Saturday, September 21, 2013

Writings On The White Fence: A Little Snippet Here, A Little Snippet There

Ah, Writings On The White Fence!!! I decided to post a few parts of a few of my books. Most are them are probably complete and a few are incomplete. Now, with the names for Holding The Secrets; Yes, I know there are names of aquatic animals and ground insects. Yes, I know it's weird. And yes, they are my books and I can do what I want to them! :) Tell me your thoughts!!

The Last Dance
Amanda worked on the routine alone but she was getting even more discouraged. Wiping her slightly teary eyes, Amanda got into position. She wasn't facing the mirror, the door or where the computer was. A man had put in his own CD, and just before the music started, came up behind her. Amanda's heart beat quickened, when she felt her back against his chest, and one of his hands around her waist, and one softly holding her hand. She felt his face against hers, The music was soft and slow, and Amanda didn't know what happened, but she danced her heart out, putting so much emotion and passion into this dance. The dance ended with her looking up into a pair of beautiful brown eyes. 

Holding The Secrets #4 As The Moon Rises
Clam just happened to look behind him, and Mantis and his group were following them. 
"Go!" Clam yelled. Plankton stepped on the gas pedal, and it became a high speed chase. Plankton was going nearly 80 miles an hour, as was Mantis, but they were both very close. 

"Stop!" Zeelyn yelled. A huge semi was coming near them, on Zeelyn's side. Plankton pushed the breaks hard, but the semi hit them, and spun them around. Mantis and his group were also thrown by it. The jolt was the hardest impact Zeelyn had even experienced. Shards of glass were all around them. Clam, Zeelyn, and Plankton were knocked out from the impact, but Clowny, Squid, Jellyfish, and Krill were all still responsive. Blood was spattered across Zeelyn and the others, as they were all a bit trapped. Krill looked at where Zeelyn was laying, he was laying against Clam in the back seat, unconscious. Mantis, Caterpillar, and Spider were all knocked out, as the Scotland Yard and paramedics rushed to the scene.

Holding The Secrets #7 Until Dawn Breaks
"That was not supposed to happen!" Mack snapped in anger. He yanked off his tie, as the team collapsed on the couch. "My only daughter is in the hands of a psycho, and now what? We shouldn't have gone through with this stupid plan!" Zeelyn had gone to bathroom to clean up his blood, and overheard the conversation. He marched out there and demanded, "Stupid plan? You're the one who let Marina go on this mission. You're the one who said it was fine, not me!"
"This plan wasn't even about us, or catching the guy. It was only about you and getting your revenge on him!" Mack shot back. 

"You're sure as heck's right about that! He killed my dad, right in front of me. I saw him collapse, I saw the bullet hole, I saw the blood! He just lay there, a corpse, leaving two helpless kids behind! Have you seen someone die right in front of you, not on a mission? Did your dad die right in front of you? Now I just found out he suffocated my mama and killed her. My mama! Everyday, I deal with the fact that my parents are dead, both killed by the same man. I pray everyday that no one has to see what I've seen. I pray that no one has to experience what I did. I pray that everyday! I could promise you that he will only let Gemma live until dawn breaks. After that he will kill her." Zeelyn threw down his handgun and stalked off, slamming his bedroom door. 

Holding The Secrets #8 Just As The Rain Falls
The man grabbed Gemma and thrust her against the wall and yelled, "Who have you been talking to?" The wall didn't hurt Gemma and she wasn't scared, but played the innocent emotional woman roll and started sobbing, as she replied, "I haven't talked to anyone!" 

"What were the phone calls you were making last night, and for the past week?" the man got in her face and grabbed her wrists, re-thrusting her back against the wall. 

"My boss! There is a different time zone! I cannot call him during the day!" Gemma lied. Tears were streaming down her face. In her head, she wanted to laugh, thinking how she could bring this man to his knees. Zeelyn was breathing fire inside the closet, hearing his sister's fake sobs. Even if she was acting, only God knew what the man was doing to her. The man shoved her to the ground, and told her, "You better watch what you do, my girl, I don't like snoopy ladies around here." With that he walked out slamming the door. Gemma just stayed on the floor, still crying and sniffing, not knowing if the man would come back in. After about ten minutes, she got up and scrambled to the closet. Zeelyn immediately took up Gemma's hands and inspected them, as he demanded in a worried tone, "He didn't hurt you, did he?" A soft gasp came from his lips, for her wrists were already showing harsh bruising. Black, blue, purple, and red were the colors coming to the surface of Gemma's skin. 

What Did You Think About My Little Parts??? Comment Your Thoughts!!!

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