Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bring In The Books Series: The Messenger by Siri Mitchell

Okay, so this is my last book for my Bring In The Books Series. This was the one I wanted to read most of all. Let down, you ask? Sort of.
Hannah Sunderland is a young Quaker woman, trying to live her simple life in these hard times. She and her family are soon forced out of their house when a General comes and takes over. They move in with Hannah's mother's sister who is not a Quaker. They get news that Hannah's twin brother Robert, who had gone against his faith of not taking sides, and who left home to be a rebel, is in prison. Hannah is worried and wants to see him. But she needs a pass to get in, and how would she get one? Jeremiah Jones is a Colonial spy, who has lost in arm in battle. He is a cold-hearted person. He needs to deliver a very important message with a sergeant in jail. That's about as easy as trying to walk on a tightrope with no experience. The two meet within the first few pages, but not until a little later into the book does a plan form. Hannah wants to go into the jail to see her brother, Jeremiah needs a message delivered inside.

Aunt Rebekah (Hannah's Aunt)
Polly Pennington (Hannah's cousin)
John Lindley (I don't know what to call him. Jeremiah's ex-friend perhaps?)

Yes this was a let down, but not too much. I loved Hannah and not just because she had my name :)! She was determined to do right for the prisoner and determined to still live by most of her morals like not lying-not even to save her own life. Jeremiah, I kinda liked. Not as much as Travis Archer from Short Straw Bride, but he was okay. I don' know if I would call this a romance. Hannah and Jeremiah don't like each other at all, no matter how much they see each other, so you can see that the romance and modesty level is very low. The book was written like "The Help". One chapter Hannah was narrated her side in first person, then in the next chapter Jeremiah did it. It was annoying for the first few chapters, but I got the hang of it. The characters were good, as well as the plot. The story is rocky and slow, but a pretty good read. This novel gets a 4 out of 5 stars for me.

So, we have reached our destination and our journey is over. (sniffles and wipes tears) I hope you enjoyed them and I hope some or all of these are one your reading list!!!!!

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