson to Chicago, and both her and David to Manhattan. 

Show: Dance Moms
My mom and sisters, and me (of course), just started watching Dance Moms. We love the drama, and the girls dancing. I've always loved Maddie and Chloe, but I've always loved Brooke Hyland. On one episode, they danced a routine, I believe, called "Your Dream Is My Dream". It was an episode where Brooke danced with a boy, and that gave me the inspiration to start a new novel. All these other inspirations came not long after. That's the reason why Brooke Hyland is on my "Cover". 

Songs: If I Didn't Have You by Thompson Square and Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Doris Day
I just starting getting into country music about a year or more ago, and now a friend of ours has a new radio station called "God and Country" a station where good clean country is played. I ran by this song, and loved it from the start. Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Doris Day, well, I heard this song in the Hallmark movie The Lost Valentine (such a sweet sad story) so, I found it on Youtube and I love it. These were my song inspirations. 

Now, that is my inspiration. You may think "Wow, this gal's got a lot of inspiration!", but it all just comes from everywhere. "How can this much, and these things give you inspiration? I stare at everything for like ten minutes and get nothing!", you may say. Inspiration might not be easy to find, but it'll find you. You'll know. The next time I write another Writings On The White fence, hopefully I'll have a white fence picture, and I might let you in on some sneak peeks, and some "deleted scenes" (scenes and ideas) that never made it into the book. 

What Do You Think About The Last Dance? If You Want To Make A Cover Of Your Own, I'll Be Glad To Give You The Site! Comment Below, And/Or If You Have Any Questions Or Ideas!

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