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Disney and Les Miz: The Only Person Deserving The Title Of "Eponine Thenardier"

Cool, huh?
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So, ever since I heard about Les Misérables through television advertising for the movie, I've been hooked. And you hear all kinds of fangirls all about Eponine because "Oh the boy who I love just started dating my sister." and "Great. Now I know how Eponine feels. Totally friend-zone!" and yeah. Ridiculous stuff like that. But, I was watching the old 1997 Disney move Hercules. Now, when I was a young girl, I was babysat by my dad's cousin. I would watch this movie every time I went, even if it did have a severe problem with freezing. And throughout the movie, I couldn't believe it! I actually found a Disney character that has near resemblance to Eponine!!!!! Yep, that's right. Megara, otherwise known as "Meg", is a natural match to Eponine!!!! I'd never made the "connection" until I watched both movies. You would not believe how much they are alike. Now, Les Miz fans are probably like "What?" and people who've seen and love Hercules are probably like "What?" So, let's just let this sink in for a moment, shall we? Okay, it's sunk in, let's go! (Grabs hand and runs into magical porthole transporter)

Eponine Thenardier From
Les Misérables 2012 Movie
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Okay, Eponine. We'll start off with her. She is a young girl who is now poor and works for her father and helps out with his band of thieves. She lived a great life until her parents were sent into poverty. She meets Marius to beg for money and begins to fall deeply in love with him. She ends up saving his life by taking a bullet for him- and dying in his arms as the cost.

Now, we look at Meg. She is a woman who was tricked, you might say, by her first love whom she thought loved her, but ran off with another woman, leaving her devastated and heart-broken. Now, she works for Hades unwillingly to get Hercules and destroy him. She and Hercules fall in love with each other, and she saves his life by 1. Getting Pegasus and Phil and 2. She pushes him out of the way of a giant falling pillar and sacrifices herself, ultimately breaking Hades strength spell over Hercules. She ends up dying, but is brought back to life when Hercules rescues, what I think is her "soul". Now, I know this ends up better than Marius and Eponine's story, but hear me out.

Meg From 1997 Disney's Hercules
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Things that are different:
1. Eponine didn't have a first love who abandoned her
2. Meg's father wasn't a thieving bastard and she didn't have a mother (But then again, who would want the Thenardiers as their parents? Not me!)
3. Eponine's story doesn't have a good ending

Now, waltz on this lovely road with me to the things that are nearly the same:
1. Meg and Eponine are basically forced into bad things (Eponine stealing for her father and Meg helping a crazy "god" overtake his brother's kingdom and destroy Hercules in the process) (Although Eponine could have chosen to leave, but that would leave her to die on the streets unloved and unwanted)
2. Even in the bad things they were doing they both fell in love with guys.
3. They both end up dying for the men they love, both willingly, admitting that they had done some bad things but are sorry.
4. Both struggle with their love lives and keeping their own in tact.

Now, Les Miz fans may say "This is the most pathetic list I've ever seen to compare anyone to Eponine!" And Hercules fans might say the same. But to me, they resemble each other so well. In the movie, it seemed that Meg didn't have any parents, it didn't look like she had home or anyone to turn to, unless you want to call Hades a guardian, be my guest, because I won't. Both girls were suffering and died for love. The main difference is that Marius didn't love Eponine back and Eponine died and couldn't be brought back to life through a "soul". And these are my reasons that Meg is the only person to seems to fit the "name" of Eponine.

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