Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sippin' Sweet Tea: 7-27-13

So, this past week or so has been absolutely crazy. We had our county 4-H Fair, and I am in two clubs. Rabbit and Media. I showed one Mini Lop rabbit, which I auctioned for $150. He got fifth place out of nine rabbits. I have been in Rabbit Club for five years, and this year was my first year in Media Club, which it certainly is not the last. What the Media Club is, is a club that releases a newsletter-type of paper called the Clover Chronicles. It's usually about 11 or 12 pages long. As of right now, there are only seven members. But one thing that great about such a small club, is that you form personal bonds with the members. Although, we might have managed to recruit some members. I went on average about three or four assignments a day, going around the fair to events where I interviewed people and took photographs. I was out at the fair all day, pretty much all week. (Thank goodness I love the fair as much as I do!). My least favorite thing to do was being Editor of the Day. I was there until 12 AM editing with another member. Editor of the day has to basically place all of the articles, captions, photographs, and advertisements and check for any errors. (Tough job!) But it was really fun. I even met a new friend! (You know who you are! :)) The talent show was on a Wednesday, where I took fourth place out of five contestants. (I did really bad!) Like a news reporter, I got to cover all sorts of stories, including a Jason Crabb concert and the 2013 Fair Queen. It was a great experience. I learned how to write better, edit and grayscale photographs, and take better ones. Now, I'm going to tell you about the advantage we have to all of the other major livestock clubs.
1. Our headquarters, which is really a basement/storm shelter is air conditioned with our own bathrooms!
2. Seeing all of the great aspects of the fair that you've never seen
3. Inside access that normal people wouldn't normally get
4. Getting to act like a Newsie

On our "last" day of fair, Friday, which our fair's real last day was Saturday, we needed to distribute all of our papers. All of our seven members crammed into a courtesy shuttle and drove around to all of the green boxes where the papers needed to be delivered. On our way, we all were yelling "Paper!', "Get your paper!", "Ma'am would you like a paper?" "Get your paps!" We all were laughing and having fun, basically like crazy kids riding around in a small little shuttle yelling "Paper! Get your paper!".

For me, the fair is a big deal. It's the one thing besides my birthday and Christmas that I look forward to. Our fair is absolutely huge, and brings in a big crowd every year. As I said above, this year has been great adding Media Club to the mix. The only downside that's made into a positive is the fair food is WAY expensive. But, it's a good thing I absolutely love grilled cheese. That's probably the cheapest food worth your money out there. That, and an ice cream cone. Both cost only a dollar. I basically lived on grilled cheese for a week! (Sooooo not complainin'!) To save money, I brought side foods from home and bought my main course at the fair. Seeing the livestock was awesome. I'm especially fond of the horses, no matter how allergic I am to them. Usually I get to ride rides on Wednesday, which is the $1 ticket day, but my special friend and I didn't get to use all of the tickets on that day, so we got to use them on Friday along with two free ones, and more. Friday, was my Gotcha Day, which is the day I was adopted. So, to celebrate Hannah Style, I annually save $5.50 for a large cup of Dip 'n' Dots, and this year, I got to ride more rides! (Oh yeeeeaaaahhhhh!) So, awesome fair week this year! I can't wait for 2014's fair!

I know my first Sippin' Sweet Tea was much longer, but the fair has been over-riding my normal life. The Last Dance has been coming along greatly. Though, it has been neglected for the past week or so.

Oh, another thing. I found Love Never Dies, the Australian version on Youtube in parts and good quality, sound and picture wise. (Boo-yah!) Ben Lewis, Anna O'Byrne, and Simon Gleeson were amazing! Ben and Anna are so into their parts, that you forget they're acting.

So, this has been my life pretty much since my first segment. This is Sippin' Sweet Tea 7-27-13!

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