Sunday, September 22, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week Details

Welcome to Celebrate Musicals Week, hosted by Miss Dashwood over at her blog "Yet Another Period Drama Blog"! I was so excited when I saw the pin on Pinterest!!! Before I even clicked the link, I was like, "If I can do it, I'm full-on set doing The Phantom of the Opera". Miss Dashwood would like for everyone to write at least three posts, but I'm an excess person, I will probably do four or five. (Yes I know, but excess is one word that definitely describes me). The posts will be:
~One review on the 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall stage version
~My favorite cast or actors who has performed in Phantom
~A trivia questionnaire about The Phantom of the Opera
~Comparing songs from two different versions
~Costumes comparisons

Are You Doing Celebrate Musicals Week???Comment The Musical You Are Doing!!!

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