Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hey Guys, Special Announcement!

Hello, everybody! So, this week I have been looking forward to reading some good Christian Romance novels that I found at the fair. I didn't have enough money to buy them (I didn't even really want to), so I decided I'll get them through the libraries around here. But, why just read them for fun, when you can read them for fun and write a review on them? So, I will be having a Bring In The Books Series. I wanted to do a 10 part series, but just now as I type this, I checked my account to see I only have five on my reading list. So, this will be a Bring In The Book 5 Part Series. I'll give my review, rating, overall look of the writing itself, characters, and more. Now, I know I've been pretty consistent of getting a blog post out every single day for a while, but it might be a day or two in between the reviews. Because:
1. I have to wait on getting them from different libraries (shipping and all)
2. Then I have to read them (Fun, but takes me a little bit of time)
3. My busy life
4. And just writing a good honest review takes a bit of time

But, I'm hoping to have my first one out tomorrow, already having got and read the first book. (Hurrah!) The series will start tomorrow, and go on until our destination is reached. So sit back, relax with a jar of sweet tea and a bag of jellybeans and popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

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