Sunday, July 7, 2013

Roll Models: Mesa Pate

So, I have many people that I look up to. People like my dad, my mom, and quite a few more people. But today, I'll tell you about one major roll model. This will be a short post to make it to the point. I am sure she is not a roll model just for me, but for many young girls of all kinds. She is Mesa Pate.

Mesa Pate is a young woman who is a PBR Stock Contractor. She owns bull such as Will James, and used to own bulls such as Highway 12 (Who is now currently owned by Jeff Robinson and Bar 3D Bucking Bulls, and Closet Gangster now owned by Jeff Robinson).

I first heard about Mesa Pate around 2011 or 2012. The BFT's were in Billings, Montana, and one of her bulls were competing. They had a small segment video about her life. You can watch the video here. Her story fascinated me, as did she, just being herself. Her story proves that whether your a male or a woman you can do anything if you have drive, determination, and are willing to work extra hard you can do anything.

Mesa is one of my major inspirations in my life. She makes me want to do something important in and for my life.

Who Is/Are Your Inspiration/Inspirations? Comment Below!!!

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