Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let The Music Move You: King Of New York (Newsies Disney Movie Version)

One song that has been in my mind is "King of New York" in the Disney movie Newsies. This song is upbeat and bouncy, and has a good rhythm. It's one of those songs that you get your head bobbin' with.
For anyone who has maybe heard of Newsies, but doesn't quite know this song, it's basically about the Newsies, who just got their faces and names on the front page of the paper. They sing about what they could do, now that they are "famous". It's a great song that you and your little brothers or sisters can get into. Clink this to see the video with the scene of "King of New York" in the Disney movie. Scene quality is pretty blurry, but the sound is great. Having seen the movie and this scene a million times, I always listen to the music and do something else, not just watching it. Overall, fun and great song with an excellent cast!
Newsies Cast
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*I Do Not Own Picture

Movie Cast of Newsies
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