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Bring In The Books Series: Prize Of My Heart by Lisa Norato

This is the second book out of the five that I will do. I apologize for not posting as consistently as I have, but I had been waiting for my books and reading them all. My last book has not come in, so that one shall be put on hold. This book is called Prize of My Heart by Lisa Norato.

Plot time!!!! This book is set in Massachusetts in the year of 1815. For me, I love to read 1800 books.
Prize of My Heart
By Lisa Norato
*I Do Not Own Picture
Most of my favorite books are set in the 1800 something time frame. Our main characters are Brogan Talvis, who is searching for his long lost son, who was abandoned by his late wife. It has been three years, and Brogan feels he has finally got the right place. He plans to basically kidnap his son and sail away forever. But young, beautiful Lorena Huntley puts a screeching halt to that plan. The daughter of a ship-builder, Lorena is the caregiver of "Andrew (Drew)" (the boy's real name is Benjamin, but for his new name, Benjamin is his middle name). She is a fierce protector and cares very deeply for Drew. Brogan and Lorena's relationship starts off very rocky and they both are very guarded. Brogan finds himself attracted to Lorena, as is she, but when Brogan means to put his plan into action, Lorena is kidnapped against her will. Brogan now, (long story short) has to choose between rescuing his son or the woman who he finds himself falling for. Side characters are Jabez Smith, Brogan's right hand ship-mate, Nathaniel Huntley, Lorena's father, George Louder, a man nearly begging Lorena to marry him, and Temperance Culliford, a maid in the Huntley's house.

Lisa Norato
Author of Prize of My Heart
*I Do Not Own Picture
So, now that we've gone through the plot and characters now I will begin my review. The way they talk is old-time and a bit of Pirate-ish talk, Brogan being a privateer. It was a bit hard to understand. The book seemed to go slow, as well as on and on and on and on. It seemed like Brogan was going to put his plan into action any time soon, and then STOP! It never happens. It went into a pattern. Thought. Stop. Thought. Stop. This book isn't the best book I've read, but it's not the worst either. The writing style was beautiful and I'm sure quite a bit of research went into this book. The ending was also great. I'll give this book 3 and 3/4 stars out of 5 for me.

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