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Bring In The Books Series: Words Spoken True by Ann. H. Gabhart

My first book is called Words Spoken True by Ann H. Gabhart. This story is set in 1855 in Louisville, Kentucky, where two local papers are going head-to-head. First I'll introduce you to the main characters. Adriane Darcy and her father Wade Darcy, are the owners of the paper called the Tribune. They have been running this successful paper for quite a while. Now, meet Blake Garett. He is the new editor of the Tribune's arch nemesis paper the Herald. Some side characters are Duff Egan, an Irish immigrant who works for the Tribune, Beck, Wade Darcy's elderly right hand man, and Stanley Jimson, a rich young man who intends to marry Adriane. Now, this time period was when German and Irish immigrants were flooding into the state of Kentucky. Also, politics and all were also on the rise. If that could be bad enough, what about a mysterious person who has been murdering innocent young Irish girls?
Words Spoken True
By Ann H. Gabhart
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So, with that little summary done, I'll tell you a little bit about Miss Darcy. Adriane is a young woman, twenty-two years of age, with an opinionated mouth and beauty on her side. She works with her father, writing for the Tribune, and is expected to marry young Stanley Jimson, a rich young lad who wants her hand in marriage. Adriane is not at all that thrilled. She does not love Stanley and tells her father. But she struggles with honoring her father, as the Bible tells her. Alas, she still does not want to marry a man she does not love. She meets Blake Garett at benefit tea, they immediately have a strong unusual connection. But they are sworn enemies. Adriane wants nothing to do with Blake, whereas he cannot stop thinking about her after they meet. He even ends up saving her life a little further into the book.

Blake Garret. Where do I start? A "Northerner", who has come to Lousville and taken over the job as editor for the paper the Herald. He was once engaged, but a tragedy happened, stopping that plan. He has moved on in his life, not planning to be a relationship any time soon, and most certainly not married. But now he runs into Adriane Darcy the sworn enemy of the Herald. He is immediately taken with her as soon as he lays eyes on her. He does not like the idea of Adriane marrying Stanley, at least not on his watch.

Ann H. Gabhart
Author of Words Spoken True
*I Do Not Own Picture
Since this is a romance, you can hopefully see a little love triangle occurring. Now, reading such good Christian Romance from authors like Janelle Mowery and Lori Wick, I guess I was expecting this to be just as good. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I've read better. This book is good for much older teenagers and adults. I would not recommend this book for young teenagers like me. As much as I like Christian Romance, this one was too romantic for my taste. Ann H. Gabhart went a tad bit deep in some intimate scenes, I read these parts and read them as quickly as I could to skid past them and get on with the story. Just being me, it was kind of uncomfortable reading these parts, and I did not like how it focused on them so much. I'm a person inside of a box, who reads books from not a big variety of authors. Lori Wick and Janelle Mowery always maintained a pretty good balance with the romance in their books. Ann H. Gabhart, eh not too much. I wanted the book to be more about the newspapers and the killer. The writing style was excellent, as was the plot. But just the intimate scenes were not needed. The book would have been just as good without them. I am glad to tell you, overall without these problems the book was pretty good. This book is probably just a one time read for me. My favorite characters were Duff Egan and Beck. Next up, would probably be Adriane and Blake. Surprising that I like the side characters over the main ones? So am I. So. Am. I. This book gets a 3 and 3/4 stars out of five for me.

ATTENTION!!!! My next reviews won't come out for about four days. I'm waiting on one book for someone to return before I get my last four books, so hold tight while we stop at the gas station for a little break!

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