Monday, October 28, 2013

And The Winner Is......

Well, this is the end..... The end of the 20th PBR season........Where Luke Snyder, Cord McCoy, Brendan Clark and the bull Charlie Bullware will be retiring.

But, the moment all PBR fans have been waiting for. The announcement of the 2013 PBR World Champion is...........

J. B. Mauney!!!!

I just wanted to say that J. B. Mauney rocked this season and his final performances at Las Vegas!!! He totally deserved it and I am truly happy for him. Also, Bushwhacker regained his world title!!!! YAY!!!!!

But, there is something I need to express...... Can I just say how sad and disappointed I am? Yes, I think I can. It's my blog and shall post happy or sad posts if I want to. THEY DIDN'T HAVE A TRIBUTE VIDEO ABOUT LUKE'S RETIRING!!!! THAT IS SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!! They had a tribute video for Chris Shivers!!! Why not Luke Snyder? I know Luke isn't as "big of a deal" as Chris Shivers, but to me, HE IS!!!!!!! It's quite unfair, I should say!!! Outrageous!!!! I mean, sure they had a few interviews and a little "athlete profile" but that was it!!!!!!! I was shocked and rather disappointed!!! If I did miss Luke Snyder's tribute video, please tell me. Then I'll just say that below is another big tribute to him. Another thing, is that, well, the Bandits beat the Outlaws in the Clash Of The Cowboys.... Now, I'm really glad that J. B. Mauney won, but I can't say that I was really happy at the start. I wanted Silvano Alves to make double PBR world history and win three times in a row. Now, now, now, all y'all better put away all them pistols and rifles!!!!! Anyways, about Luke Snyder I shall do my own "celebrating" of Luke's final days. He finished 19th in the world standings. Just right inside of the top twenty. Take a look:

Collage Made By Me!!!

Excuse the blurriness!! It's LUKE SNYDER!!!

Hats Off To Luke!!!

So Voted For Him!!!!

D'aaaawwww What A Cute Couple!!!

Can I Just Say In This Picture
That Luke Doesn't Look A Day Over 23?
Anyone Else Agree Or Is It Just Me?

Luke Snyder When He Won
Last Cowboy Standing In 2012.

Luke, I Will Miss You!!!

There. Now I'm satisfied. Either way, hats off to J. B. Mauney, Silvano Alves, Brendan Clark, Cord McCoy, Charlie Bullware and (sniffle, hides face and cries for an hour again) Luke Snyder!!!!! (Wipes tears) Okay, I think I'm okay. Okay, no I'm not. Either way, once again, Au Revoir!!!


  1. I know this blog is from a while back, but I had to read it again, lol. I'm so happy for J.B.! I'm gonna miss all of our retiring riders! As far as the retiring bulls go, I'm sad to see Charlie Bullware go. (Nitro) Carrillo Cartel retired this year as well. His last out was during the final round of the Finals.

  2. Awwww. Carrillo Cartel is done too? I can't say I particularly like him. He broke both of Pistol's legs about a year or so back. :(


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