Saturday, September 7, 2013

Who's Up For Some Tests?

Now, These tests are much more fun than math tests. I promise you!!! Who doesn't love Disney? It can be one movie or a hundred, maybe even a thousand! Having little sisters, and still being a kid at heart, I watch a lot of them!!! I couldn't care less about math tests, but when it come to character quizzes, I'm all for them! Here's some that I took! (Crowd stares me down) Okay, here's a lot of quizzes I took:

I took a character quiz test to Hercules. (I love these kind of character tests!!!!!!) These were my scores:
I scored as Meg!!!!!!!
Meg: 75%
Pegasus: 60%
Phil: 60%
Hercules: 60%
Hades: 30%
I can't say these scores didn't please me! Because they did. I was hoping for Meg, but I was sure I would score as Phil or Pegasus. Quite a bit, I score as side characters!!!!! Click here to take the quiz.
A few more results........ I've done many quizzes before and here are my results:

Phantom of the Opera:
Tied as Erik (OhYeahhhhhhhh!!!!), Monsieur Andre and Madame Giry for tie breaker it was Monsieur Andre.
Erik: 75%
Madame Giry: 75%
Monsieur Andre: 75%
Christine Daaé: 63%
Raoul: 50%
Monsieur Firmin: 38%
Meg Giry: 38%
Carlotta: 25%
Click here to take the quiz!

Les Miserables:
Jean Valjean (Oh Yeahhhhhhh!!!!)
Sorry, I took this test quite a bit ago, so I can't remember anything. All I know is Marius and Cosette were at the bottom, and I think Eponine was at the top middle.
Click here to take the quiz!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame:
I scored as Quasimodo (Wow!!!)
Quasimodo: 92%
Clopin: 67%
Esmeralda: 50%
The Archdeacon: 50%
Hugo: 42%
Frollo: 33%
Victor: 17%
Laverne: 8%
Phoebus: 0%
Click here to take the quiz!

American Girl Quiz:
I ended up as Kaya!!! Click here to take the quiz!

Disney Heroine:
I scored Esmeralda!!!! Oh yeeeaahhh!!!
Esmeralda: 100%
Alice 95%
Snow White 80%
Jasmine 75%
Ariel: 70%
Cinderella: 60%
Aurora: 60%
Belle: 60%
Mulan: 50%
Meg: 30%
Click here to take the quiz!

Disney Princess:
Surprisingly, I scored as Cinderella. I was not expecting that at all. If I had to name myself one princess that I thought I was really like, it would probably be Belle, by far.
Cinderella: 83%
Pocahontas: 83%
Ariel: 75%
Belle: 67%
Aurora: 58%
Jasmine: 42%
Snow White: 33%
Click here to take the quiz!

So, these are just some extra fun quizzes I took, most of them I took a while ago, some I took just about a month ago! I hope you take some and are impressed and surprised at the quizzes. The quiz that hit me spot on, was actually probably The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The description at the bottom of how you were like Quasimodo was soooo accurate to me!!! I know I took a ton of tests, but in truth, they are so fun!!!! I hope you enjoyed learning who I was most like in all of these tests!!!

Have You Ever Taken A Character Test? Which Test Was It, And Who Did You Score? If You've Done Any Of These Or If They Are On Your List, Write Your Scores In The Comments Box!!!!

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